10 Reasons to Date Thai Girls Instead of White Girls

10 Reasons to Date Thai Girls Instead of White Girls

In this article I want to talk about 10 reasons you should date Thai girls.

Every man who visits Thailand without his wife or girlfriend is sooner or later interested in meeting and dating Thai women. There is just something about the girls in the land of smiles that makes us men addicted to them. We simply can’t get enough from those tiny and cute girls with the beautiful smiles.

The best thing about this is that there are quite a few good reasons why you should pursue your goal of dating Thai girls and why this can transform your already exciting holiday in Thailand into an unforgettable experience. Be prepared to wake up next to women who are so beautiful that you think you are still dreaming. Let’s talk about 10 reasons why you should make those dreams come true.

1- Exotic Beauty

It may sound very subjective but I have to start my list by emphasizing that Thai girls are very beautiful. As opposed to many Western countries you won’t find as much overweight and awfully dressed women in Thailand. The majority of Thai girls are extremely cautious concerning her body and her looks.

The fact that Thai girls are usually quite tiny and have a small frame makes them look very vulnerable and cute. Even if the mainstream media tries to make us believe that men should be attracted to strong and independent girls, the truth is that we are a lot more attracted to girls who look as if they need our protection and a strong shoulder to lean on. In addition to their small frame, their straight black hair combined with soft skin gives them an incredibly feminine look.

2- Femininity

The best thing about the femininity of Thai girls is that it is not only limited to their looks. Their whole behaviour and the way they present themselves reveals that they are truly connected to their feminine side. A Thai woman is always a little bit reserved and cautious in the way she talks and acts. I honestly prefer to date such girls instead of cheeky and incautious women.

In case you ever take a walk in a business district in Bangkok you will recognize that even the business women, who are normally very manly and unfeminine, walk around with make-up, sexy skirts and high heels. Thai women from all social classes are proud to be women and to show their feminine side. Who doesn’t want to have a girlfriend who actually cares about looking feminine?

3- Family Values

The fact that Thai girls are raised in a way that teaches them important family values is a very good reason for me to date those girls. Especially in the Western world a lot of women are extremely career focused and are willing to act like men to achieve their goals. Thai girls are much more traditional in this sense and regard their family as more important than their career, even if they might be very successful in their particular occupation.

This automatically means that you as their boyfriend are more important than their career. I can guarantee you that a Thai girl will invest a lot of time in pleasing you and being a good girlfriend. This generous and respectful attitude will make your heart melt.

4- Respectful to Men

This point is closely related to the family values that Thai girls are raised with. Their upbringing directly results in a respectful attitude towards men. I dare to claim that it is more possible to find women who verbally attack their boyfriend or who make fun of him in public in other countries than in Thailand.

By dating a Thai girl you spend your time with a woman who respects you and who looks up to you as her protector and her lover at the same time. In general Thai girls respect the decision of their boyfriends and accept him as the leader and the decision maker.

5- Interested in Foreigners

One of the most important reasons to date Thai girls is that it is not that difficult to get to know beautiful ladies in Thailand who are looking for foreigners to date. In case you are a foreigner with white skin you are automatically seen as a high status person and therefore very attractive in the eyes of Thai girls.

In addition to that Asian girls in general have the weird aim to look like Western European women. This goes so far that Asian women consider plastic surgery to match this ideal of beauty. In case you have ever been in Thailand and looked for skin crème, you know that it is extremely difficult to find any beauty products that don’t contain whitening lotion. Thai girls believe that white skin is attractive and therefore men with white skin are seen as the most attractive guys. Use this ideal of beauty to your dating advantage and enjoy the company of Thai girls.

6- Explore Secret Places

When I was in Bangkok last year I dated a girl who took me to the best rooftop bars in Bangkok, showed me hidden markets where you couldn’t find any tourists and took me to restaurants that were twice as good and half as expensive as the restaurants that the majority of tourists visit.

Through her I got to know Bangkok a lot better and visited places that most tourists skip, because they are not in the travel guides. I really enjoyed it to get to know the culture and the vibe of this wonderful city in such an authentic way that normally just Thai people experience. The best way to see those secret places in Thailand is to date a Thai girl who reveals those places to you.

7- Independent Women

I know that there are a lot of stereotypes about Thai girls and how they use their foreign boyfriends as walking cash machines but the truth is that a lot of girls are very independent and earn their own money. The increasing settlement of multinational companies in Thailand let to more and more job opportunities for educated women, which made them a lot more independent than a few decades ago.

Unless you date a bar girl from Isan who really wants to use you as her cash machine, you have the possibility to find plenty of gorgeous Thai girls who are financially independent. When I was in Bangkok I dated a beautiful girl who worked as a business consultant and she honestly paid more often for our dinner than I did.

8- Thai Girls Want to Look Pretty for You

Maybe you have heard from one of your female friends or working colleagues that women don’t dress up for men but for themselves. Whenever I stated that women like to dress up for men I got this answer from women who claimed to be independent and so strong that they don’t need the attention from men.

The good thing about Thai girls is that they really like to dress up for you and to look pretty when they meet you. In my experience Thai girls love to fascinate the guy they are dating with their beauty. The girls I dated in Thailand came to every date with perfect make-up and elegant dresses.

9- Thai Girls Want to Please You

Even if Thai girls seem to be very shy and reserved in public they can transform to naughty beasts in the bedroom. As soon as they don’t have to maintain their prude public image, they take advantage of the situation and have no problems with living out their sexual fantasies and to fulfil yours.

I can honestly say that I haven’t been together with one Thai girl who was bad in bed. Thai girls enjoy to please a man and to fulfil his sexual fantasies. Even if I asked a few Thai girls with whom I have been together for a long period of time what they like when it comes to sex, the first answer was always that they like when their man is happy.

10- Date a Thai Girl to Learn Thai

In case you are interested in broadening your horizon during your Thailand visit or to connect way better with the locals during a long-term stay by learning the language, a Thai girlfriend can be very helpful. Basic language courses can be quite expensive so why would you pay for them when you can get the same education in your bedroom?

Last year I was only one month in Thailand but I already learned quite a few useful words and expressions by dating Thai girls who were more than happy to teach me some Thai. Learning the language not only shows Thai people that you are interested in their culture and respect them, it can also help you in terms of future dating adventures.

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His goal is to inspire men all over the world to embrace the art of seduction and to live a life full of unforgettable sexual experiences and adventurous travel.

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