Questions About Special Oil Massages in Thailand [Answered]

Questions About Special Oil Massages in Thailand

Couple of questions about Oil Massages in Thailand – if you have already answered them on another post would love a link coz I couldn’t find it…

1) Can you choose which girl to get the oil massage from?

2) Do they allow you to touch them at all in types 1 and 2? In same types – is any nudity involved from their end?

3) Which are the best spots to get an oil one in sukhumvit – Sorry to be so questioning but I dont have a huge amount of time in BKK? I read on another post of urs u mentioned mangos and snow white – do they offer all three types?

4) Is the overall experience monetarily and physically safe?

Thanks a lot for all the content on this site – really good work and the effort shows!


Hey Bazz,

Good questions!

1- Yes, you CAN choose the girl that gives you an oil massage. When you walk in, you’ll see a bunch of girls either sitting outside or inside of the shop. One girl will walk up to greet you, but that doesn’t mean she is assigned to you. Just ask who is available and pick the hottest girl.

2- In the “dirty” massage places, it’s usually okay to touch them. I always play around and slap their ass a little if the girl is playful, sometimes fingering her. Some girls will make it a very fun and enjoyable time with touching and teasing, while other girls will focus more on the massage.

In the “dirty” places, I usually convince the girls to take off their clothes, but this is hit or miss.

In the professional places that don’t put in you a private room when you order an oil massage, don’t try anything. These are the professional shops with no happy ending services. Although, these are the shops that tend to give you the best massage.

3- As far as recommendations, I don’t really have one specific place that I prefer on sukhumvit. I like to try new shops each time. Most of them are pretty good.

My advice is walk around a bit and get a massage from a woman in her 30’s. She won’t be the hottest looking girl, but she will take GREAT care of you.

FYI, my buddy tells me that there is an AMAZING massage shop on Sukhumvit Soi 33 on the corner of where Bless hotel located.

Mangos and Snow White are more specialized oil massages which are more expensive but includes the fuck. Personally, I prefer soapy body massages.

4- Yes, the massage establishments are safe. I’ve never heard of someone being robbed or physically attacked. Although, be smart about it. Don’t carry A LOT of cash and always have your wallet and clothes within eye sight.

A Tip About Special Massages

A great way to let your massage girl know that you want a “special massage” without even asking for it is when you undress, be completely naked under the towel. (It also helps if you order an oil massage.)

And if you don’t want the special massage, keep your underwear on.

Enjoy your time in Thailand!

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  • joemama says:

    Do they have couple’s massage? me an boyfriend are traveling there is in two months,for the first time.Thanks for your info.

  • Chirayu Amin says:

    I am planning to travel Thailand after a couple of months. Can you please suggest me a good dating sites where i can find girls?

  • Jerry says:


    If I meet a freelancer at a bar where do i take them to do the deed? Same question for go go girls and bar girls as well?
    I would feel odd bringing them back to my hotel.

    • Good question.

      Many of the bars and gogo clubs will have “short time” rooms on location. They usually cost about 10 – 15usd, but easily get the job done.

      Or simply ask the girl, she will know where there is a cheap hotel around the corner. You won’t be the first one to ask this question to her nor will you be the last.

      Hope the helps. Enjoy Paradise!

  • Blitz says:

    Ok, having gone through this website in detail, i feel pretty confident of hooking up with someone for free; however my problem always have been that i am a good starter, but doesn’t quite get into the next level and take her out even if she is expecting that from me (i know terrible story of my life)……any good tips you can provide on that….would save a dear friend from being embarassed in a place like Bangkok and Phuket. I am travelling to Thailand for a week in September.

    Cheers mate

    P.S.: I have already registered on the online dating website that you have recommended and already chatting with a couple of girls 🙂

    Much appreciated…….

    • Hey Blitz,

      Thanks for your comment and I’m glad the online dating site is working out for you. There is a lot of value in setting up a few meeting even before you are in Thailand.

      First of all, it’s okay being a little shy. That is what makes it fun, and Thai girls can love this. Start off by going to a bar street and getting a few drinks at bars full of ladies. They will definitely help you get out of your comfort zone. You don’t even need to fuck them. Just buy her a drink or two, play a couple bar games, and flirt.

      This will get you in a playful mood.

      Then when you are feeling good, head to a night club.

      I’ll tell you, hookers will approach you, but you can’t count on high quality “good girls” to make the first move. However, they will give you eye contact.

      If you are shy, wait for some eye contact then say hi. Or if you are in Bangkok, get a bottle and make sure your table is around a few tables of women. Then when you are drinking: turn your head, smile, and go with the classic cheers.

      Whether you are at a club in Brazil, Thailand or USA. The personality you want to convey at a nightclub is that you are a fun, happy guy. Leave the non-smiling, brooding techniques for the pretty boy guitar players of world.

      Hope this helps. Enjoy paradise!

  • Mew says:

    Damn I left my boxer briefs on and the girl requested me to take it off even when I already told her I didn’t want any weird stuff as I was already damn tired. For some reason she said it was “compulsory” @_@

    • Easier for them to try the “upsell” when there’s no underwear. Remember, this is how they make most of their money.

