Why Thai Friendly is My New Favorite Thai Dating Website

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Sign up for my new favorite Thai dating website. It’s actually free…yes, free and legit.

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So I’ll be honest with you all, I’ve been holding back. I haven’t been sharing one of my favorite ways to meet Thai girls. Because frankly, our website is pretty damn popular and I didn’t want more competition 🙂

But my phone is filled up and I have enough Giks to make me a happy man for a while, so here it is…

The fact is, it’s really fucking easy to meet Thai girls. You go out at night, order a drink somewhere, smile at a girl, she smiles back, you approach, and take her home two hours later.

But on most days, that takes way too much effort. Showering, getting dressed, driving, arrange a meet up time with friends, etc…

Which is why I’m a big fan of a couple Thai dating websites

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Online dating in Thailand is NOT the same as online dating in America. In America, the women on dating sites tend to be fat, boring, and / or looking for a free meal. Basically, they are single for a reason.

In Thailand it’s different. Attractive Thai girls use sites like Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly to meet foreign men.

Some are ugly, some are Ladyboys, but most will be attractive …and you may even come across an 8 or a 9 on occasion.

My New Favorite Site

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been holding back on you guys. In December of 2013 I started to seriously play around with Thai Friendly and had great success.

While Thai Cupid is great for meeting a “girlfriend” quality girl, Thai Friendly is great for meeting university students who are curious about foreigners


Thai women who just caught their boyfriends cheating – who wants nothing more than to get back at their boyfriend (this is my favorite of girl!)

All in all, check out this site. It’s free, but if you want to send more than one message every 10 minutes or so, you will need to sign up for a paid membership which costs $30 a month.

My Advice

1- Try it out for free. If you like it, pay for a one month membership

2- Sort the girls by most active or newest to join

3- Blast all attractive girls with a short message (anywhere from 20 – 50 girls at a time).

4- Sit back and relax as the responses roll in. Once you get a response, get her contact information for Line / Skype / Phone number.

5- Video chat as soon as possible to verify she looks like her pictures.

6- Set up a date right away if you are already in Thailand. If you are not in Thailand, continue talking to her and many other girls. Then have these women ready to meet up with you as you arrive in Thailand.

Final Thoughts

I always have membership with two Thai dating websites all the time (Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly).

I’ll use Thai Cupid to find women with real jobs / business owners. While I’ll use Thai Friendly for quick and easy one night stands.


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  • Harrison Prather says:

    Seven. I was the first guy you talked to when you offered the free talk when joining as a VIP member. I had just returned from 10.5 months in the Ukraine and was living in the Caribbean. I was headed for Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Medellin Colombia and then Thailand. Those trips are completed now. Many with extended stays. I have been in Thailand (Pattaya) since Jan 1st.
    You asked me at the time for a report on my travels. It’s probably been a year since we had our talk and I am finally in Man Heaven. I have a one year Visa and I am applying for type O visa. Why would any guy that can go anywhere and do anything go anywhere else. I would like to compare notes if we can set up a time to talk.
    Btw. I can not log into my VIP account …. Has my membership expired?

  • oscar says:

    Hello all Gods Thai
    I have a question to ask. In a DATING SITE I met a nice girl to north THAI, 38old two children, a husband (she says) who works away
    In my profile of DATING site
    I write that search only to meet friends, have a good friendship, nice conversation,
    improve a little my poor English. I do not any promises of love or future meetings
    with she talk and see on cam
    She showed me his home, where she works.
    She is fun and lively, and, with my big surprise sometimes she shows me naked
    without I’ve ever asked this !!!
    I do not search this, and I no have asked this,
    I was not shocked, are not bigoted. she and I are big people .
    Im only surprised !!
    I thought to do so easily before this she worked in a bar,
    why does this ?
    Now she told me should stay away one week, we can not see, speak, she will have time only for some short message
    I thought, she has returned in BKK to work ‘in a bar.
    This not important for me
    I have my life here and she too there
    but I am surprised by his whole attitude
    Thai women can be with lively and provocative ?
    what there is in all this that I do not understand ?

    • Hey Oscar,

      This is very common in Thailand.

      These Thai prostitutes are experts at making you feel special and making you feel like you are the only one. But the truth is, you are one of 10 or 20 men that she is doing the exact same thing to.

      Once she has you hooked, she will most likely be coming up with some “sad story” that makes you feel obligated to send money to her.

      So you really have two options:
      1- Enjoy the free attention and free sex chat until she asks for money.

      2- Send her a little money and you have your own private sex cam show whenever you wish.

      In any case, don’t over-think it and enjoy yourself.

      • Oscar says:

        thank you for your nice reply
        even if I do find it hard to believe true for my little chocolate
        , we have three months to chat and never asked for anything.
        She said that soon will go to London for a man of 64 years, and I imagine he pays.
        But She did not ask anything still
        my little chocolate is different ahahahhhh !!!!!!
        but if She ask me money, how much should I give?
        and I can keep my address hidden
        …..But my little Chocolate is different !!!!!!

  • aaa says:

    haha you know I saw a profile on thai friendly and thai cupid that said don’t contact me if your name is ‘Seven’

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