What are Thai Freelance Girls – Understanding Thailands Prostitutes

This is a question we have asked ourselves many times over the years, “What exactly is a Thai Freelance girl and how do we understand them?

As with everything in life, there is no one answer to this question.  However through our experiences, we have learned that you can break the different types of Thai freelancers into 5 categories.

Nearly all freelance Thai women will fall into one of these categories:

Type 1- The Professional

Type 2- Gold Digger

Type 3- Extra Income

Type 4- Prior to Bar

Type 5- Post Bar

Depending on where you are in Thailand, one type will be more prevalent than the other.  For example, I’ve come across more type 3 freelance girls in Bangkok than I would in Koh Samui.

Or you may find many more type 4’s and 5’s in Phuket than other major cities in Thailand.

Lets get to it…

Type 1- The Professional

These will tend to be the hottest Thai girls at the club.  They will dress sexy and know how to attract just enough interest so you approach.

During the beginning of the conversation they will bring up the topic of money.  They will ask how much you pay for me.  They will ask for the top price, ranging from 1,500 – 4,000 baht.  If you try to negotiate with them, they will turn their back to you and find someone who will pay.

These girls are all business.  When sex is finished, they will be fully dressed before you can even clean yourself off.  They will exchange numbers with you and head out to find another client for the evening.

Welcome to the life of the professional freelancer.

Type 2- Gold Digger

These are the ones that you believe are different.  You think you found a girl that is not a professional.  She wants a little money for staying with you, but she is more interested in playing the role of your wife and fulfilling every need than anything else.  She gives you more attention than any other woman has ever given you before.  You think she might be different from all the other Thai girls you met before.

When it is time for you to go back to your home country, she says she will wait for you.  She will want to talk with you every day on the phone and computer webcam, and you do just this.  You MSN her over the computer, have webcam sex with her, and call her on the phone.

She tells you she needs money so she can eat and pay rent.  She doesn’t want to work bar like her sister and friends, she wants to wait for you.  She says she misses you and thinks about you everyday.

You send her money for the first month.  Then the second, and so one.

What is really happening:
While you are talking with her on webcam, I’m on the sofa laughing.  Your money is spent on fancy dinners and condoms for me.  I thank you for your stupidity.

Once she hangs up with you.  She calls her other 4 boyfriends who she tells the exact same thing to.

You my friend, found yourself a Thai Gold Digger.

This girl probably has more money than you do.  She stores her “real” money in a second bank account that you know nothing about.

She may also have a Thai boyfriend that she supports with your money.  When you come to visit for 2 weeks, she will stay with you and play the perfect wife.  Then when you leave, it’s back to business as usual.

Type 3- Extra Income / Second Job / Student

These are the girls there is hope for.  They have a job during the day.  They go out at night either alone or with one friend.  They like to drink and have fun but not to a crazy extent since they have work in the morning.  If they meet a foreigner who is interested in them, they will proceed to ask for money for sex.

They will not be the most expensive, usually 500 – 1000 baht per night.  After they go with you a couple of times, they will start calling you at night asking to stay with you.

Play your cards right, after a couple times of paying, you’ll never have to pay again.

These girls use freelancing as a second source of income.

Note: These girls are very easy to get for free.  Just don’t be a jerk and kick up the charm.  Promise them stuff like going to the movies, nice dinners, etc…  If you do that right, they will never ask for money since they have there own jobs that cover basic expenses.  These girls make okay girlfriends.

Type 4- Prior to Bar

Oh, my little weakness.  I have and always will be a sucker for the young fresh faces.  To me there is nothing more attractive than a big, bright eyed innocent looking girl.  That is this type.

These girls tend to be young, no college education, and don’t speak English very well.  They will have a friend who is already working freelance and is showing her the ropes.

You will meet these girls at the clubs and she will give you an innocent look and look away.  She will do this a couple of times until you approach.

For the first part of the conversation her friend might have to translate.

Before you take her home, she will ask how much.  You will likely pay it, she is too cute not to.

For those of you that have been to Koh Samui, think of Apple. (This part won’t make sense for everyone)

Type 5- Post Bar Girls

This is the one you thought you were saving from the slavery of the Bar.  You paid 10,000 baht for her to finish working at the bar and live with you.

She stayed with you for two months as the perfect “wifee”, until high season arrives.  Seeing the opportunity of many new tourists around, she gives you the ultimatum of paying her 20,000 baht a month or she will start working again at the bar.  You instantly kick her to the curb.

Not wanting to return to the bar where she has to work 8 hours a day, she turns to freelance work.

All type 5 girls have similar stories.  For whatever reason they stopped working the bar.  Maybe they were getting too old, maybe another guy bought them out from the bar, or maybe she was tired of having to work for someone else.

