2015 Best New Thai Escort Agency in Bangkok


Looking back, it has been almost three years since we’ve given our seal of approval and answered the question, “What is the best new escort agency in Bangkok Thailand?

When it comes to finding the best full service escort agency in Thailand, there are five major factors that I judge on:

1- Hottest women

2- Quality of Service Provided

3- Threesome / Pornstar Experience

4- Cleanliness (STD Testing)

5- New Girls (Actively Finding and Recruiting New Women)

For me, hiring an escort is more than just about sex, it is about EASILY living out a fantasy that you’ve dreamed of.

If all you want to do is get your dick wet, then you can easily save money and visit one of the dirty “beer bars” in Thailand and fuck girls that don’t even know what an STD is.

But if you are looking for a LEGITIMATE escort agency with women who are held to high quality standards, tested regularly, and can turn your fantasies into reality….then you can’t go wrong with our 2015 top pick.

Every guy is looking for something different.  Some like costume play.  For some, anal-sex is a must of have.  But for those like me, the ménage à trois is what makes life worth living.

There are few things greater in life than having two beautiful Thai women on your bed, who are dressed in sexy lingerie, and have experience working together as a team…

…okay, enough about me…

In the beginning of 2015, there is one clear winner for the “Gods of Thailand – 2015 Best Escort Service Award”, and the winner is:

New Bangkok Escort

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Why I Love This Agency

1- Hottest Girls:
Many escort agencies in Thailand have been using the same girls for the last 5 – 10 years.  And although the pictures on the website stay the same, the girls do not.  They get older and less attractive.

For me, I don’t want to pick out at a 25 year old girl based on the photos and see a 35 year old standing at my door step.

You won’t find thing with New Bangkok Escorts

2- Quality:
I’ve had conversations with one of the owners of New Bangkok Escort and he takes pride in making sure his girls offer amazing service that keeps their repeat and referral business booming.

3- Testing:
Although condom use is obviously required for sex.  With other things like oral sex, you want to make sure you have a “clean” girl sucking you off.  This company does mandatory STD testing once a month.

4- Lesbian / Pornstar Experience:
This for me is a must.  I always order at least two escorts at a time for the amazing, “Pornstar Experience”.  (Tip:  When you decide on at least one girl, ask the agency who she works well with.  This will GREATLY increase your experience if the two girls are comfortable with each other 😉

5- New Girls:
I’ve been a fan of this agency for over a year.  And throughout this time, they’ve been adding more and more girls.  So if you are one of the guys who likes to go “sex crazy” in Thailand, you aren’t limited to only 8 girls.

At any given time, you have 30+ active escorts to choose from.

Escorts We Personally Recommend

Hands down this is the best agency in Bangkok for 2014 and 2015.  But if you’re even looking for more advice, here are the top 4 girls we recommend:





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A Final Bonus

Thanks to my kick-ass negotiation skills, all Gods of Thailand VIP Members will receive an exclusive discount with New Bangkok Escort in additional to 12 other awesome benefits.

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