2014 Cost of Sex on Koh Samui Thailand

sex cost koh samui thailand
It’s no secret that I love Koh Samui. It’s more than my paradise island, it has been my second home for the last few years. In fact, I’ve written the most complete guide that can be anywhere that teaches men and women how to live like a King for $1,500 a month here.

But there is one subject that I left out of that guide – that is the cost of sex on the island. How much does a Russian prostitute cost verse a freelance found in Sound club?

How much will it cost you to “Pay-to-Play”

Below, you’ll have all those answers and more. These are the updated prices for the year 2014. So lets get to it:

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Cost of Sex with Online Dating:

Although, there is a $30 dollar monthly fee when you use Thai Cupid , which is the only website I recommend for Samui, the girls you meet on here will be free. (After you spend a few hours talking with them online and take them for dinner and/or drinks when you are here.)


Cost of Sex with Bar Girls:

As you know from this website, there are two options you fuck a bar girl, you have “Long Time” and you have “Short Time”. (Long Time is where she stays with you all night and you can fuck her as much as you want. Short Time is when you only fuck her once and then she leaves.)

Short Time: $45 (1,500 baht)
Long Time: $45 – $60 (1,500 – 2,000 baht)

Cost of Sex with Freelancers at Sound Club:

Sound Club is the only late night club on Koh Samui worth going to after 3am. In fact, nearly all of the hookers who haven’t found a man for the night will come here looking for a customer. Although the hookers may hit you at higher costs to see if you fall for it, nearly every hooker at Sound Club after 4am will go with you for the night for $45 (1,500 baht.)

Cost of Sex with GoGo Dancers:

As with bar girls, you have the short and long time option. The GoGo dancers on Samui will be found in two places: “Dream Girls” and “GB Lounge”. (Both places are in the Green Mango area located in Chaweng.

The prices are set by the establishment.

Short Time: $90 (2,800 baht)
Long Time: $150 (4,600 baht)

Cost of Sex with Premium GoGo Dancers:

There is one premium GoGo / Gentleman’s club on Samui, called The Resort (Happy Inn). This establishment rotates girls every month from Bangkok to make sure there are always new and attractive women for their clients. (Note: Last year at “The Resort” is the only time in my life that I saw a perfect 9 in Thailand….although she was already with a customer and I never saw her again after that.)

Short Time: $120 (4,000 baht)
Long Time: $210 (7,000 baht)

If you are a smooth talker and can convince the management that you live on Samui, the price is 3,000 baht for short time and 5,000 baht for long time.

Cost of Sex with Massage Girls:

You have two options when you want to fuck a massage girl on Samui. Option one, you can fuck her in the massage establishment. Option two, you do “take away”. This is where you take her to your home / hotel and have sex with her there. The going price from both options is usually around 45 – 60 dollars. (1,500 – 2,000 baht.)

Cost of Sex with Nuru Massage Girls:

In 2014, the first Nuru massage establish on Samui opened near the fitness area called “Club 99”. If you don’t know what a “Nuru Massage” is, google it. If you do know what it is, then you already know that a Nuru Massage is the next best thing to a Soapy Massage.

Officially the Nuru Massage is only supposed to me a “special” massage with no fucking. However, this is almost never the case. So if you want the full sex package, just wait until it is only and your girl and let her know.

Cost: $70 – $90 (2,200 baht – 2,900)

Cost of Sex with Russian Strippers:

Samui and one Russian Strip club named, Galaxy. (Which is located next to Green Mango club.) Every night of the week from 9pm to 3am you will see attractive Russian prostitutes trying to entice men to enter the club. Warning, this club is NOT cheap to drink at, nor are the women cheap to fuck. But if you want to have sex with a Russian hooker while on Samui, this is your chance.

Short Time: $150 (5,000 baht)
Long Time: $300 (10,000 baht)

Pricing drastically varies between these girls. But these are the average prices you can expect.

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  • Rob says:

    Russian girls I’ve met in Thailand are really mean and nasty.

  • Shane says:

    thank you for your time hi my name is shane from australia i am wanting to go to koh samui mid november with a mate for a week i went to hua hin 2 years ago and had a great time lived like a king cost me roughly $3700.00 for accom flights and girl every nite am i around that figure to do same in koh samui or allow a little more any tips for a 5 star stay would be appreciated

  • Katerina says:

    Good day. Me and my husband work like to have erotic massage in Samui, where we can get it?

  • mory says:

    Hi Seven,
    Is Galaxy a safe place to go and are the girls genuine like if they agree one price they are safe to go wit and can register an ID at the reception. Can i agree a price outside the club as inside most Russian clubs are a loot. i Had one experience on Bangla road in Phuket.

    • Galaxy is kind of hit and miss. In Pattaya they are really straight forward with pricing. But in Samui, it can be very difficult to lock down a price. They will play the game to get you to order more and more drinks before price for sex is negotiated.

  • Josef M. says:

    Hi Guys, thanks for the info about Nuru massage in Samui. I went over there. Thumb up. Beautiful, clean proffessional.
    However full sex was not available, but tell the true, you don’t want it, the service is so great and you are aking, so my work….

    • Glad to hear it. I had a very similar experience with it.

      • IceTiger says:

        More a Question for Gods of Thailand, as I can’t find a experience traveler who can help me out.

        Iam looking for a budget hotel on (Lamai beach) near all action, walking distance what do you reccoment

        Outgoing from:

        24/7 reception/desk
        Air Con
        Free wiffi
        Budget price night 850bth – 1000bth

        I tried all hotel booking sites but onley bill resort is the best option. But I don’t know how far bill resort is from the night life or for that matter on the spot it self.

        • I won’t be much help with this question. I don’t normally stay in Lamai.

          There are a lot to choose from though. Just go to agoda.com and narrow down by Lamai. Look at the map, and book your hotel near or on the main Lamai beach.

          FYI, Lamai nightlife is great for bar girls and backpackers. But if you want more options, stay in Chaweng.

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