Q & A – Why Do Thai Women Like Foreigners Instead of Thai Men?

This will be a short post to answer the question, “Why do many women from Thailand prefer foreigners over Thai men?”

Many ignorant people will argue the point that it’s only for the money, but that is bullshit! What woman does not want some form of financial security in a relationship???

Besides, some of the most successful and independent women of Thailand prefer foreigners. As do hundreds of thousands of other women in Thailand.

Why is this?

It’s really quite simple. Ask any Thai girl that likes foreigners this question and the answer will almost always be the same…

“My first Thai boyfriend hit / cheated on me. They treat women no good.”

This question has been asked thousands of times with the same answer.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the REAL reason why many Thai women prefer foreign men.

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  • Peter says:

    Deluded. By far the majority of Thai women that western tourists meet are prostitutes. Normal women simply aren’t interested and in fact it’s rather looked down on to fraternise with tourists. They prefer Asian looks. Hence the pictures of little Korean popstars on their bedroom walls. No pics of fat old white men in badly fitting clothes I’m afraid. It’s the western mongers themselves who put this out about treating them better. It is about extracting money. Nothing more. These men just want to feel better about what they’re doing. And that is paying poor, often uneducated women to pretend to be their girlfriends for money. When they stop paying, the woman disappears very quickly. She also hands over your cash to her Thai boyfriend or husband. After over 40 years of Thai experience, I assure you this is the truth. Apart from an occasional exception, and in that instance, it won’t be a 60 year old fat man. It’ll be a guy who would get an attractive girlfriend anyway, anywhere. If you want sex, you’ll get it here easily as long as you pay. Just don’t fool yourself.

  • Arthur says:

    Hey I am an US educated Chinese, I have been reading through your blogs and I couldn’t help wondering is how my background would affect my game in Thailand? (and I suppose they can distinguish between Chinese and Thai?)

    • Good question.

      To be honest, I haven’t come across many Chinese men in Thailand, so I can’t really offer any advice. Although, I’m positive you won’t look Thai.

      And I know for a fact that many Thai girls love Japanese and Korean men. So I’m assuming you’ll be more than fine.

      • Asian guy says:

        Any Asian in Thailand will be assumed to be Thai. Most of the rich Thai guys in Bangkok (“hi-so Thais”) are Chinese descendants so you will be treated better than normal dark skin Thais due to your perceived wealth regardless of whether they think you are local or foreign. In addition to the light-skinned rich Thai-Chinese, there are also many rich Japanese and Korean guys in Thailand so that all helps your game. However, if you are a dark skinned Asian, Thais will treat you like shit and think you are from Isaan or worse, Cambodia or Burma. Just my two cents as a Chinese Canadian who used to live in Bangkok.

        • Arthur says:

          Thank you for your keen observation. Chinese Canadian? Are you from Hong Kong too? Our bacckgroud would probably be similar. I am planning a trip to bangkok later this year, would you mind sharing more tips on the game there?

          • ASIAN GUY says:

            Hi Arthur, no I’m not from Hong Kong. My dad is from Shanghai and my mom is Chinese Mauritian. I was born in Canada.

            As for any extra tips, I would advise you to skip the clubs where the whites hang out. It is full of pros looking specifically for a farang so you won’t score there. Your best option is to go to the expensive clubs in Thong Lor if you can afford it. That is where all the quality Thai girls hang out. They are hard to get but a little persistance will go a long way. If you can make friends with local Thai guys, that would help immensely too. Good luck and stay safe!

        • tukgada says:

          i am thai. thai kings NEVER practice any chinese customs. our thai key thai ranking officers are from Mon race community, not from chinese community in thailand. chinese immigrants are in fact thaitified or forced by the thai governmen to stop even speaking chinese. white people have existed here in thailand long before chinese came. chinese are generally short and supershort people.
          thailand is a land of thaified people, not the thai race. the thai race is white race, not dark. the dark majority is thaitified.
          thai chinese are generally dark as chinese men married thaitified dark girls and all of them are just commoners, not at the royal class or at any super powerful ranks.

      • Karelin says:

        Whose those japanese and korean men, they are boys, girls or gays?

    • tuk says:

      chinese are short and supershort and darker than light skinned thais who are descendants of the white mon race mixed with the white milky thais and some negro race. chinese of pure blood have failed to win seats to study at the number one thai unversity.
      dark skinned are not thai, but thaitiied by the whtie thai minority.
      thailand is a land of black majoirty under the white thai race’ s civilization, and the white thai race of pure blood now lives back north to their homeland east asia.

  • David says:

    Why is it that Thai girls with money are not so fond of farangs. It’s a much smaller number than the poor Esan ones

    • As with many countries in Asia, in comes down to two things: Status and Family.

      Basically, you will not find a female rising Thai movie star dating a foreigner. That is because in the “high-society” circles, this is frowned upon and often seen as a low status symbol for some Thai girls. It would hurt her career.

      However, this is for the 20 somethings. Once these women reach their 30’s and already have all the money in the world, it doesn’t really matter to them. They tend to realize how stupid that shit is and will date who she wants. Although, she may not introduce you to her family anytime soon until it get very serious.

      Remember, Asians are SUPER racist as a culture. Not only Thais, but Koreans, Japanese, etc… Anyone that tells you different is full of shit.

      And it also comes down to taste, some girls simply want guys that are similar to them. Similarities naturally attract. Western and Eastern cultures are very different. And when you take financial stability out of the equation, then it comes down to the good ol fashion, “does she like you”.

