How To Get a Virgin in Thailand

virgins in thailand

I recently received the below email:

I am from India i will be visiting Thailand shortly. I want a virgin, what will the charges be. Please let me know

My response was simple, “Good Luck!”

Outside of the ridiculousness of that email, it did bring to my attention that I have never discussed the topic of finding a virgin in Thailand.

There are two different schools of thought on having a virgin in Thailand:

1- Why the FUCK would you want a virgin when you can have a girl that knows what she is doing!

2- I want a virgin, plain and simple!

This post will apply to the second of the two.

First thing you need to realize is, there are a few different types of virgins in Thailand:

1- Those that are young. (We are talking about 16 and under.)

2- Those that come from VERY controlling families and who rarely speak English (You will not meet these unless you speak fluent Thai and are in some Thai social circles.)

3- Hi-Society girls from wealthy families who use virginity as a “type” of bargaining tool for their daughter’s marriage.

4- The exception to the rule. A normal “good girl” who has never had sex in high school. This girl will either be terribly ugly or rarely speak English.

I’ve known A LOT of guys that WANT to sleep with a virgin Thailand, but only a few that have actually accomplished it.

Note: The following advice may be different from your experience if you speak fluent Thai and live in some poor Thai village in Essan. But if that is the case, who cares. Why live in Thailand if you are slumming it hanging with locals drinking Sangsam all day – every day. If you are going to do Thailand, do it right!

I digress…

Long story short, there is a good chance that if you’re reading this, you don’t speak fluent Thai nor are you part of Thai hi-society. So I’m not going to get into those options.

Nor will I recommend that you find a virgin in her 20’s who is a virgin only because she ugly.

Nor will I recommend that you find the “exception” to the rule. That is like finding a needle in a haystack.

So this leaves only one option, find them young.

Note: I have no first-hand experience in this, since I play it safe in Thailand by NEVER even talk to a girl who is under 18. Nor do I commit to a girl longer than one night.

However, I do have a couple friends where finding a virgin girl was VERY important. This is the method both used:

1- Make friends with Thai people and / or hang out around high schools

2- Find one with a daughter who is around 16 that you liked.

3- Go on chaperoned dates with the girl.

4- Negotiate a dowry with the girl’s family.

5- Wait till she is 17 / 18 years old and marry her.

6- Un-virginize the girl on her wedding night.

Unfortunately, if you want a “real” virgin in Thailand. Renting one for the night will not be an option. You will need to commit and do it the old fashion way which has been done for thousands of years:

Claim her while she is young and marry her!

However, there is a different type of virgin in Thailand. And this type is one that I have plenty of experience with.

This is the type of girl that has never slept with a “white boy” (foreigner / farang). These are my favorite type, the shy, young, and VERY tight girls who maybe have been with one or two Thai guys in in their lives. And who haven’t yet experience foreign cock.

These girls are boring at first because they complain about the pain, but they will eventually turn wild.

My advice is simple, forget about the “real” virgins and focus on the ones who are virgins to the foreign cock!

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  • richard sudborough says:

    I am a big city boy out of Los Angeles. I know women. 67. What is have is a perfect body 28 y.o. Cute face, but we talked serious as we thought she may be pregnant. Big dollars, kid, dog, cat, parents, grandparents? Stop laughing, you have heard it a million times. I am thinking, I want a wife and children, Why not just buy a virgin or close to it, since the game is Buy A Wife. This old school, which is cool, and certainly not the modern white society.. Your advise was spot on, because it was what I was thinking if go hit the country.
    So how great is virgin vs a hot experienced woman? So I guess one just pays for the right virgin and hopes the chemistry is there.

  • jon says:

    Hi all, in my opinion, bedding a virgin girl is easier in Cambodia. i had my first virgin experience albeit in Cambodia a few months ago. I am in my early 40’s and the experience has really intrigued me. I have been posted to Cambodia by my company in October last year. I have managed to bed a 14yo virgin girl with the blessing of her mother!!
    Long story short: I have a cleaning lady who would come clean my apartment every sunday afternoon. She has been very curious about me from the very beginning and has always make explicit suggestion that her daughter would be a good company for me. Fast forward to a few weeks later, we made a deal and she brought her daughter to me. I was a bit hesitant at 1st, but her mother seemed very jubilant.
    She was a bit terrified on her first night and it proved traumatic for her as there was a lot of bleeding.
    Fast forward to 5 months later: she is still with me. She is a proud girl who always swing the used condoms like a prizey medal.

  • Mark says:

    Sorry for the Indian guy, but a lot of, if not most, Thai girls, have a no Indian guys rule. So him finding a Thai virgin, equals finding a needle in not one, but a few dozen of haystacks.

  • derek says:

    I have been online with a good girl in Chiang rai for !4 months she is 42 naturally after while we had sex chats etc one thing she wants to try is a three some another girl but she is shy and doesn’t know of any bi girls nor do I in Thailand can u advise please

  • Dan says:

    I am same as you in regards to finding quality. I just got to Pattaya and I found the regular scene was so saturated with 6-7’s that it was overwhelming to find a 9-10. I saw two girls I would fuck but they were with some other farangs. They probably had 17 or 18 years but were dressed up and looked fucking tight. So the question is where does a guy hack the system and find those super tight, hot girls that are like 17-18 years old?

  • kopy says:

    virgin ohh it imposible it illegal
    virgin in thailand is a joke.

