Can You Trust Your Thai Girlfriend?

Can You Trust Your Thai Girlfriend

Can you trust your Thai girlfriend not to sleep around when you are away?

Short answer: No!

I’ll tell you, I’ve been living in Thailand for more than 3 years and I’ve met A LOT of Thai girls. And of those girls, I’ve fucked quite a few.

Some were single, some had a foreign boyfriend living overseas, some had a boyfriend sleeping just a few minutes away, and some of them were even married.

The funny thing is, the ones in a relationship were even easier to fuck than the single ones. 

So my advice is very simple, the only way you can trust a Thai girl is not to let her out of your sight.

Thai girls are naturally clingy and hate to be alone. If you are not here with her in Thailand, accept the fact that she will be sleeping around. This won’t happen every night of the week, but it will happen on those nights that she said she’s out at a friend’s birthday party.

Accept this fact.

If you are not living in Thailand, your girlfriend will eventually be fucking someone else whether you send her money or not. It doesn’t matter if you talk to her every morning and every night on the phone or skype.

This is just a sad fact. The dark side of the coin if you will. Thai girls are promiscuous and they hate to be alone. And I’m not talking about bar girls or prostitutes. I’m talking about “good girls” with real jobs and a college education. The ones that made you say, “She’s different”.

That’s why it’s SO easy to take home a new Thai girl the first night you meet. They hate to sleep alone.

This stupid line has pulled me an amazing amount of Thai pussy:

“I like you, but I don’t want to fuck. I just want to cuddle.”

Long story short, if you don’t want your Thai “girlfriend” sleeping with other guys, you’ll have to be here.

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  • Fucker douch bag! You are a completly trashume asshole says:

    Go fuck your mom. You have no idea who we are. You are JUST a trash incapabity American dirty fat ass. Only thing you know is to fuck around and eat trash food! Go fuck yourself and teach your kid to be more respectful to other people!

  • Andres says:

    This happens to me:

    In 2009, I was renting a little studio at Sukhumvit Soi 8. One night, I picked up this hot dancer at Nana Hotel, and we got laid 3 hours later. Same story every Monday and Wednesday. She told me she can´t stay the rest of the week because she had night classes at the University (I think she said something about to be a nurse or some shit like that, anyways). One day, I met this english fella just in the 24/7 store in the corner. He was trying to buy some decent food as he was new in town. One thing leads to another and we finish having some cold beers in a bar. He was in the IT business and his company in Liverpool send him for 7 months to Bangok to do some support in a local branch. He told me too, the very first night in BGK he met a nice girl in a party,and make her his “faithful girlfriend” (poor bastard, do not forget he was new in town) He feel so lucky as he never get laid in UK with a girl like that (Fella was nerdy type, glasses, geek, braces, greasy skin, very slim) And also, he was living in my same building ( I was in apartment 1203 and him in 1806 just few floors up). He told me his girlfriend likes to sleep with him 3 days a week, as she has to study and her mother gets mad if she fails school. In some moment of our conversation, he said: Hey, look a picture of my girl!! (Shit, the same bitch I was fucking with!!) That cunt was having sex with two chaps in the same building at the same time!!
    Of course I didn´t say a word to Romeo, who am I to break a heart in love? Jajaja. I can´t remember how that story finish, in that time I was a heavy drunk guy, but the only thing I can recall is that english boy got married with his lovely girl, and of course that shit never stops me to fuck her married pussy for a long time. Remember, I was just few floors down…

    Better trust in a nazi babysitter looking after your jewish kids before a Thai girl.

    They are evil!!!

  • Marco says:

    A few days ago I went to Climax fully expecting to pick up a freelancer and obviously making a donation for her time and effort. The girl who eventually came home with me told me she was married to a French guy. I guess I should have spotted the rather nice ring but in all honesty a hand is not the first body part I look at when approaching a hot Thai girl. This little sweetheart proved to be quite a kinky little devil. Afterwards she had a shower, got dressed and said sorry because she could not stay over. Then she gave me a kiss and left. The word money was never mentioned.

    I couldn’t agree more with your advice my friend. Enjoy them but don’t trust them for a minute.

  • T. Roberts says:

    Your article is absolutely correct! You didn’t even have to rationalize it all out. The complete, immutable and unequivocal article may be crystalized into a single word: “NO”!

  • Sam says:

    I think its not only thai girls. some filipina girls are also like that.
    but the funny is that we guys expect that we can have a gf who dont cheat but same time we are cheating on them.
    of course we guys sometime find a girl we want to be serious with and not have other girl, and at that time if that girl we are serious to have other guy or guys then of course it hurts a lot.
    but u guys forget that u also do have other girls than ur gf and u keep meeting so so many girls and u fuck with them all.
    and same time u expect every girl of those girls or some of them should only be with u and no one else, even urself have so many girls beside that girl. haha

  • Mitch says:

    Must admit this is A very truthful statement. I am VERY guilty of being balls deep in a Thai chick when her: Gik, boyfriend, fiancé, baby father, or husband and yes the overseas $GUY$ calls, and then I hear many, MANY times:
    “please, I take care you good, I you quiet now few minute”.
    Then the amazing part, while talking Thai, English she says how she is sitting waiting for him to call her (gives him a hard time) says how she loves and misses him (even cry’s a little) while reminding him how she has no money to go and do anything! Then after she hangs up the phone, NO apologies, remorse or a statement JUST continues to fuck/suck me silly!
    I LOVE THAI WOMAN! I don’t trust-’em, BUT love fucking them …
    PS; University girls the best … I am over 50 and never EVER pay them, they love to sleep feeling a big warm man, I Love Thailand and KOT. You guys ROCK!

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