Secrets to Online Dating in Thailand

For this post, we share our advice on how to become MASSIVELY successful with online dating in Thailand.

You can use the following advice to meet and attract beautiful Thai women whether you are in Thailand or sitting on your sofa in America.

Enter the mind of a Genius…

I’ll get straight to it, online dating in America is useless.  The girls are ugly, uneducated, and are mostly looking for a free diner.

(Unless you are looking for a 40 year old woman who has kids and a flabby stomach, forget about online dating in America.)

In Thailand, online dating is a different story.  The women you meet online are attractive, educated, and well worth your time.

Last year in Bangkok I first experimented with online dating for one month.

These Are My Results:
– Throughout the month I had more “dates” than I could handle
– I only met and slept with attractive women between the ages of 18 and 25
– I eventually met a girlfriend who I stayed with for 6 months

Not bad for one month…

I will now walk you through exactly what I did and what I learned. 

Online Dating Websites:
Although there are many different online dating websites, I only recommend three sites.  Two are paid and the other is free (They are listed in order):

1- Paid Website: Thai Cupid (About $30 a month)
2- Paid Website: Thai Love Lines (About $30 a month)
3- Free Website: Date in Asia

Use a combination of these three.  It’s MUCH easier to meet up with women from the paid website due to the fact that they paid for the opportunity to meet men. Not to mention, the quality of women are much higher with paid sites.

GoT Tip: Only focus on the larger cities in Thailand like *Bangkok*, Pattaya, Phuket, and Chiang Mai. This is where you’ll find the cutest Thai women.

The Types of Girls You Will Meet:
There are three types of girls you will meet with online dating in Thailand.

Type 1- Relationship Girls

These are the girls that want to find a future boyfriend.  They tend to have 9 – 5 jobs and are not interested in Thai guys.

Type 2- Gold Diggers

Beware of this type and stay away from them.  They won’t have a job.  Their only job is to try to hook men from overseas to send them money by using different cons.

They will spend time with you on webcam chat and talk with you on the phone everyday.

But eventually she will tell you a story about her mom being sick and needing money for the hospital.  She will attempt to guilt you into sending money.

Note: Gold Diggers will also try to say that they need money to pay rent.  “I love you and want to wait for you, but I need money.  I not want to work for sex like my sister…”  This is very common to hear with Gold Diggers.

Type 3- Lady Boys

You’ll see this more on DateinAsia than Thai Cupid.  But most of the Ladyboys will say they are Ladyboys in their profile.  If you are not sure, just ask.  They will tell you the truth “most” of the time.

Obviously with online dating in Thailand, we’ll focus on the first type of girl.

The Golden Rule:
Online Dating is a numbers game.  Do not fall in love with one profile and hope that she responds to you.  You may only receive one response out of ten messages sent.

I knew a girl who was on DateinAsia.  In one week she received 200 messages from men.

Play the numbers game.  Have a template message and send the same message to every girl that catches your eye.  Don’t waste too much time on one profile until you have received a response from your first message.


Step 1: Create a Profile:

This is the most basic part.  Create a profile on all three websites.  Say a few of sentences about yourself and post a couple photos.

If you only want to focus on one site, I highly recommend: Thai Cupid

Step 2: Blast Every Cute Girl:

Search for girls in the age group you prefer.  Personally I like my women between the ages of 18 and 25.

Sort by women who have recently logged into their accounts.  You only want to send a message to girls who logged on within the last week.

Have a template message ready that you will send to every girl.  I’ve used a few of them, but this is one that worked well for me.

– – – – – – – – – –


My name is ….. and I think you are adorable.  I would like to talk with you…

– – – – – – – – – –

Basic, straight to the point, and most have never been called adorable before.

This is just an example of something you can use.  I would recommend changing it up a bit so it suits you.  Just keep it short, some of these girls are not great with English.

GoT Tip 1: You’ll get a higher ratio of responses if she is “online” when the message is sent.

GoT Tip 2: You’ll also get a higher ratio of responses from the women with a paid membership.

Step 3: Skype and MSN

Once you get a response from the girl and have sent one or two messages back and forth, your next step is to get her off of the dating website and talking with you on a different platform.

We do this because as long as she is still logged in, she is getting messages from other guys.  You want her isolated so it’s just you and her talking.

I prefer Skype or MSN messenger.

Skype is great.  You chat with text and then start a video chat.  This way you can see if her photo is accurate on how she really looks.

MSN is great because you can play games like tic-tac-toe while chatting with her.  Good for building comfort and fun.

Once you have her on video chat, setting up a date for the next day is easy.

Step 4: Date

Depending on what you like to do, you can meet for coffee at Starbucks or meet up later in the evening after dinner for a drink.

I prefer the later option.  It is more difficult to take her home in the daytime from Starbucks than it is from a bar after a few Mojitos.

This will depend on you.  I prefer the one date routine, but some guys prefer to take it slow.

(Note: Never meet up for dinner.  If she is boring, you don’t want to be forced to sit through mind dulling conversation in broken English for an hour. Been there, done that, and it fucking sucks!)

Step 5: Up To You

Rinse and repeat, or keep the one you’re with.

