The Secret to Picking Up Good Girls in Thailand

Please Note: The below method for picking up girls in Thailand is outdated.  Thai girls have moved on and most use Iphones and Samsungs.*

Today you are going to learn a secret…

As we talked about in: The 4 Different Types of Thai Women, there are different calibers of women in Thailand.

If whoring isn’t really your thing or you prefer educated women, then this post will unlock the one powerful secret to picking up “good girls” in Thailand.

Good girls have real jobs, college education, and knowledge of the world besides a small Thai village in Essan.

If you are a foreigner with little knowledge about Thailand, your chances of picking up these women will be slim.

However, if you knew a few tricks of the trade, your chances of bagging a smoking hot “good girl” in Thailand will drastically increase.

The magic bullet we are referring to is a …… Blackberry Phone!!!

It took me quite a while to accept this.  I went from an HTC phone, to an Iphone, and finally to a Blackberry phone.

As long as I’m in Thailand, I will only have a Blackberry phone.

Here is why:

1- Status Symbol

Blackberry and Iphones are status symbols among Thais.  In fact, many Thais will spend more than one month’s salary to have one of these phones.

2- Image

Let’s back up a bit to give you a better understanding of “good girls” in Thailand.  These girls don’t want a tourist who is here for one day then gone the next.  They want a man who “could” be a boyfriend.

If you want to come across as the type of guy that “can” be a boyfriend, you will need to look like you are not just the average tourist.

Wear jeans, a nice shirt, order bottles at clubs, and have a Blackberry phone.  For some unknown reason, foreigners with a Blackberry phone in Thailand are seen as guys who stay in Thailand a long time.

The Iphone does carry this same weight, but does not have the advantage of the BB Chat.

3- BB Chat

For those of you who are not familiar with Blackberry phones, BB Chat is a chat messaging service that is only available to Blackberry users.  Each Blackberry phone is issued a special number and barcode for BB Chat.

The barcode is key.   All you need to do is take a photo of another Blackberry’s barcode with your Blackberry phone and you are instantly friends on BB Chat.

The following technique will give you an unlimited amount of girls while you stay in Thailand…

When you see a girl with a Blackberry phone, make eye contact, smile, load the barcode on your BB phone, and walk over to her.

Show her your Blackberry barcode which is on the screen of your phone.  She will then take a photo of it, and you will be friends on BB Chat.

Essentially you just got her phone number without saying one word. (This works especially well in loud clubs or with girls who are shy about their English around new people.)

You text a few times, set up a date, and the deal is sealed.

With a Blackberry phone you can pickup high quality girls without having to say one word.

Note for Iphone users:  Yes, I know you have Whatsapp, which is an application for free text chat.  But it’s harder to get a Whatsapp number than a BB Chat number.  The Whatsapp number is the actual phone number.

Girls are far more comfortable giving their BB chat number than their phone number.  If the guy creeps the girl out, she can just delete him from her BB Chat list.  This means she won’t have to deal with some loser calling her all night asking why she doesn’t like him, because he never actually got her phone number.

If fact, when you switch to a Blackberry, you won’t even bother with phone numbers most of the time.  Just the BB Chat.

If you are living in Thailand, you will not regret switching to a Blackberry phone!

Note: The cost involve is not much.  You can buy a brand new unlocked Blackberry phone for around 300usd. Then it will cost 9usd a month for the BB phone plan.

Final Note: This is more applicable in places with educated girls.  This works best in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai.  In places like Samui or Krabi, it is rarer to come across a “good girl” with a BB.

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  • Preben says:

    I go to Krabi in January and stay there 15 nights! How and where is the Best place to meet a nice Girl there?

  • neell says:

    My question is how to get a travel companion free either local thai or foreigner

    • Easy. Go out, meet girls, get their phone number, and take her back to your hotel.

      If you enjoy her company, ask her if she wants to go to xxxxx place with you. If she doesn’t have a “normal” 9 – 5 job, there is a good chance she’ll say yes.

      Remember, relationships move fast in Thailand. So it’s not strange to a Thai girl if you want to take her on a trip after only knowing her for a day or two.

  • reg says:

    hey its been almost a year do you think this is still relevant today?

    • Not as much as it used to be. Most of Asia is moving over to the Iphone (or android). However, many Thai girls still refuse to give up their Blackberrys.)

      This little strategy pulled me an amazing amount of pussy, but will be completely outdated within a year.

  • Erik says:

    Lol bro, seriously a Blackberry Phone? Would never have guessed. I do have an iPhone4 which seems to get a good reception. It’s sort of like having an iPhone puts you in a different (positive) category of foreigner. I guess the Blackberry has more of a corporate/business vibe, which probably puts you in another box than sex-tourist.

    So the question is, should this Blackberry be new or is a used one from MBK ok?

    • Hey Erik,

      Yeah, it was hard for me to believe when my friend recommended that I get a blackberry, but for some reason this shit works.

      Although, more and more Bangkok girls are transitioning to an Iphone 4. However, many of these girls still keep their Blackberry for the BBM. (They tend to carry both phones with them everywhere.)

      If you already have an Iphone 4, I probably wouldn’t migrate to a Blackberry. I think this strategy will probably only work for the next year or so.

      But to answer your question, I don’t think it matters if you buy a used one or a new one.

  • Edster says:

    Pretty interesting stuff. I agree with the phone number stuff. I had an iPhone with me when I was in Bangkok and I think a BB would have been a better choice.

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