Navigo Samui – The Best and Cheapest Taxi for Koh Samui

If you are new to Asia, you probably have never heard the following words before…

If you are familiar with Asia, you are probably far too familiar with these words…

Taxi Mafia

Many cities in Asia have taxis controlled by their own style of “mafia”.  Which mean, they control who can be taxi drivers, and try to charge tourists as much as possible by hustling and fast talking.

Thailand officially uses the “taxi meter” system to combat this.  But that is only enforced in Bangkok.  Nearly everywhere else you go, you’ll be charged up to 10 times the charge of the meter.

Everyone in Thailand knows this is happening, but no one seems to do anything about it.  If someone tries to start up a competing taxi business, they are shut down by mafia style intimidation or legal methods.

Nowhere in Thailand are taxi drivers scamming tourists more than on Koh Samui.

Samui taxi costs are insane when compared to the rest of Thailand:

800 baht (24usd) for a 10 minute drive from the airport your hotel

400 baht (12usd) to drive 4 minutes home from a restaurant

2,500 baht (75usd) to drive from Chaweng to Nikki Beach on the other side of the island

As a single guy, I rent a moped and drive myself anywhere I want to go.

But if you are traveling with a family or don’t want to risk driving on a motorbike with crazy drunk drivers on the road all day.  Taxis are your only choice.

and getting raped by these taxi drivers was your only option!

Fortunately, times have finally changed on Samui.  Navigo Samui is a new taxi service at a massive discount compared to the other taxis.

300 baht (9usd) for a 10 minute drive from the airport your hotel

150 baht (5usd) to drive 4 minutes home from a restaurant

800 baht (24usd) to drive from Chaweng to Nikki Beach on the other side of the island

How it Works

1- You download the app on your smart phone –
2- Create an account or sign in with your Facebook account
3- Enter where you want to go
4- You can pay by your credit card or cash to the driver

It’s pretty fucking easy and will save you quite a bit of money when you are on Koh Samui.  My friends use it mostly for airport transfers and to send home their girls in the morning.

Will Navigo Samui Be Shut Down by the Taxi Mafia?

I think this service will stay.  My understanding is the owners have massive connections in Thailand, so the Samui Taxi Mafia won’t touch them.  Navigo Samui also has all their legal issues settled, so hopefully they will stay in business for a long time.

This is a major improvement to the island!

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