Whatever the reason, these girls know that in high season they can make good money just by meeting one new man each night at the clubs.  When low season come around, they will find a foreigner who is living in Thailand to shack up with.

They will show no discretion on the men they have sex with because they have already worked at a bar as a prostitute.  They have slept with at least 500 – 1000 men.

(That number is no joke.  These are the ones that you pray the condom never breaks with.)

The 5 types of Thai freelance prostitutes.  Next time you hit the clubs and she asks how much, figure out what type she is and if she’s worth it.

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  • Jack says:

    I’ve known a woman from isaan for 6 months. I have bought a piece of land. Met her family, father, brothers, sister in law. She runs a small shop. Question: should I be worried? So far financially, investment peanuts. Not sure if I can trust her as I read more and more. She is 50. Nothing so far is incriminating.

  • Known says:

    Brother who you are I don’t want to know but you open my eyes..I was fall in love the( gold digger) one I searched many places in social platform but I didn’t get like I got from you thank you so much

  • Billy D. says:

    Like your articles. I have a hotel on Sukhumvit. Near Soi Cowboy. At night is it a good idea to walk the area for $ hour to overnights girls> are they quality. Thermae Cafe. Is this really a good spot.

  • jake says:

    Been to phuket in 2014 meet a beaty that girl there made me take her back to my hotel she stayed with me for one week cost me 40000 bait she was amazing19 years old first time in phuket from north Thailand when I left phuket she never ask me for money or anything she said that she hope to see me again.

  • Red Bull says:

    Hi 7

    I am a good looking newbie in early 30s planning to visit Pattaya for a couple of weeks July20 2014 onward. I would prefer to find some “good girls” but i feel it would be so much better to go “hunting” with a couple of mates. Unfortunately none of my friends are able to come along so I was wondering if there is a forum out there where a few like minded guy could get together to explore Pattaya.

  • Skins says:

    Great article. I think freelancers are the best bang for your buck if you choose wisely. Many late nights I pulled a few cute young girls out of Climax for 1,000 each and they stayed all night and next day. Try to find a few friends who are drinking together and they are more comfortable. There is a time for dating and a time you just want to skip the bullshit and get to business!

  • john says:


    Love ur site.

    Where to take a freelancer or a bar girl for sex? Direct question I know…


  • Sam says:

    they all write thanks to u and that they learnt a lot. learnt what?
    that all the girls are bullshit prostitutes and after money?
    any smart guy can go by himself to thailand and find out those things by himself.
    i was there for less than 4 weeks and see and find out by myself.
    too many bullshit girls in thailand after money only.
    nothing to learn, u learn by meeting and talking.
    u learn by not being to fast to pay any girl who ask u money.
    u learn by talking with many different kind of girls and go around and see.
    not so difficult to find out by yourself.
    but seems like too many stupid guys on this webpage.
    or maybe too many horny guys who believe any bullshit.
    u have to go thailand to see by yourself anyone here who read this.
    i have go there and i see by myself.
    and most u write about good girls and bla bla is just bullshit.
    the good girls in thailand want that u take time to know them before they will even want to sleep with u.
    if a girl sleep with u or stay with u in hotel then she is not good girl and she have many other guys.
    and mostly its the fat or ugly or old woman who will sleep with u.
    just some beautiful young girls who will meet and sleep with u and not ask for money.
    or u have to write with like at least 100 different girls every day or at least 20-40 girls every day to be sure to meet 1 pretty sexy young girl who will sleep with u.
    but maybe also i choosed to spend time also to actually go around in bangkok, chiang mai and other places to also see thailand and not chat whole day with girls and waste my time only in hotel.
    im sure if only stayed in hotel chatting maybe i would have more girls to meet.
    but i didnt pay vacation to thailand only to meet girls and only to stay in hotel room.
    but yeah i think many thai girls are bullshit.
    even if u meet some pretty sexy young girl, after she sleep with u, she will go find next guy to sleep with.
    but im sure its ok with u, because u do same with them.
    but yeah i didnt like it so much the girls in thailand, i feel they only care for money.
    and the one not care for money they want to meet new guy every day or every week.
    i meet a young pretty sexy 21 year old and she didnt want to meet again, because she say she want to meet other guys too, she say she dont have sex with them, but i dont believe her.
    another 22 year old sexy pretty girl who stay with me for 1 night, next day she feel upset about nothing, just small stupid reason and she choose to go home.
    most girls not serious from internet and just meet many guys and play around.
    and mostly more pretty and sexy they are more guys who want to meet them and more choisy they are or dont reply or not serious to meet.
    or also big chance they will ask for money.
    so u end up meeting few pretty sexy young girls.
    while most of the girls who wants to meet u are not that pretty sexy or young.
    or maybe for u any girl who are not very fat and very ugly like american and european girls then she is good looking.
    but for me i think many of them not that good looking.
    in philippines much more young sexy girls to meet and more easy to meet them, and only few who will ask for money.
    but thai girls are bullshit and gold diggers.
    thats also why u have so many post her about bar girls and freelance girls.
    u will not see so many post about that about philippines.
    but thai girls only after money.

