5 Bullshit Myths About Thailand

5 Bullshit Myths About Thailand

If you’ve never been to Thailand before, your impression of the country is probably colored by movies, TV and urban legends. That means most of what you think you know about Thailand is probably bullshit, especially The Hangover 2 which sucked.

Here are 5 bullshit myths about Thailand:

1- Thailand is Just for Paid Sex

Prostitution in Thailand is like prostitution anywhere else: It’s there if you want it and know how to find it. But otherwise, it’s pretty easy to avoid. There are plenty of reasons to go to Thailand that have nothing to do with sex tourism. The rising nightlife scene and a rising expat population are starting to overtake the perception that the only reason to go to Thailand is for an orgy with opium-addled transsexuals.

We’ve done it all. Whether you “pay to play” or “play for free” or like other foreign women here on vacation…Thailand has it all for the single guy.

2- Don’t Use the Ice!

Maybe this was true in the 1950’s or something, but Thailand didn’t become a booming tourist destination by getting people sick off their ice. All the ice used in restaurants in Thailand are from approved vendors – who make it from clean water.

3- Every Brand-Name Item is a Fake

Okay, some discretion on this one. If you are at Khao San Road and pay $5 for Gucci label slapped on product, what the fuck do you think?

Street vendors are a little different from department stores. The real brand-name goods are there in Thailand, just don’t expect to find them for pennies sitting on a street corner. Use your adult reasoning skills on this one.

(Check out Siam Paragon to see what we mean. Real brands and real prices.)

4- All Haggling, All the Time!

Again, use your judgment. Haggling is obviously acceptable in some situations – again, it’s not like it doesn’t exist in markets and independent shop situations. But if you’re walking into a fancy shopping mall, ask yourself, “Would I go into a department store in my hometown, grab something off the shelf, and demand it at half price?” Unless you’re reading this from a jail cell, the answer is probably no. So don’t do it there, either. Again, just be an adult.

However, what you should do is ask the staff if there is a “promotion” for this item. A lot of the time, the staff can easily find you a 10% discount coupon.

5- No Forks or Spoons at Restaurants

Chopsticks are basically synonymous with Asia and food. So you’d assume that going to Thailand, you’re either going to have to learn to use chopsticks. But the truth is, most places already start you off with standard cutlery in addition to chopsticks.

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