  • Steve says:

    I have had 2 virgins recently and it was hard work! Both hurt and although they wanted sex, the first time despite long foreplay they hurt too much and were so tight they could not. Both came from good families. The first one I met a few times and then she came to my condo and we eventually had sex, so she wanted everything and enjoyed more and more. The second one I met first with her Mother who consented to me taking her to a movie. First time I only went inside her bra. Then we went to 4 more movies and she allowed my hand to wander and play. She had never been touched or even kissed before. She is very attractive with long legs and an amazing body She also came to my condo, the first time we tried she really hurt and then was very shocked by blood coming. Warning here!!!! If young girls really are virgins and want a farang, then they quickly fall in love and get very heavy in the relationship. I am still seeing her sometimes and all she wants to do is whatever I enjoy to make me happy, she is also slowly enjoying more and more. But now I am scared as she wants me all the time and is very serious. I know if I stop seeing her she will be very upset and I will hurt her. Older, more experienced girls are much easier and you do not have to take so much time and show then how to do everything!

  • Alex says:

    I don’t want a real virgin, but was wondering how/where you find the ‘other type of Virgin’ you talked about. Girls who haven’t yet been with westerners?

  • Zahid says:

    I am from Asia living in Dubai, will visit in June. I want to make relation with a freelancer lady in Bangkok . And would like to take her my room or go with her in her room.
    Please advise.

  • amitkumar says:

    Is it really that difficult to get a virgin for a night and if it is not then would you suggest me any thing that how to get it and what will be the cost ? Any suitable response will be appreciated!

  • brian says:

    Being a farang who is establishing a business here I wish to purchase a motor cycle and keep it here for my visits can anyone tell me if a foreigner can own, register and ride on an intl licence in Thailand .If so what are the dos and Donts about it and whats the procedure for registration and ownership papers
    Thanks in advance for the potential advice

    • It’s actually very easy to own a moped or motorcycle in Thailand. Some places will let you buy one if you have a tourist visa, while other establishments will need to see a longer term visa. But if you are starting a business in Thailand, you’ll already have a visa for this.

      Then you go to the immigration center with your passport, passport photos, 2 thousand bought, and tell them you need the paperwork to buy a bike. An hour later you’ll get the paperwork needed to purchase a bike.

      Then just take this to the dealership.

      This is the long way of doing it. Many of the places in Thailand only need to see your passport and visa, then they will arrange the rest.

      Just make sure receive the “green book” for your bike. This will be the only evidence you have that you actually own the bike. (This will normally come a couple weeks after your purchase your bike)

      If you plan on staying in Thailand 6 plus months, it is a very good idea just to buy your own moped or bike.

      Hope this helps,

  • In my 20s says:

    I usually read this blog but never comment. How ever I have to comment now. I have found in incredibly easy to find virgins in Thailand. I am still young (25) and I have slept with 5 virgins the last 6 months. All were just normal girls aged 19-33 that simply had never had the chance of sex, none of them drank and none of them had the extremely controlive, and all spoke fairly good english. I would say only 1 out of 5 was ugly.

    • Five virgins huh….

      If I believed everything I was told, I think I’d be up to around 100 virgins now 🙂

      Just playing around. Well done and it seems you have a method that works for you. Although I can guarantee you, the quality we go after are not what most foreigners get. I use the term “ugly” loosely. I find that the longer I stay in Thailand, the pickier I get. All the “real” virgins I’ve met who haven’t had sex in their twenties are girls I wouldn’t even look at until two vodka bottles in. (What I’m not interested in is something that 95% of men would jump on in a heartbeat. As I probably would have done a couple years back.)

      They can be cute, but when you live in Thailand, forget about cute. You want something exceptional!

      • Mark says:

        I don’t know maybe I am lucky. As I have been with 2 Chinese virgins one being only 18. 3 Filipinas one being 18 again. She was only 4’5″ and had the looks of a main stream porn star. I was most shocked by this as she said that the only thing she wanted for her 18th birthday was for me to take her virginity. Still to this day I am hurt by that one. As I did care about her and was starting to fall in love with her. But in the end she used me and after she got me to take her virginity she never talked to me again. Have also been with an Indonesian virgin forget her age and soon be with an 18 Thai virgin who just told me today wants me to take her virginity. Again very shocked by this.
        To understand why I would be shocked by this. I am 30 and a poor college student standing 5’7″ and 181 pounds. Like I said maybe I am just lucky.Now I do not go out looking for sex or even virgins. Most of the time they came to me or started everything.

        Lastly for me I still hope that I can have my dream first time. Which is my first time to have sex with a girl is like that amazing sex scene in the movies that we all wish could have. But it is with the girl I will spend the rest of my life with. I have had that moment many times before but never as the very first time.

        I am by no way a sex tourist and I look for honest and real relationship one leading to marriage and kids. But as being a guy and used to having sex 1-4 times a day with a Thai girl from my first time I lived in Thailand. That was with my Thai ex fiancee. Sometimes the sexual tension builds up and becomes so strong that when a beautiful girl presents herself to me I lose control and give in. I am only human. You could say my Thai ex made me addicted to sex. Yes the sex was that good. If ever have sex with a girl that in less than 5 mins she makes you cum that you can’t control stop it no matter how many times you masturbate during the day you will understand how I became addicted to sex.

        I should touch note on the topic though. Myself it is bothersome that someone is looking for a virgin in the first place. To me it is like the person has no care at all for the girl. I understand your end of things behind your articles but this is the one time it did get to me. Though I will say that I commend you for pushing farang virgin and not real virgin. Guess I am a little more touchy on this subject as had many Chinese friends that lost their virginity to a farang and they ended up pregnant to only leave china and the girl to raise the baby on her own.

        • Hey Mark,

          Thanks for your post. You’ve got some great information there.

          I agree, I don’t really understand the obsession many guys have wanting to find a virgin. Unless you want to get serious with a girl, no reason to bring feelings involved by being her first.

          To quote one of my favorite shows, Entourage:

          “I don’t want to be anyones first or their last”

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