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It has happened to us all.  You meet a beautiful Thai girl while out at night.  You see her first at the Irish Pub while watching the game.  You make eye contact, she smiles, and you move in to introduce yourself.

You play a few games of pool, buy her some drinks, and then you move to the local dance club.  It’s nearing 5am and everything feels right.  You invite her to your house for the night.

Then the dreaded words come out, the ones you hoped never to hear.  In fact, if you wanted to hear them, you would have gone to bar street, not the Irish Pub…

“How much you pay me?”

You can’t help to feel a little shocked.  You thought you might finally have a good girl on your hands, instead it looks like you found yet another freelance girl.

In most cases you might simply say goodbye and walk away, but this one feels a little different.  Besides, you have already put in hours of time, bought her multiple drinks, and it’s 5am.  What to do…

We have been in this situation many times and have broken down the following steps into a science.

Once she asks how much, follow the six steps below.  Deviate from them at your own risk…

6 Steps to Negotiating with Thai Freelance Girls:

1- You crack a little smile.

2- You take a step back, tilt your head to the side and look at her up and down slowly. (Elevator eyes)

3- You make a full smile and say, “I’ll give you 500 baht”.  (The price of two drinks in the United States).

4- She pretends outrage, saying she wants 2,000 baht so she can pay for her sick mother blah blah blah…

5- You respond, “Up to you.  It’s already 5am and if you want to leave me to find some old, ugly “farang” (foreigner), then that’s up to you.  But I like you and I think you like me, so why not…”  (The secret here is to pretend like you don’t care about the outcome)

6- Three outcomes will happen here.  Either she will go with you for your price, drop her price, or she won’t negotiate.  If you were going to pay the full 2,000 baht anyways, then what do you have to lose.  (If you weren’t going to pay full price, then 500 baht isn’t bad, only 15usd.)

Remember, most freelance girls either have their own jobs or foreign boyfriends who live outside of Thailand and send them money every month.  These girls are trying to make a little more money or find another boyfriend to send them their monthly pay check.

The above method works like a charm.  If you do it right and feign enough disinterest, it will work 75% of the time.  Sometimes I’ll even point out the oldest and ugliest “farang” in the club in a playful manner, she’ll then respond with a playful hit, and the deal will be sealed.

There you go, the full proof method for dealing with that surprising freelance attack.

Note, this is great for those who are newer to Thailand.  However, once you spend enough time here, you will learn the tricks of the trade where you will take most freelance girls home for free.  (Excluding the hardened professionals, see Type 1 Freelance Girls).  But, that is a story for another time…

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  • david j g. says:

    I am to visit pattaya with a buddy who is a frequent visiter to Thailand for the first time who I am also a widower and 62 years young what are the most important pieces of advice that you can give me who is lonely and has been alone for 5 years now. I find that here in the usa siicon valley district of California that its like pulling teeth getting a date let alone getting even the girls to even smile your way. there is sooo much self centerness in thas country that im sick of it! age seems to be a big deal here as well as image and I have to be honest with you that it has crippled me to some degree of in security. I want to reverse that if I can by travelling abroad.

  • Mat says:

    Hi there, apart from the clubs like insomnia or climax, what do you think of famous places like Thermae or the Beergarden in soi 7 to pick-up some nice freelance girls?

    • That’s a great question. I haven’t been to either of those places in years, so I won’t be much help there. But I do know around that area of Sukhumvit, there are a lot of streetwalker freelancers.

      Personally, I wouldn’t touch a streetwalker with a ten foot penis. They are the “dirtiest of the dirty” when it comes to the sex industry in Thailand.

  • Simas says:

    Hi, Kings 🙂

    I have such a question: is it possible to hook or perhaps to buy for a reasonable amount real virgin girl in Thailand?

    • Not sure about “buying” a virgin. However, there are two ways that my friends have hooked up with virgins:

      1- Get lucky. Sometimes you can find a girl at a bar or club who is underage and uses a fake id to enter. You won’t meet an 18 year old virgin in Thailand. By that time they would have already been fucked by a few different men.

      2- Meet them young from a traditional family. You won’t be able to sleep with her till you are married, but I have a friend who having a virgin was VERY important to. So he met a girl who was 16 years old and still in high school. Then married her a year later.

  • Sam says:

    u tell him that teacher work dosent give enough money. i know it give more than enough. but im sure its because u go out drinking/party a lot and use a lot of money on girls and other things, thats why 30,000-50,000 baht per month in ur eyes is not enough to live in thailand.
    but im sure its more than enough.
    u can live for half that amount.

  • kev says:

    ur advice is awesome. im thinking of moving to thailand and spending a year or so, maybe working teaching english (i am qualified). i have a few questions. as a uk i can only get the tourist visa which lasts 60days. is there a limit to how many consecutive visas they will issue b4 they wont issue any more. Lao is the place i will be making the runs to. u could in theory live in thailand forever?

    im looking for a place that is lively and quite cheap living on a teachers wage. i also hate travelling for ages especially to work in bad traffic so maybe ruling out bangkok. was thinking chiang mai. as im qualified i could probably get the more sought after teaching jobs on the coast but places that are not too expensive. what is rayong like? thanks

    • Hey Kev,

      Glad you found this website helpful.

      Regarding the visa situation. Technically, you are only allowed to have 3 tourist visas back to back without leaving Thailand for an extended amount of time.

      However, this is not strictly enforced. For example, I haven’t heard of anyone being turned down for a tourist visa in Laos due to back to back visas. However, in Penang Malaysia, they will turn you down after 3.

      In the United States you can get 3 tourist at the Thai Embassy before coming to Thailand. I believe UK is the same.

      Regarding places to live. If you are on a tight budget, you should consider north Thailand (Chiang Mai). Not sure about Rayong.

      As a teacher, you’ll get paid more in Bangkok, which typically isn’t much. I highly recommend that you find a second way to make money while living in Thailand. Check out my book for ideas.

      Hope this helps,

  • Michael says:

    Hi there-
    Firstly thanks for all your advice. Read pretty much everything and it sounds like living in Thailand is the only way to go. I’m coming on a vacation there first to suss it all out- just wondering if the girls are better looking in Bangkok or Pattaya? Which place would you spend more money in? (Taking into account we intend to drink hard and party harder). Thanks

    • Good question….

      Pattaya is the ultimate city build to party in. You are almost always guaranteed an epic time of drinking and whoring.

      However, it does have downsides: kind of dirty, very few “good girls”, and no Thai culture.

      As far as the women in both cities. Pattaya will have much hotter “working girls” (whores) while Bangkok you’ll find many different kinds of Thai women of equal beauty.

      My advice is this, party in Pattaya and live in Bangkok. If it turns out that you can’t see yourself living in either location for long, check out Koh Samui or Chiang Mai.

      Koh Samui is awesome and Chiang Mai has a low cost of living.

      Enjoy paradise!

  • Josh says:

    Hey there,
    First boys trip coming up in Thailand. Which is better for a crazy crazy time filled with as much sex as we can in 4 nights? Bangkok or Pattaya?

  • Vampire says:

    Its really supporting as i was searching something like this to know, i’am up to my first trip to thiland so quite excited my friends told me a lot about thiland girls so m so eager for my trip……it was very much helpfull for me the ideas you have put in so thanks for the great work…….vamp.

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