Tip For Online Dating in Thailand – Thai Girls Don’t Like Facial Hair

Tip For Online Dating in Thailand - Shave
This is a quick tip that will drastically increase the replies you get from girls when doing online dating in Thailand.

Last year a reader made a side comment that he received a much better response rate from Thai girls when he used photos on his profile that did NOT have him with facial hair.

Once I heard this, a couple friends and I played around with this idea to see if he was right.

The Outcome:

Each of us received a much greater response from girls on Thai Love Links (the best online dating site in Thailand), if we used pictures on our profile that did not include facial hair.

And the response wasn’t a small increase, I received double the response rate and I had a friend that received 4x the rate.  (Each of us created a custom email that we sent to 50 attractive girls in Thailand. Focusing on the Bangkok area.)

Since I’ve done this test, I also started doing a test in person with Thai girls.  And out of every girl that I’ve been with in the last couple of years, only ONE of them liked me better with facial hair.

Every other girl preferred no facial hair on their man.

Is this because most Thai guys can’t grow facial hair?  Is it because guys can look sloppier if they are not groomed?  Who knows?  But whatever the reason is, results are results.

Thai girls view foreigners as more attractive if they shave.

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  • Ted Roberts says:

    When I go to Thailand, I really don’t care what women there think of my mustache. This is especially true if a lady who is selling her services doesn’t like my facial hair. There will always be some women who like a well manicured mustache. I know that I am the consumer…why should I care what the “seller” wants?! THAT is patently stupid! Anyone who shaves off his beard or mustache to satisfy a 2 hour stint with a hooker is not very bright. Don’t want my companionship or my money because I have a mustache? Then YOU are the loser, not me.

  • Tim says:

    I can confirm this. My ex Thai girlfriend did not like my beard, but she wanted me to keep it so other Thai girls didn’t hit on me. Jealousy 101. 😀

  • lucky31 says:

    I found a bit of stubble was quite a hit (maybe 1mm at most). Though, at the same time, I was otherwise well groomed and dressed.

  • Good tip. I think being clean shaven is just another indicator that you are not a typical tourist. Too many foreigners come here and rock around Thailand in their cargo shorts and “Same Same” tank tops looking like shit. They don’t realize that if they cleaned themselves up and threw on a decent outfit, that they would see a huge increase in both the quantity and quality of girls they take home.

  • AT says:

    Now I understand why my Thai/American girlfriend tells me she likes my beard. I’m being “protected”. It’s an anti-poaching mechanism. Very sneaky this one.

    • LoL, gotta love the sneaky ones…

      • Brian says:

        I’ve never had a problem and have had masses of success on TLL. I have a goatee. Ive dated some stunning Thai girls off the site and not one of them ever mentioned a dislike of facial hair. I wont be shaving it off anytime soon.

        • Hey Brian,

          Yeah, I guess it’s not so much that guys will have problems. But we consistently have higher response ratios if your main profile picture is of no facial hair or well groomed facial hair (Which I’m guessing you fall into).

          I by no mean recommend shaving, you shouldn’t change for anyone but yourself. However, I thought this was an interesting study we did and wanted to share our findings.

          Also, if my experience and a few of my friends, Thai girls always thing we are 5+ year older than we are if we’re sporting facial hair. Which may or may not be a bad thing…

          • B says:

            Well that sucks to hear haha! No way I’m shaving just because some chicks don’t like it. Not going to change myself for anyone but that does suck to hear.
            Been in Iraq for a year and been growing a beard for the majority of that time.
            Maybe I can find some type of fetish chick haha.
            Either way I’m sure I’ll be paying for it so it’s cool.
            This is an amazing site btw.

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