What is an Average Day of Living on the Island of Koh Samui Thailand?

An Average Day of Living on the Island of Koh Samui Thailand

On my most recent trip to America, I was constantly asked, “What do you do all day in Thailand?” Many had their theories, my favorite being, “Drinking all day and fucking whores all nights.”

Although partying and whoring does have its place in Thailand, as you can tell from this website. But that doesn’t usually consist of my average day to day life. However, a good part of each day involves cute Thai girls.

So this post will cover:

What does an average day look like living in Thailand?

10:00am – 11:00am

Usually I’ll wake up around this time.


Check email. See what’s new in the world with Google News. Make a morning whey protein shake.


Go get some breakfast. Lately I’ve been order Pad Krapow Gai (Chicken cooked with basil and peppers with a side of rice) and two eggs. Total cost, 70 baht (a little over 2usd).

Then I’ll go back home to read, work, and/or watch some America tv shows that I downloaded from thepiratebay.se


Head to the beach for a couple hours. Go swim, relax by the pool at Ark Bar. Have a drink and some lunch.


Go to the gym. I find if I don’t have one thing planned every day, I can get a little lazy. So I go to the gym for an hour to feel like my life has some structure.


Dinner. Either make something at home, go out to eat, or order awesome Swedish food delivery for 200 – 300 baht (6 – 10usd). (http://www.scandicrestaurant.com/)

Also, throughout the day, I’ll be texting back and forth with a few girls. Around this time I’ll decide which one I want to stay with me tonight. I usually have about 3 girls that I’m “dating” at the same time. (These are “good girls” working normal jobs. I prefer it this way because I like my freedom throughout the day.)

8:00pm – 11:00pm

Work, visit with friends, go to the cinema, or watch downloaded American t.v. shows.

11:00pm – Late

Enjoy time with the girl and relax.

The cost of my average day living on the beautiful island of Koh Samui Thailand is usually under 500 baht (15usd) a day.

My monthly expense usually ends up being this:
500usd – Daily Living
500usd – Nice 1 or 2 Bedroom Western Style Apartment
500usd – Partying

1,500usd – Total Monthly Cost of Living

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  • smartk says:

    Hey i would like to visit thailand for two weeks can 650usd cover two weeks expenses like massage and fucking hotties plus i dont use alcohol does the bars have soft drinks?’

    • $650 will be cutting it close. Most decent hotels start at $30 a night. So that will already kill half your budget. A night out will be between 30 – 50usd. The cost of of women can vary from free to 100usd a night.

      You can do “backpacker” style and stay in your budget, but if you want to party and hook up with attractive Thai women, you’ll need more $$$

  • CURIOUS says:

    I noticed it said you spend about 1500 month. Did you go to thailand with a lot of $$ or do you just do that well with this website to pay your bills?

    • This website is more of a side project that me a few others put together. I have other sources of income.

      However, my monthly expenses rarely exceed 1,500usd.

      • CURIOUS says:

        Thanks for the response. Would you share how you make decent $$ over there? Is it online? Through my limited reading, a lot of people over there have had a hard time making $ as an expat. Heck, $1500 a month is becoming harder to make in the US. Many thanks.

  • Sam says:


    Firstly great site, I just found it after my mate and I decided to book a trip next year to Koh Samui. Then the brain started thinking about getting some female company for both of us while we are there…

    Had a couple of questions for you:

    We are renting a really nice private villa for about 2 weeks, and what I am really wanting is not just a great fuck with a Thai hottie but also nice, fun, female company for the rest of the time when we aren’t in bed – esp times like chilling by the pool and lazy days where we just do nothing.

    Even as far as taking her out to do ‘touristy’ stuff with me – essentially a 2 week girlfriend…

    How would I go about bringing this up without them thinking I want to find a wife, and what would a reasonable amount per day/week be? Keeping in mind she would be staying in a 5 star property and I will be buying food, drinks, clothes shoes etc for her? (I have no problem spending on them even if just for a couple of weeks)

    Also with this kind of arrangement would they be able to stay through the whole trip or would they need to ‘report in’ if they work for a bar etc?

    Thanks heaps,


    • Hey Sam,

      Thanks for your comment.

      First thing first, believe it or not, most Thai girls will not be impressed with a 5 star hotel or a private villa. And hookers will only see this as a higher pay day if you flash your money around. Hot Thai girls are used to being around foreigners that have money to spend. This will be nothing to her. (Think of the standard of living, a lot Thai girls live in places without air-conditioning are happy eating noodles on the side of the street which costs one dollar. Do blow money trying to impress a Thai girl, it’s not worth it. Blow your money on shit “you” want to do. If you want to spend 50 dollars on a steak, do it. But don’t do it to impress the girl.)

      Now that we got the negative out of the way, lets focus on the positive.

      Thai girls (as with everyone), loves to have fun. If you are fun and if she doesn’t have to work, she will 100% go with you where ever. The only problem you’ll find with this is if your girl has an office job and MUST go to work. However, if you are thinking of freelancers and bar girls, the method is simple:

      In the morning, tell her you’d like to spend the day with her and see the city. Random Thai girls make awesome tour guides and will show you some pretty cool stuff. (If fact, this is one of the best things about Thailand and something you miss when you’ve already explored so much of Thailand.)

      If she is a hooker, you’ll have to pay her bar fine and “maybe” a daily charge. If she is just a “normal” girl that doesn’t have an office job, don’t expect to for anything besides meals and stuff.

      It’s not uncommon for first dates in Thailand to last many weeks. You both are just having some much fun together that there’s no point to go find another one. Fuck, you’re on vacation, just go with the flow and path to the most amount of pleasure.

      Hope this helps,

  • Sam says:

    u say u live in a Nice 1 or 2 Bedroom Western Style Apartment?

    i thought u normally stay in hotels?
    or is it different where u stay?

    of course now i go to stay there on vacation i will stay in hotel.

    but if i live there.
    is it better to stay in condo/aparment? or better to stay in hotel?

    im sure condo/apartment is mostly more cheap than staying in hotels.

    but if u have new girl often then u might risk some of those girls will go back to ur place again without u invited her or asked her to visit u, while u have a new girl there?

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