My final bit of advice,

“Just because she is the hottest girl you have ever fucked, keep your options open.  In Thailand you are the prize and beautiful women are a dime a dozen!”

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  • pilot says:

    I am looking for girl, 18-20 in Koh-Samui ,
    25/12 – untill 2 Jan.

  • Kenichi says:

    Most of the stuff you talk about are for farang. would you have any advice or how thai’s feel about Asians? I’ve seen your post about Koreans. So if you have any comments please answer.

    • Honestly, I think Asians have it easier when it comes to meeting Thai girls…especially in Bangkok and online.

      As an Asian, if you want the edge, go to Thai nightclubs like Funky, Demo, Wip, Onxy, and Slim. As a white foreigner, we are drastically handicapped when pulling Thai girls at these clubs. But as an Asian foreigner, you will do very well.

      Same goes for online dating. Many Thai girls go online to meet other Thai guys…or other Asians. I would play around with changing your hometown to Bangkok and see what kind of responses you get.

      Happy Hunting!

  • mos says:

    since i live in t-HAI-land 16 years straight already, i have NEVER met many girls or students speaking or even writing English or another second language…. Like USAmericans … sometimes some words spanish to talk with the staff but no language skills at all…

    Thais are lazy, specially when it comes to learn or speak another language, even English teachers having very poor experiences in using their English.

    SO, FACT is, if you met a girl online or in a dating channel, be 95% sure she has or had a Farang before who was teaching her English 😀
    You can be lucky and met a teacher or even a doctor online but thats kind of not normal.
    I know doctors (2) moving to Pattaya for sitting on a bar hunting Farangs because they are just making more money on an evening as in a month medical work up North….and for sure they are not easy targets like the ones educated by a Farang before….

    Most girls are looking gor someone to marry…. thesedays they choose YOU and not the other way around 😉 …be carefull and take care your cash


  • Cyber says:

    Very good advice here from you.
    Currently I am in Thailand and will try Online dating. I am also interested in women between the ages of 18 and 25 but I am already 31 (but look much younger). Should I lie about my age, because of the age difference?


  • Rob says:

    For those looking for something more permanent than a few weeks or months, I offer this additional advice:
    1. Know what you want.
    2. Understand the Thai culture.
    3. After you have narrowed down your search to 2 or 3 girls hire a private investigator for the one you like the most.
    4a. Wait for the investigator to finish the job.
    4b. If the investigation shows she is what she claims meet her, otherwise move on to the next girl.
    5. She’s all yours, and you don’t have to wonder if your being used as an ATM.

    * As a personal note I met a beautiful 25 year old online (im not going to mention the site unless asked) and hired a PI to make sure she was what she claimed. At the time I lived in upstate New York. The PI cost me 600 USD. I married the girl and haven’t had any problems, we have been together for 5 years now.


  • tom says:

    Great post. Thanks!
    have someone try in Thailand?

  • tommyarbi says:

    Kings of Thailand One more link for u :

  • Robert says:

    I met several “good girls” on Thai Love Links (also know as TLL) and had the most amazing time in Thailand. When you plan to go there and you tell a girl you are going all the way to Thailand just to meet her it is amazing at how they respond. Little do they know that you may have told this to 10 different girls. I learned a lot from your articles about BlackBerry phones and why Thai girls say I love you so fast. Last time I was there I met a lovely girl and the morning after we slept together she sounded like a broken record….I love you…Do you love me?….I love you…do you love me? Followed by “buy me BrackBelly” (BlackBerry) Now that I know the meaning that “I love you” is just an expression of puppy love and the status a BlackBerry carries I won’t be so freaked out next time! THANKS KoT!!!

  • Dan says:

    Great article! DateInAsia is a waste of time unless you like ladyboys and wierd women.

    American dating is for chumps. I’ve met some incredible Asian women online, god knows why anyone dates American women anymore.

  • that guy says:

    Let me add a couple of details….

    First, get good photos of yourself. This is a buyer’s market, especially with the cuter girls, and you have to sell yourself. This might not be obvious to everyone. It wasn’t to me.

    Second, I got very little interest when displaying a photo of me with facial hair. Much more after I shaved. I guess Thai women don’t like beards?

    • Great advice.

      That is something we haven’t mentioned yet, but is completely true. For some reason, most Thai women do not like facial hair. Although I prefer a little stubble, I’ve only met one Thai woman out of “far to many to count”, that actually liked facial hair.

      Thai girls will respond much better to you in clubs and online if you are freshly shaven.

      If you have anything else to add, please share.

      Good luck with the hunt! 🙂

  • Ilan Finer says:

    Great post as always! I’ve been singed up the the second site Thailovelinks, as a free member and I was getting their emails, there are some hot girls in this site indeed…

    In just 40 days I’ll be in Thailand and I think I’ll get the paid subscription, it’s a great and not that expansive way to get sex from “clean” girls… so thank you again for the post!

    BTW- Make some money, go to and put an affiliate link in this post, I would love to sing up using your affiliate link after all the great content you gave me!

    • Glad you enjoyed the article.

      Follow the advice of this website and in 40 days you will have one hell of a time in Thailand. Keep posted for more articles like these.

      Also, thanks for the advice. We will look into the affiliate program.

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