Is Online Dating in Thailand Worth it?


I’m often asked, “Is online dating in Thailand really worth it?”  Or is it just a scam where website owners get a referral bonus for referring customers.

To be honest, in most of the world online dating is a scam. Try it in USA or Europe and you’ll know what I mean. (Unless you like ugly – fat women, then you will most likely steer clear of dating site.)

However, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, there is a lot of value when it comes to online dating in Thailand. In fact, I’m always signed up for at least two websites when preparing a trip to Bangkok.


The Thailand Sex Experience consists of three areas:
1- Online dating
2- Old School (Meet the girls when you are in Thailand)
3- Whoring

Out of these three methods, online dating is the cheapest and most effective way of meeting Thai women.


The dating websites in Thailand are either free or charge $30 a month. Considering that my average night out in Bangkok is a minimum $100. While a hooker in Thailand will usually cost between 60 – 100 dollars.

Online dating is a killer value.

On a good night of partying in Bangkok, I may talk to around 10 hot Thai girls and get around 5 phone numbers. I will probably sleep with one of the girls that night, and another one later that week.

On a bad night, I may get 3 phone numbers from hot Thai girls, and not sleep with any of them.

With online dating in Thailand, I can easily get 10 phone numbers in an hour just by sitting on my sofa in my underwear. Out of those ten, I will usually sleep with two of them.

Not to mention, there are thousands of hot Thai girls across the dating websites we recommend.

It’s so fucking easy to get a Thai girls phone number using online dating. Setting up the date usually requires a couple of hours chatting back and forth. But once you have the date, you will have about an 80% sex ratio…if you play it right.

Online dating in Thailand is not like online dating in America or Europe. Here you have beautiful Thai women that want to meet you, no matter what you look like. (I’m not shitting you!)

I’ve been focusing on lot on perfecting my online dating strategy in Thailand will be sharing my experiences and tips very soon.

But if you want to get start on your own and meet attractive Thai girls without leaving your home. Sign up with my favorite online dating website in Thailand for only $30 here!

Or learn more about our online dating tips here!

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  • Dwight says:

    Well i have to say thailovelinks is the site to be. I scored a few really hot ones last time in Thailand. All it takes is a 30 dollars, a few good pictures and know how to talk and don’t be an asshole. It actually kind of becomes overwhealming after a while. I still taking to a few for my next time around. I have to agree with Russell for what you get in the states for $30 it’s worth a shot. You ll see how easy it is to score young cute thai girl for pretty much free. Gotta love Thailand 🙂

  • russell Kollins says:

    I think it makes sense, sounds logical to me. I mean what does 30$ really get you in the States or Europe anyways? Doesn’t get you much at all….Maybe a crappy meal at your local McDick where you’ll be forced to sit next to some crack head or some morbidly obese “hood Nigga’s”. For fuck sake, the fine for not having Obama care is 695$ a year.. So 30$ to talk to some pussy seems like an Elite investment from my side of the couch.

    The way I see it:
    (1) try to get laid on your dates
    (2) if # 1 doesn’t work out, go to the club and try to get laid there
    (3) if #2 doesn’t work out, go whoring

    Explore all your options is the way I see it, and something is bound to come to fruition. Unless your a complete fucking Gomer.
    Lets call this method of thinking “Blowjob odds” and yes one day over a beer we should discuss how we can create a statistical mathematic science using this methodology.

    And from what you have been writing on here, even Gomer will put up some good numbers in Thailand.

    Thanks for the read and Happy Hunting =o)

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