My Thai Girlfriend Was Raped…

My Thai Girlfriend Was Raped

It’s true.  One of my Thai girlfriends was raped.  But it’s not exactly what you think…

The other day I was with one of my girls at a bar on Sukhumvit Soi 11, and we started talking over drinks.  I can’t exactly remember how the conversation drifted to it, but at some point she said to me…

When I Was 12 I Was Raped By a Ghost!

I was a little caught off guard and started coughing on my drink laughing.  Expecting to see the same from her, I looked over and saw a dead serious face looking back at me…

“You think you were raped by a ghost?”  I asked trying to fight back my next laugh.

She says yes and tells me the story about how she was a virgin and sleeping alone.  Then describes in vivid detail how a ghost came into her room and had sex with her.  Then when the ghost left, her bed was so wet!

She continued to tell me that a ghost took her virginity and made her cum.  And there was no way it was a dream or a repressed memory of a bad childhood experience.  She was 100% confident that a ghost flew into her room and had his way with her…and left no trace besides a very wet bed and a wet pussy.

Okay, so I already know that Thai girls believe in a lot of stupid shit (superstitious nonsense).  But this one surprised me.

I tried to explain to her that it was most likely a “wet dream”.  But she insisted that it was a real ghost and that the same thing happened to her friend.

We eventually did our thing and when she left in the morning, but I was still really curious how widespread this belief of “raping ghosts” really is in the “Land of Smiles”.

So I send a few messages out to some girls asking if they ever heard of a Thai girl being raped by a ghost.  And all but one of them has heard of it.  With a pretty high percentage believing that there are some horny ghosts out there sneaking into the “oh so sweet spot” of Thailand’s virgins.

After 5 years of living in Thailand I thought I have heard and seen it all.  But this one came out of nowhere.  I don’t think I’ll be forgetting this conversation of a “bunch of raping ghosts flying around in Thailand” any time soon.

Beware virgins of Thailand.  “The Truth is Out There” 🙂

Got to love Thailand!

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  • Victor says:

    So a rapist running around in a ghost custom comes into little girls bedrooms , rapes them and gets away with it because this people believe any superstition that ever existed
    sounds like land of the rapists to me

  • ErnestDizon says:

    When I was 12 years old,,I heard stories of women in the province are gettin Pregnant all over the Province of Pulilan Bulacan,by a Ghost rapist,some locals say ?that he has “Anting-Anting”a Love charm,all the girls does,nt even know who raped them,when they are asleep at night,most girls noticed their tummies are bulging into a ballon shape,after three months,so a local Seer or Albulario,is called in,and the Albulario ,used an incantation to trace the Culprit that is making all the girls ,Pregnant in the first place!,and they found the guy,a well known Casanova in that town of Pulilan,and brought him to the police station,for rape charges,and the Police station was filled with victims of this Rapist,stll carrying the guys babys inside their tummies.he used an ancient charms with latin words to do his Love-making on the girls,and some of the girls gave birth to their babies?all looking like the Rapist Casanova!!!

  • Darren C says:

    That story really doesn’t surprise me, it seems Thai superstition knows no bounds. I believe her story, at least I believe she believes her story, all too often “the unexplained” or “misunderstood” is dismissed as ghostly or supernatural behavior.

    My own wife has twice claimed a ghost came in to the bedroom. On the first occasion she made a magnificent offering to the spirits the next morning, something she has never done before or since.

    An Australian friend of mine is a firm believer in ghosts, he says you have to be susceptible before you can see one.

  • Ian says:

    I think you should have been more respectful to her about this. From the little you say she said, it sounds very much like the original definition of a nightmare. It mostly happens to children between the ages of 7 and 14 and I think affects about 20%. It definitely feels real even if it is not.

    This is the definition Google gives: a female evil spirit thought to lie upon and suffocate sleepers

    The assailant according to ancient myth and legend is not a ghost exactly, more like a female demon, an incubus. This mythical creature was the original “night maere”. Nobody really knows if it is real or if it a subconscious response to common stressful experience. Of course most people never rarely talk about it because the expected reaction is the one you gave.

    There’s a lot more on this, just search Wikipedia for “nightmare”.

    • Maybe, but I would have reacted the same way if she told me she saw Zeus, God, UFO, Unicorn, Witch flying on a broomstick, or any other mythical creature out there. Just because more than one person believes something and it’s on wikipedia – doesn’t make it less ridiculous. Superstitious nonsense is simply that, superstitious nonsense. And once you live in Thailand and see first hand how much “stock” Thai people give to Ghosts. You’ll just shake your head laughing…

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