Top 50 – The Sexiest Thai Women in The World

The other day I was told, “Women from Thailand are cute, but they are not really that hot.”

In response to that statement, we had a friend put together a video of the 50 hottest Thai women on the planet.


(YouTube Video Removed – Sorry Guys)

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  • Dan says:

    Are Thai women really that hot? You often come across hot Thai models, but then you find out they’re half Chinese, or half Thai and half something else.

    • Some really are. Especially in places like Bangkok and Pattaya.

      Although the funny thing about models is, without the right type of makeup, lighting, and clothing, they actually look quite plain. When I go out, my friends will point out a tall light-skinned Thai and tell me she is a model. Which is kind of funny, because I probably wouldn’t even have noticed her.

      If you go to the right clubs, you can easily find Thai women just as hot as these. But finding them and picking them up is not the same thing. Picking up a 6 or 7 is relatively easy. Picking up a 8 or 9 is much more difficult if you don’t speak Thai or if she is not a “working girl”. Which is not to say it is impossible, picking up a 9 here is ten times easier than picking up a 9 in America or Europe. But just being a white guy won’t be enough.

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