What is Thailand’s Rule of Three?

During my latest trip to America, I found myself having to explain Thailand much more than my previous trips.

Which isn’t the biggest deal in the world, that’s just a side effect of www.GodsofThailand.com becoming more and more popular.

Outside of all the stupid questions like, “What do you do all day when living in Thailand, just fuck prostitutes?” I had to explain Thailand in easy to understand terms that bypass American stereotypes.

To explain Thailand a little better, I will introduce you to, “Thailand’s Rule of Three”:

-The cost of living in Thailand is one third the cost of most countries.

-On a hotness scale of 1 – 10, if you are a 6 in America, then you are a 9 in Thailand.  Just add three to the classic 1 – 10 scale.  (Note: The scale maxes at 10.)

This doesn’t mean that you can always take home 9s and 10s, but it means you have a much better shot here than in your home country with A LOT less work involved.

-If you talk to three different girls, you can easily fuck one of them. 

-One out of three girls that you meet in clubs will be a prostitute either by employment or by freelancing. (This is actually dependent on the club you are at. But a good rule of thumb at most of the clubs that foreigners visit.)

In most of the world, prostitution isn’t as forbidden as it is in western Christian based cultures. If paying isn’t your thing, just find a different girl.

-If you can control it, have at least three people in your group when you go out to party.  This is one case where more is merrier.

-Three hours is all you need to take home most good girls in Thailand.

Yes, this is a promiscuous country.

-You need to stay in a single location for a minimum of three months before you get the feeling of actually living there.

And of course my favorite…

*A threesome is much more fun than a twosome!

These are just a few examples of “Thailand’s Rule of Three”

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  • Alex says:

    There’s also “3-3-3” rule in some Korea-Japan oriented go-go bars. 3 inches, 3 minutes, 3 thousand bahts. So don’t get too sad about being shut down in favor of some Japanese guy :))

  • Lunks says:

    Just wanting to know me and my friend (Both Guys) have a fantasy to lay with one hot chick at the same time, is it possible in thailand, if yes please guide where i can get this kind of service.

    • Yeah, that’s no problem. Just go to any brothel or freelancer club, and tell the girl upfront what you want. She will then tell you if she is in or out.

      For a freelancer, check out Mixx club. The going price is about 2,000 baht for a night. If she seems a little apprehensive, offer 3 or 4 thousand baht.

      Or you can pay between 5,000 – 10,000 baht and get a professional escort. However, you will need to tell the agency upfront what you are planning. Contact these guys and talk to Maya: http://bangkokescort.com/

  • Nick says:

    Thai’s are not promiscuous. The fact that many women have to support their families via prostitution is a sad fact if life. You claim to be knowledgeable about Thailand but the only thing you’re Knowledgeable about is exploitation. I’ve been married to a Thai woman for 12 years and we have 2 amazing children. I don’t recogise your Crass Profiles and characterisations of Thailand and Thai women. You sound like a pimp.. You should be deported back to the U.S.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      I’m glad living in Thailand has worked out for you, congrats on the wife and the children.

      They say ignorance is bliss. And you my friend, must be the most blissful of them all.

      This may also come as a surprise, but unicorns and dragons aren’t real. Wake up and see the world for what it really is or continue life in naivety.

      Either way, this website is not for you.

      • RRR says:

        Ahahah, I know a few guys like him. “Thai girls are either desperate hookers or innocent angels”.

        My friend you are so mistaken! Thai girls in general love sex and party and they are certainly not hard at all to sleep with.

        Take care of your body, have a smile on, a good vibe going and you are like a magnet for beautiful girls around here.

    • Honest Monger says:

      Nick, that’s my experience too, although I can understand why a foreign ‘ego-tourist’ who hangs around BKK and Pattaya can think all Thais are promiscuous etc. Venture out and about and this is not generally the case. Sure, in many places, a farang can find a hooker (loosely defined) or a few loose or curious women. Generally Thais are conservative and xenophobic though. Yes all that “Land of Smiles” stuff is pure PR baloney.

      Anyone who tells you that you are more attractive in Thailand has had his ego so successfully pampered (yes, that’s how hookers get your money) that he wouldn’t know the truth if it bit his egocentric white ass. He probably really does believe it too. Who hasn’t seen the deluded old white fuck letching his perverted ass off at all the young Thai girls on the MRT? It really is pitiful to watch. Not to mention embarrassing.

      Obviously, as the saying goes, put a pickpocket in a room full of angels and all he sees is their pockets. That pretty much sums up the mentality of many sex-tourist websites like this. They are not necessarily incorrect per se but they are misleading because they project a subculture onto the whole country.

      Having said that, your whole ‘she’s only doing it out of necessity’ excuse is old now. Sure she might have an illegitimate kid but, apart from exceptional circumstances, she doesn’t ‘have’ to sell her pussy. Most other Thai women don’t seem to think so. Nice phones, and other assorted status symbols, are a necessity? Going out and partying all the time is necessary? Please! What honest and reflective monger hasn’t come to the conclusion that Thai HOOKERS are generally GREEDY and LAZY? Sure you will meet the odd ‘tart with a heart’ but don’t count on it being the norm.

      Just my tuppence whilst I’m passing by…

  • Dan says:

    How can you hope to explain Asia to anyone who’s never been there? My mom still thinks all Asian women are prostitutes and that everyone lives in tin shacks.

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