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Are There Prostitutes from India in Bangkok Thailand?

Prostitutes from India in Bangkok Thailand

This may come as a surprise, but this is one of the most common questions I get emailed.  There seems to be a large population of men from India who want to sleep with Indian hookers in Bangkok.

Why can’t they find them in India?  No idea.  But to save myself from future emails, I will publicly answer the question:

Are There Prostitutes and Hookers from India in Bangkok Thailand?

Personally, I’ve never heard of an Indian prostitute in Thailand.

Africa? Yes

Russians? Yes

Other places in Asia? Yes

But I’ve never come across an Indian hooker in Thailand.

If you want to hook up with an Indian girl in Thailand, your best bet is to meet one at a club who is here on holiday.  Or find one who is working in Thailand at a normal job…not a suit maker type of thing.

But someone that lives in Thailand, speaks Thai, and works a standard job.  (I’ve personally met and slept with a couple Indian girls in Bangkok this way.)

Anyways, I hope this clears up my inbox a little bit.

Enjoy paradise!

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  • Avinash says:

    Is there demand of indian escort at bankok?

  • Mahesh says:

    Hi bro…
    This month 26th I will reach Thailand.. For working… Iam Indian.. I got a job there.. But my salary is 25000thb… It’s very low… I am looking for part time job also… Can u pls help… Am willing to do… Any kind of jobs… My office timings is 9-5.. If any scope… Pls adviMahesh


  • adnan says:

    hi. I will be in BKK from 24th Oct to 3rd Nov. want to know which are the clubs and places where i can hook up with good India, sri lanka, or even Bangladesh, girls.
    wana have a good time and clean sex.

    pls advise


  • jmweber says:

    If you want to hook up with an Indian girl in Thailand, best chances to meet one at a club/strip show or any adult show. if you found any indian couple on that show just say them hi or watch their activity. ask them straight wana to enjoy or tell them about any hot club etc. if they are interested they ask you how if no just no worry.Mostly indian cpl come here for swap and for fun. some one get paid either some one do it free of cost. they can go to your room easily i am sure you get more enjoy instead of a prostitute.

    (I slept with many cpls this way)

  • valdi says:

    Are There Prostitutes from India in Bangkok Thailand?

    Yes – Ramada Hotel and Suites – Bangkok

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