Where To Pickup Foreign Girls on Samui Thailand

white girls on samui thailand

Some men simply don’t like Asian women or like a little variety. If this sounds more like you, then there are plenty of “white” women traveling to Samui from all over the world. It’s not quite as good as Koh Phi Phi or Koh Tao, but it’s pretty damn solid.

Here are 3 great places for finding beautiful women not from Thailand:

1- Ark Bar / Beach Bars
Ark Bar is the most well-known beach bar on Samui. Tourists flock here more than any other place before midnight. During the day you’ll find many girls lounging around the pool or beach drinking and tanning. During the evenings you’ll find even more women having drinks before they go hit the dance clubs.

2- Foreigner Bars
Along the Green Mango party street, you’ll find many different styles of bars. If you don’t like Thai girls, then stick to the foreign bars. Try “Hush Bar” which is full of foreign women on most nights, especially weekends.  Or right on Chaweng’s main road near Soi Green Mango, go to the Islander.

Note: Foreign women on Samui are usually on a budget and will stick to the bars with the best promotions on drinks.

3- Green Mango Club
And once again, we will talk about Green Mango.

After a few drinks, it’s time to hit the dance floor. If you like foreign women, skip Sweet Soul and go directly to Green Mango Club. You’ll find a good amount of “white” women between 1 – 3am.

After that, about 90% of them will return to their hotels.

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Special Note: Picking up foreign women at Green Mango is not the easiest thing to do. You have to worry about her friends constantly cock-blocking because they want to protect her from making a “drunken mistake”. Not to mention having to compete with drunken tourists who feel they always need to be the center of attention by acting like idiots which eventually motivate some girls to call it a night and leave the club.

This is easy to bypass with the right strategy. During the day, hangout at Ark Bar and talk to EVERYONE. Then when the girl sees you later that night, she’ll come up and talk with you because you are the nice / talkative / fun guy she met earlier.

Her friends will be okay with you taking her home because you aren’t just some stranger from a nightclub; you are a guy that they already “know”.

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