About Rawai Beach in Phuket Thailand

Rawai Beach is beautiful and is ideal for hanging out, chatting with locals, renting a boat to explore the islands, or tasting some great seafood and Thai cuisine. The beach isn’t especially popular with visitors to Phuket who don’t know of its charms. Local families come here to picnic or hang out away from Phuket Town.

Unlike many beaches, Rawai has a lot of shady areas to help you enjoy the beach even when the sun beats down. The water here is shallow, which is why it isn’t a popular spot for watersports, but that also means there are no jet skis to disrupt your visit.

There are several resorts nearby, but you’ll find more casual accommodations and restaurants too.

Rawai Beach Activities

This is a pretty quiet beach when it comes to activities for tourists, but Rawai is a great place to catch sight of the local fishermen doing their work. The bars and restaurants here do some of their hauling nearby on longtail boats, which makes for another interesting sight.

Rawai Beach is ideal for just relaxing and enjoying the sun. It isn’t a good beach for swimming, but you can always hire a boat or do some fishing yourself if you’re tired of chilling out on shore.

Restaurants at Rawai Beach

Seafood and Thai dishes rightfully dominate the restaurant scene at Rawai Beach. Try some southern Thai foods in particular at either a beachside bar or one of the more elegant venues at Evason Phuket, a resort on the road to Chalong. The bars closer to the beach have the great advantage of not only convenience but nice views of the sea and islands.

Amenities at Rawai beach

There aren’t any sunbeds around Rawai Beach, but you can sign-up to explore the nearby islands in a longtail boat. Check out the daily seafood market located at Rawai Beach’s eastern end. There aren’t any parking lots around, so be careful where you park.

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