    • Joel says:

      Thailand is the sex capital of the world they are prostitutes of course you have to pay them money they are not going to have sex for free that is what Thailand is all about!!!!

    • Carly says:

      oh mein Gott…Du hast in 4 Wochen absolut rein gar nichts verstanden.Außer Vorurteilen und total falsche Ansichten bleibt nicht mehr so viel Realität übrig in Deinem Roman.
      Aber wenn Du so viele schlechte Erfahrungen gemacht hast dann liegt das aber vielleicht auch an Dir.
      Wie man in den Wald hinein schreit so hallt es zurück.

  • andrej says:

    Hi, An excellent article that I found a bit too late for me but still in time,On my last trip to Bangkok I found my gold diggers GF and profile is 100% accurate. Thanks man, that you opened my eyes,

  • I enjoyed your write-up. it was right on the money. so right!!

    I have been here for 15 years and what you’re saying is do dead on. i did not catch your name. guys you can take this info to the bank, what he’s saying, it is so true, every word. yeah, we have all thought we have found that non-bar affiliated girl, but soon find out she is in the business and wants money. i have always heard the story about sending money home to mama and papa on the rice farm, but i doubt very much money is sent. They just blow the money. Once the girls have been around nana plaza (go-go bars ), they instantly feel they are superstars and their price goes thru the roof, that 2000-4000 baht (60-120 usd) that you spoke of.

    In 1997, when i first arrived, even in the go-go areas, they didn’t really pop the big question on ya, “how much you give me??”. the girls may only know two questions in english, “how much you give me?” and ” what your name?”. i hate the question about money. i like your 6 steps, nowadays they will most likely leave if they are offered 500 baht, unless yer a big stud, ha ha. I recommend that you new guys go to what is called ” BIG CIRCLE” or ” circle 22″. hotties galore and 16usd, for a quickie. no bar fines, just a cheap hotel for 5 bucks for the short time. in thai it is pronounced, ” wong-wian-yai (big circle) or ” wong wian 22 (circle 22), not in the main red light district and some of the authors weakness, TYPE 4, PRIOR TO BAR. FRESH FACES, not all of course and these are all freelancers i might add. price does not exceed 16 bucks (500 baht). i’d give my left leg to have the late 90’s back again, though if yer just getting here, it’s still pretty good. please take his advice and question the girl to find out if she’s one of those very less desireable types, such as : types 1, 2 and 5. yuck. he’s right , she’s gone when the deed is done telling you she has to meet her friend and it’s friggin’ 4:30 am, yeah right. so funny. not even time for you to get cleaned up. i think they’re even gone far before, that ha ha . never forget there are millions of thai girls who have no assosiation with any of this and they can be found in malls, and in regular jobs. thanks again for your write up, very well written indeed.

    • I’ve heard stories about Thailand 10 years ago. Man, that would have been great to see 🙂

    • Garry says:

      I really dont know what all you guys are on about i i have been through or stayed in Thailand 13 times over the past 10 yrs , i am now 75 yrs young not over weight very very active for my age and and with a strong sexual appetite widowed 14 yrs ago last trip was in Pattaya over christmas new year went to a small local bar near my hotel spoke to the bar boss pointed out the lady that i would like to take back to my room , a beautiful 28yr old on the following conditions , i would only pay a bar fee of 200, and asked her to negotiate with the lady 1500 for the first night , that i was not a butterfly and not into anal sex or any rough stuff and want a different one every night , if she was happy and comfortable with the way i treated her and the feeling was mutual i would pay 1000 per night for the 8 days i was with her , take her out to eat and be my holiday partner for my stay , i was a beautiful 8 days , i taught her some more english and bought her some clothes no it was not sex every evening but it was such a beautiful experience of being with a gorgeous lady for that short time , thats how i have played my many stays in that wonderful country , yes she was paid and i returned to Sydney a very happy man ,

  • srilankan Boy says:

    thank you very much though for the info… it is awesome….. learned alot from you.

    thank you.

  • Chocoboy08 says:

    Thanks man! Learn a lot!!! Thailand here I come!

  • sanjay says:

    Man, that’s very true. I have visited Thailand more times than I can count!

  • Adam says:

    Man I learn so much from you, things I never thought were possible (-:

    Believe me – I’ll be the first one to buy your book!

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