Are Escort Agencies in Thailand Worth It?

escort agencies in thailand
There are many different sex options for foreigners traveling to Thailand.  There are hundreds of thousands of beautiful Thai women ranging from: good girls, bar girls, gogo dancers, and girls that work for escort agencies.

This post will focus on the later.

To start off with, escort agency girls will almost always be the most expensive of the listed options.  So if you are traveling to Thailand on a budget of a thousand baht a day (30usd), this probably won’t be the best option for you.

Escort Agencies in Thailand will almost always start off at 100usd and up.

4 Benefits To Using A Thai Escort Agency:

1- The Ease
It’s easy.  You look at the website, browse the girls, make a booking, and pay her in cash when she arrives at your hotel.

It doesn’t get much easier than that.

2- You Get What You Want
You can order whatever you want.  If you are into some kinky stuff, these girls are down for it.  Just let the service know ahead of time so they can match you up with right girl.  Not to mention, the girls can even bring costumes.

3- Safety
Working with a girl from a trusted service is far safer than picking up a freelancer.  If you have a problem or something is missing from your hotel, just call the agency and they will usually take care of it.

4- Not Lazy in Bed
Sometimes when you pick-up a girl in Thailand, she is wild at the club but just lies down and goes comatose while in bed.  Most of the bigger escort services in Bangkok guarantee that you won’t get one of these types of girls.  They put in a lot of time to properly train their girls.

3 Reasons NOT To Use a Thai Escort Agency:

1- Expense
As mentioned, this is one of the most expensive options for sex in Thailand.  You can get the hottest GoGo dancer for an entire night for what a two hour escort charges.

2- Pictures
Often the girls don’t look exactly like their photos.  You can blame Photoshop for that.

Personally, I’d like to see Thai escort agencies do video introductions of their girls, not just a photo gallery.  (I’m sure this will happen in the next year or two, but none of the major players have started doing this yet.)

3- The Art of Whoring:
Online escort agencies kind of takes the fun out of whoring.  Going from GoGo bar to GoGo bar trying to find the hottest and most fun girl is a blast.  Mix in some drinking, a couple good friends, and you just had a hell of a night in Bangkok.

Although, I’ve noticed that more times than not, most of the 9’s and 10’s are gone by midnight.  Which if you like to party late, like I do, you won’t have the top girls to choose from.

– – – – – – – – –

So all in all, it comes down to preference, time, and budget.  If you like the idea of guaranteed VIP service, the agency route is probably the best choice.

If you like the fun and the experience of never knowing what the night will bring, go whoring.

Or better yet, try them both.  This is Thailand, why the hell not!



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