How to turn a Thailand Freelancer into a Girlfriend

Freelance girls are unavoidable in Thailand.  Some are as easy to spot based on how they dress and act, however a much larger majority are far harder to spot.

What separates a freelance girl from a good girl in Thailand?  One little question, “How much you pay me?”  This question may be heard at the beginning of your first conversation or inside your hotel room.

There is nothing uncommon about freelancing in Thailand.  In fact, quite a few women in Thailand do this.  However, if you meet one of these girls and you use the words, “She’s different”, then you might attempt to change her into a “good girl.”

First things first, it’s a losing battle to try to turn her into a good girl, but that still won’t change the fact that you believe she’s different for other hookers.  We’ve all used the words.  In fact, I use those words practically every day.  Then a week later I laugh at myself for being yet another naïve foreigner…

I digress…

The purpose of this post is to answer the question, “What is the cheapest and most effective way to turn a freelancer in a girlfriend?”

Notice, the question is not the “easiest” way.  If that were the case, then money would be ultimate answer.  A cool 30,000 baht a month will easily buy you a live-in girlfriend.

However, most in Thailand don’t have any interest in paying for a live-in girlfriend.  Paying for a good evening and paying for a girlfriend are two very different things.

The 8 Steps to Turning a Freelancer into a Girlfriend:

Step 1 – Find a Girl

Find a girl that you like.  If she pops the typical freelance question, ask yourself, “Is she cute enough or should I find another?”

If she is cute enough, then might have found your girl.  Follow our previous guide on “How to Negotiate with Freelance Girls” and take her home.

Step 2 – Become the Backup Plan

In the morning if you want to see her again, exchange phone numbers.  Let her know that she can call you anytime.

Step 3 – Send a Text

If you don’t hear from her after the first night, send her a simple text message the next night, “Hi, you remember me?”

Step 4 – Answer Her Call

She will call you if she hasn’t yet found a man for the night.  Answer the phone.  She will then proceed to say that she misses you.

Invite her over but let her know since you are tired, you can only pay half of what you paid her the first night.

She will either agree or say no.  If she says no, act like you aren’t bothered and wish her a good night.

Repeat step 3 with a variety of messages every couple of days until she agrees to your terms.

(She will eventually agree to go with you for a discount because even though she is used to going out and finding a man every night, there will be some nights she feels lazy and will take the easy road to a little money, you.)

(The reason you offer half price is very similar to the reason why addicts don’t usually quit hard drugs cold turkey.  The drug addicts ease off the drugs by reducing the amount they take.  Same with prostitutes.  You want her to get used to taking less and less money until it only seems natural for her to come with you for free.)

Step 5 – Work Your Magic

When she comes over, offer her a glass of wine and talk.  Be your charming self.  Let her know you are a “good man” and have the ability to treat her well.

Step 6 – Migrate to Free

After she stays with you a few nights, she will eventually start to call you and ask if she can come over.  One of the calls, let her know she can come over, but you are too tired to have sex.

Step 7 – No Sex

Don’t have sex with her that night, allow her to sleep in your bed though.

Step 8 – Enjoy Free Sex

She will eventually start to call you when she is lonely and doesn’t want to go to the clubs to party.  You will invite her over, and she will start coming over for free.

If you are still enjoying her company and want the girlfriend experience, tell her you like her and want to be her boyfriend.  She will probably start talking about money and how she needs to take care of her family.

Let her know that you like her, but you don’t want to be like those fat, ugly men who just pays someone to stay with them.  You want her to stay with you because you might have something special.  Tell her after 1 month if you are still together, you’ll take care of her family by giving her money.

After one month you have the options to find a new girl, let her know you lied, or start paying.

In most cases, the total cost of turning a freelance girl into a girlfriend will be under 5,000 baht.  Considering that the cost of turning a “normal girl” in Europe or America into a girlfriend will be nearly triple that, this just might be a “smart business decision” for you.

There we have it, the 8 Steps to Turning a Freelance Girl into a Girlfriend.

P.S. This isn’t an exact science and will work better on some girls than others.  You will have a lot of trouble doing with the hardened professional types.

P.P.S. Don’t do this if you can’t handle that the girl you like is having sex with other men during steps 1 through 7.  As with all forms of negotiations, the person who cares less will usually win.

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  • john says:

    i have a question, do these women except usd? or they need baht money. i figured, with the ladies, it will be better for them.

  • Rich says:

    haha.. you’re the fucking man. Nice ones there. I’m in Pattaya right now for a few weeks and I’m going to incorporate that stuff into my hustle. I went with this girl last night for a second time and when she told me what I did earlier I told her short-time boom-boom on 6. She frowned a little but then I just smiled and said its ok, I come for you now. Then she smiled.

    See.. I think the best way to deal with these girls is to a) be kind to them and b) point out that you fuck other girls, if you are asked that is. I think that it is much better that they know what you are here and what you do, versus letting them think that you are a walking ATM machine that they are going to tap when you go home. I have read on other sites like yours where that is a bad thing to say to the girls but I think it is bullshit. These girls remind me of my x-girlfriend in Los Angeles who was macking guys just like this when I first met her. I was broke and really fucked up at the time so I can assure you that I had nothing for her. We just clicked really well.

    This place is heaven if you can compartmentalize the emotions that sometimes go along with sex and with hanging out with a young, beautiful girl who is pleasant to talk to. You always have to remember what their job is at all times. And just because they do this for money doesn’t mean they should be disrespected. I’m so glad I came here.

  • Adit says:

    This website is like hidden clue map to everything in Thailand. My Thai GF left me for some other guy who was paying her more… ( at least that’s what she claimed).
    I have been nursing a broken heart, till I read your articles.. MAN !! You are my savior…. FUCK her.. I am off to BKK next month to find a nice new girlfriend…
    No strings..

    • Glad we could help.

      Although there are plenty of “good girls” in Thailand. There are far more girls that will take advantage of unsuspecting tourists choosing a boyfriend based on what would be their best “business decision”.

      No strings is the best way to start until you fully understand the different types of girls in Thailand. Then you can settle down for the girlfriend experience.


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