7 Must See Attractions in Rawai Beach

Though not as active as some other beaches, Rawai still has its fair share of attractions. The most prominent is Phromthep Cape, a beloved sunset spot, but you can also visit a temple, check out some local businesses like Phuket Orchid Farm, or visit a local market. If you’re determined to swim, check out nearby Ya Nui Beach or Laem Ka.

Phromthep Cape

The most important and popular attraction in Phromthep Cape is the perfect spot to view sunsets. Get here early to get a good spot, since each evening many people head up to the hill to watch this spectacular natural show. Bring a camera but don’t forget to appreciate the scene as you see it. Phromthep Cape is the place to go to appreciate Rawai Beach’s natural beauty.

Wat Sawang Arom (Rawai Temple)

Rawai Temple is the heart of Buddhism for the village of Rawai. Although it is smaller and less fancy than other temples around the area, Wat Sawang Arom still gives you the chance to appreciate the Buddhist community and see traditional pictures depicting scenes from the Buddha’s life. Since it is a sacred place, be sure to dress appropriately and show respect during your visit. The temple opens early in the morning until the late evening hours.

Laem Ka Beach

Since Rawai isn’t a good beach for swimming, you may want to go to Laem Ka Beach. One benefit of this location is that it is usually shaded, unlike some other beaches where the sun may get too hot to be enjoyable. Laem Ka is popular with local Thais for picnics and just hanging out, especially on Sunday. Laem Ka also offers great views of the nearby islands, so it has the added attraction of simply being a beautiful spot to relax or take a walk.

Phuket Orchid Farm

Phuket Orchid Farm is a large orchid nursery that’s been in business for many years. Located not far from Chalong Circle on Soi Suksan, come to the orchid farm near Rawai Beach to see some very beautiful examples of these treasured flowers. You can even buy some cut flowers for yourself. The business will make sure that your orchids are packed and ready for your plane trip. The farm is open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every day.

Ya Nui Beach

Ya Nui Beach is not only suited to swimming but is also an ideal destination for fishing, kayaking, and other water activities. It is a small cove and is happily located between Windmill Viewpoint and Phromthep Cape, the area’s most popular places from which to enjoy wonderful sunsets. If you would like to snorkel, kayak, or enjoy another sport requiring equipment, everything that you need can be rented from vendors along the beach.

Ya Nui is also friendly to those with children, who will appreciate the good sand and the beautiful shells that wash up on shore.

Visitors may also want to take advantage of the nearness of Koh Keyao Noi, a small island that is a favored destination for those who are kayaking around Ya Nui Beach.

Sea Gypsies Village and Fish Market

The sea gypsies have a long history in Rawai, where they mainly make their living by fishing. Some sell various goods on the beach or serve as tour guides. A visit to the fish market will give you the chance to see some of the fresh catches brought by the sea gypsies each day. The market begins in the early afternoon and is filled with locals and visitors alike. There is also an interesting ceremony performed by the sea gypsies, the Loy Reu Festival, that is worth seeing. You’ll find the market just to the left of the pier in Rawai.

Phuket Seashell Museum

This Seashell Museum is a fun place to go if the weather doesn’t cooperate or you are tired of the beach. See very interesting shells that have been gathered from around the world. The museum is not far from Evason Resort and its displays are completed in English as well as Thai. There are four different exhibits and there is of course a special emphasis on seashells that can be found in Phuket and elsewhere in Thailand. The museum is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day.

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