      • Matts says:

        Hi KoT, loving this site and have read several of your guides, but I was wondering something: I’m new to the game, I don’t make much money, and all I want is a cheap hour massage with a rub and tug ending. No frills, no muss, no fuss. When you said a rub and tug is negotiable for 300-500, is that on top of the 300B you’re already paying for the massage? So I can expect to go in, drop 600 for an hour and a happy ending, and leave? You mentioned some places like Mangos list prices that already include “services”, but their prices are 300B for an hour, same as everyone else. Would an older woman’s (35-45) price be lower? Any help for a newbie? Any recommendations of places that would suit what I’m looking for? Thanks.

        • Hey Matt,

          Yes, the “happy ending” charge is in addition to the standard massage charge.

          Most places nowadays are charging around 500 baht for the “happy ending” and 300 – 400 baht for a standard oil massage. This price doesn’t matter if the massage girl is 20 or 40 years old and is quickly becoming the standard price in Thailand.

          Mangos and Annies are specialized massages which costs much more. Around 2,000 – 3,000 for the full package.

          As for recommendations, there are A LOT of shops to choose from so it’s hard to narrow down to only one. However, I have been very happy with Cozy Massage on Soi 10 in Bangkok. Ask for Joy.

          Hope this helps,

  • BigDave says:

    I have been to BKK four times and am married to a Thai women I met on my first trip there–she’s a ‘good girl’ and 18 yrs my junior BTW. Having a good girl as wife is great in some respects but less than stellar in others, i.e. she doesn’t do massage and not really interested in expanding her sexual knowledge; which translate to no bj’s. That being said, when in BKK, we stay near the Pratunum market near her friends and old workplace. I have been to alot of massage shops around there and have always been asked if I want happy endings, but never for mouth. I have pointed to my mouth and no one has obliged for any amount of money I offered. Have been offered boom boom a few times instead, but no oral. Is there a way of asking I’m not aware of? Or just a numbers game?

    On another note, for your readers, most of these types of girls are massage trained and give a good massage. Even the young and new will do a happy ending, but few of the young ones will take off their clothes. A couple of them have even seemed surprised when I offered to pay them to remove their clothes, “You want to see?” Hell yes!! But some don’t- oh well, still a great outlet for those of us who are married and want something short and sweet. Great site KoT.

    • Hey Dave,

      Great comment and you are correct on quite a few points.

      In Bangkok it does seem to be VERY difficult to get a “mouth” happy ending. The massage girls will refuse and tell you to go visit a blowjob bar if that is what you want. Now that I think of it, this isn’t really a numbers game. Just a location thing. In BKK, bjs and fuck options are VERY uncommon for standard massages establishments.

      However, this is in Bangkok. In other places like Koh Samui, Phuket, and Pattaya, having all three options are very common when you visit the “naughtly” establishments.

      • BigDave says:

        Good points all, KoT. Will be in BKK and Hua Hin in a few weeks and will use the info from your site to try to (invite?) one of these gorgeous ladies back for more extra curricular activities.

        • TommyT says:

          I’m not sure if you consider Akane and other fashion massage joints blowjob bars but that’s where I go if I’m looking for a bj and pretty decent oil massage. I guess preferences vary but I like the japanese massage places because it’s very clear what’s on offer and how much it will cost (I think if it’s a “fashion massage” it includes blowjob, but correct me if I’m wrong), there’s no negotiation mid-session when I’m more likely to pay a higher cost than I normally would because I’m aroused.

          I also had no trouble getting a bj at places like eden, mango, tulip etc but those aren’t exactly the places to go if you want a massage included in the services. I found this massage guide that was really helpful for finding new places that offered what I wanted. It’s 5 bucks well spent in saving time and disappointment from going to unreviewed places and not leaving fully satisfied.

  • Philip says:

    Hi, this is the first time that I have seen this site and I think it’s great! I have one question though. I’m 18 but I was wondering is there any kind of age restriction expressed or implied at these massage parlors (happy ending ones) thanks.

    • Nope, no age requirement for massage parlors in Thailand.

      However, you may have some trouble getting into some night clubs in Bangkok. Places like Route 66 in RCA card foreigners to make sure they are over 20 years old.

      But you’ll rarely be carded in places outside of BKK.

  • Mike says:

    couple of questions

    What do you do to protect yourself against STD’s
    Have you ever gotten an STD?

  • Mike says:

    You said you prefer the soapy massages. Can you recommend some good soapy massage places in BK?

    Great site btw.

  • Zak says:

    Hi thanks for the tips.

    My best friend when to “the Touch” massage in ruamrudee but it didn’t look to be a special one. Except it seems it was really really hot… Do you know the place?

  • Jim says:

    Is posible to undress in mangos for hand/face happy ending masage?

    • Yes. Mangos is like the oil version of a soapy massage. But instead of using bubbles, they uses A LOT of oil.

      It’s quite an experience, one worth checking out when in Bangkok.

      A few of my friends even like better than a Soapy.

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