7 Things I Hate About Living in Thailand

7 Things I Hate About Living in Thailand

As I step off the plane in Bangkok for the time oh so many years ago, I hear the words of my friend ringing in my ear:

“What is good about Thailand, is really good!  While what is bad, is really bad!”

Those words still ring true to this day.  Although Thailand is an amazing place full of beauty and adventure, there is another side to the “Land of Smiles”.

Below are 7 things I hate about Thailand:

7- Thai Ladyboys

Even after all these years, ladyboys still disgust me.  It’s not the gay thing that bothers me, it’s the idea of men pretending to be women so they can trick other men into sleeping with them.

Protect yourself from Thai Lady Boys by this guide

6- Thai Racism

Being a white guy from America, I haven’t really had to deal with discrimination because of my skin color.  However, in Thailand it is a different story.

Thai Racism Consists Of:
– Paying more to enter establishments
– Being refused entrance at traditional Thai clubs and bars.
– Paying more at golf courses
– Hi-Society girls are looked down upon for even talking to a foreigner

Which is kind of funny, because Thai people are obsessed with looking as white as possible.  Tan Thai girls are looked down upon as being poor and trashy.

Just remember, even though you may live here and greatly contribute to the economy, you will always be an unwanted foreigner in the eyes of some.

5- Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

For some reason, Asia is obsessed with using MSG in its food.  MSG is a “seasoning” that works by making your brain believe the food you are eating tastes good.

Although the side effects of MSG are somewhat controversial, most agree that it’s not good for your health.

4- No Sidewalks

A small thing, but something that can be quite annoying.  Try walking down the road on most streets in Thailand and you’ll either have no sidewalks or sidewalks that are incomplete.

Since pedestrians do not have the right-a-way here, cars will not stop or go around you – which making walking quite risky at times.  Along with dodging cars, you’ll also be dodging trash, litter, and stray dogs.

3- Thai Women And Facebook

As my friend pointed out, if your Thai girl has a Facebook page, forget about trusting her.  Meaning she’s chatting with a bunch of foreign guys for a reason.

Luckily for me, while you are telling her that you love her on Facebook, she has her legs wrapped around me 🙂

2- Visa Runs

Now-a-days if you aren’t married to a Thai woman, going to school here, or own a Thailand based business – you can’t get longer than a 90 day tourist visa.  Which means you have to leave the country to do a visa run every three months.

Although being forced to leave the country doesn’t sound too bad because you can use it as an excuse to visit Singapore, Japan, or Bali.  Visa runs always seem to come up at inconvenient times and can be quite costly.

1- The Women Are Too Easy

This is what we call, “A Double-Edged Sword”.

Going out at night and knowing that you can get laid 100% of the time is great.  However once you’ve been here for a while, you will be “destroyed”.  Getting laid by beautiful women will be so easy that you won’t even think about it, it is just something that will happen.

That is until you have returned to America or Europe and go out to a bar.  Beautiful women won’t approach you as often and you’ll also discover your “game” has gotten pretty weak.

The nightlife in Thailand is more like a fantasy than reality.  There is no other place in the world that can compare with the ease and the beauty of Thai women.

You’ve been warned.  Thailand is an amazing place.  In fact, this website is dedicated to that very idea.  However, it is not perfect.

I’ll leave you once again with the wise words I first heard when arriving in Thailand:

“What is good about Thailand, is really good!  While what is bad, is really bad!”

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  • phillip says:

    There is no consensus that MSG is bad for you. It is one of the most highly studied additives in the world.

    It doesn’t “trick” your brain into making you believe stuff tastes better either. No more than any other seasoning. It basically a synthesis of seaweed/brocolli glutamate.

    Nonsense. But the rest of the article is fine.

  • Lukas says:

    i blurted fuck yeah multiple times while reading this

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