Where to Stay in Koh Samui Thailand – Part 1

Koh Samui Thailand
In Samui you have many choices of locations on where to stay.  Below is a list of the areas we recommend to stay and the areas we do not.

Do Not Stay Near:

– Nathon
– Mae Nam
– Bo Phut

These places are far away from all the action.  The only foreigners that stay in these areas are tourists that don’t know any better or cheap travelers who want to stay in the cheapest / boring places in Samui.  Note:  All these places tend to have bad beaches.

Areas to Stay on Samui:

1- Chaweng
2- Lamai
3- Fisherman’s Village
4- Chong Mon

These are in order for fun.  More details on each location is below:
Map of Koh Samui Thailand
1- Chaweng

Chaweng is where all the action and fun is.  It has something for everyone.  If you are traveling with a family, stay in a nice hotel on the beach.  If you are traveling as a single guy, stay near Green Mango.  And if are traveling with a group and want to keep in cheap, stay in one of the many cheap hostels.

– Nice beaches
– Best nightlife
– Great restaurants
– Family and single friendly
– Good shopping

– Lots of cars and mopeds driving around
– Many people
– If you are looking to stay in the mountains in solitude, this not the place for you

2- Lamai:

Lamai is the second “fun” city in Koh Samui Thailand.  The nightlife only consists of average looking prostitutes, but there are a lot of things to do during the day.

The one thing that kept me coming back to Lamai is the beach near the McDonalds.  This is the best place to swim on the island.  In Chaweng you have to walk 50 meters in the water to find a place deep enough to swim, in Lamai you only need to go out 5 meters.

– Best swimming in Samui
– Good restaurants within walking distance
– Cheap hotels / hostels right along the beach

– Nightlife only consists of bar girls
– Only average looking Thai girls and most are prostitutes
– Many massage places that yell offering massages
– You’ll spend time and money going to and from Chaweng most evening
– Don’t bring children to Lamai in the evenings

3- Fisherman’s Village

If you are traveling with your family and on a slight budget, this is the place for you.  You’ll find many hotels right on the beach starting at 1000 baht a night.  Fisherman’s Village has no prostitutes of any kind which makes it ultra family friendly.

– No prostitutes or bar girls near
– Completely family friendly
– Good walking street for awesome restaurants and shopping
– Great for families and couples

– No nightlife outside of sports bars
– Need to take a taxi to Chaweng for the nightlife
– Swimming is not so good.  Too many boats and the water doesn’t feel super clean

4- Chong Mon

If my conservative family were to come and visit me in Samui, this is where I’d have them stay.  Chong Mon has some very nice hotels and beaches.  This area is relaxed and has very little to no signs of the Thai sex trade.  This is one of the “cleanest” places to stay in Samui.

– Family friendly
– Very nice hotels
– Nice beaches
– Quality restaurants and massage parlors
– Has a clean feeling

– Most expensive area
– Need to take a taxi to any sort of nightlife
– If you are a single guy, this is not the place for you

For a list of hotel and apartment recommendations: Where to Stay in Koh Samui Thailand – Part 2

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