Is Thailand Really As Great As They Say?

is travel to thailand great

Below is a guest post written by Thomas Tanner, author of, “The Amazing Stories of Tom in Thailand”. He is 45 years old and currently lives in Thailand. More information about Tom and his book can be found at the end of this article.

Enter The Mind of Tom

Majestic Thailand

Trying to explain how great Thailand is to someone who’s never been there before is the equivalent of trying to convince a virgin how great sex is, or describing a majestic island sunset to a blind person.

Thailand is just one of those ”things” that must be experienced in person to really get a handle on. After I returned home from my first trip to Thailand in 2011, I made several attempts to convince my friends that Thailand is pretty close to paradise, and that there’s no other country on Earth quite like it. I even showed them several hundred photos and the occasional video… and shared an interesting story or two. That didn’t work – I barely got a reaction from them, and this includes my family members as well.

Being that most of my friends and family are Church-goers and some are even at the threshold of religious fanaticism, was more than likely a hurdle that kept many of them from opening their ears and their minds to learning about Thailand. “The heathen went there just for sex while Buddha looked on” was probably going through their minds. But even my non-religious friends didn’t want to accept the reality that Thailand just might have more to offer than the so-called “Land of the Free”, the United States of America.

It’s the irony of all irony’s that the U.S. is bolstered as the “Land of the Free”, where it’s the most controlled and regulated country in the world. Thailand isn’t like that. You can pretty much do whatever the hell you want here, save defamation of the King and family and not keeping your visa up-to-date.

Most of the time when people spend a considerable amount of time in Thailand, they realize how controlling their government is in their home country. They later comprehend that there are too many (silly) laws, too many regulations, too many ways to get fined, and too many fees and taxes. And don’t even think about paying for sex in most western countries, as this is just one of the many silly laws that cannot be stepped on without facing serious consequences.

I’ve given up on trying to sell the idea to my circle of influence back in the States that Thailand is the place to be for many reasons. Everyone’s heard of the term “preaching to the choir”, but I was doing the opposite – I was “showing a Power Point presentation to the deaf and the blind”.

If you’ve never been to Thailand, it’s not possible to really describe it in words what it’s like. But when you arrive, and I’m writing perhaps both metaphorically and literally; you’ll be having sex with a virgin on the beach in the sunset. It really is that great here….

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Tom has written an informative and entertaining book about Thailand. It has been recommended that every Thailand newbie should read it before visiting, and every person who likes a good “travel yarn” will find it to be a page-turner. It’s titled: The Amazing Stories of Tom in Thailand. Click here to preview for free or to download

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  • Paul Lucas says:

    Hi Im in Southern California watching the civil unrest in Thailand. I was wondering if you could report on that what started it what do the people want and when do you think it will settle down?

  • Mark S says:

    I realised a long time ago there was no point in trying to convince people from back home to come out to Thailand, they aren’t interested or actually in many cases they are but are too useless / lazy / scared / stuck to come anyway.

    Oh well more for me to enjoy.

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