  • Proudly Asian says:

    I enjoyed reading the comment as i was looking for something to read on the nature of Sex tourism in Thailand. Ladies the way they are all over the world are still ladies. If Asian men thinks whites are better than Asians or if white men think Asian women are all being pulled by the white gravity. It may not be true. I have no problem snagging up Asian ladies the way white guys do. Yes I’m very Asian myself because I’m Asian. It does take a little work as described above but if you play it right. Both Whites and Asian men are just equally as good. There isn’t any racial superiority. Best of luck to guys out there to find what works.

  • Udi says:

    Here is my answer to why they like foreigners (actually white foreigners):

    1. They have white skin
    2. They are taller
    3. They are more masculine (most Thai man look quite feminine)
    4. They have more money (not always true, but at least perceived that way)
    5. They usually have more respect for women, at least the western guys do

  • Gunner says:

    1st thing,, Kings, you guys rock!!!! Awesome website!! I work in Afghanistan as a private contractor training the Afghan Police. Due to tax reasons, I can only be in the USA no more than 35 days a year to get a huge tax break. So a couple years ago I decided to meet my wife in Thailand for one of my breaks. BEST THING I EVER DID! My wife is from Sweden, is very attractive(blonde, green eyes, nice mams) and sometimes likes female “company”. We are not swingers by no means. We just lke a woman once in a while to share between us. No DUDES ALLOWED! Hell I puke at that thought! Kings, you have to add this to one of the top ways of picking up nice Thai girls,,,, HAVE YOUR WIFE DO IT FOR YOU!!! I cant believe how many totally hot Thai women approached my wife at the night clubs,, even Thail clubs! Hell one Thai girl even offered to pay my wife! And these were not ladyboys! Once my wife explained to these ladies that we played together or not at all, they looked me over ( Im not a bad looking dude) and quickly agreed to head back to our hotel. Some nights we took one a piece back and shared! Since then we go back every year, usually during the nice months between Dec and Febraury and stay at the Lebua. EXCELLENT hotel if you arnt afraid to part with a few bucks!! Beautiful bar on the rooftop! One last thing Kings, your advice on thailand besides the women, such as restaurants, night clubs and local customs is the BEST advise I have received about Thailand. Keep up the great work! Ill be on break at the end of this month. Swing by and Ill buy you a drink!! Long live the Land of Smiles!!!

  • jose says:

    You stand correct KINGS of Thailand. Money is not any more of a factor than it is where I come from in the US.
    If you have alot of good qualities a women would want, while joe shmo does not, who would she prefer?
    Speaking Lao and Thai are super brownie points. My wife does not speak English along with 95% of the country, and when these gals interact with me, or wife is showing me off, or I here the girls talk about me like I cant understand them at all, I here the new gal tels the wife how handsome I am, the wife will repond in how nice an good I am too her, lead into family kids ect..

    I chat with the local men for what ever reason sometimes and its almost always a broken record of wreckless thinking, self centered, and ultimately not impressive. If i spoke like these guys my wife would not be my wife!
    She would rather be alone around her family members than put up with a husband from Thailand, or laos. She use to dream of a white man since she was a young girl, I believe it may have started with sexual attraction. I was about 4-5 years old and I did the same, dreaming of asian girls, and having crushes on them all through the young school years to now.

    If people were fruit, theres different kinds, everybody has a preference, and some fruit are generally better than other fruits hence why mangos, durians, and huckleberries are more expensive than bananas, green apples, and watermelon.

    Well, Im the same as these Asian girls, I like women soft with a back bone and pleasure to be around kids and family, I like them thin, black haired, round faced, slanted eyed, light brown skin, not too social, not a whiner, old fashioned,


    I have my preferences and I find this preference found in East Asia realm. When I want to explain what I dont want in a women could sound just like when a Thai-Laos women explains why she does not like Thai. Maybe they would not mind Thai men if more desireable men never showed up? haha

  • Sam says:

    but i dont have so much experience yet with thai women, so i cant judge them or say what they are.
    i think they might be different than filipina girls. filipina girls are very fake and liars most of them.
    but after chatting now with thai girls seems like they are different, more nice, more fun to talk with, some of them more open minded about sex and fun than others.
    but i will see when i go there in person.
    but i think thai girls might be less after money than filipina girls.
    maybe because they are more poor in philippines, or maybe because they are raised in a bad way that make them fake and liars and want to fool foreigners for money.
    but yeah i will see when i go thailand how it is.
    but already now from chatting i see some of them are fun and ready to meet for fun and dont need serious relationship.

  • Jon says:

    I don’t think many bar girls are into Western men sometimes. Go watch the documentary Whore’s Glory, apparently supporting a local pretty boy is what many prostitutes often do. However the prostitutes also talked about how some Asian men like Malays can be very abusive. Most Thai women probably do not prefer farang unless the local choices are not pleseant.

  • Sam says:

    i have to agree with most of what S write and some other people write here.
    i think when those girls says “My first Thai boyfriend hit / cheated on me. They treat women no good.”
    then its just lie and bullshit.
    i know that also from many filipina girls i have meet they will always blame their ex bf or ex husband for why they broke up.
    even the european girls also will always say its her ex bf who cheat on her or hit her.
    while the truth most of the time is that the girl is the one who cheated or she is the one who ended it up because she wanted to find a new guy to spend time with.
    and when it comes to the filipina girls, they say those lies about their ex bf cheat or hit them as a lie because they cant say they want an european or american bf or husband because of money or visa.
    and i always hear them say or i see them write that my ex bf cheated on me thats why i dont like filipino men anymore.
    so because 1 filipino man cheat on the girl then all the rest of the millions of filipino men are cheaters and bad?
    there live around 80 million people in philippines if half of them or even 40 % of them are men.
    then there are maybe 25-40 millions men in that country who are from philippines.
    so because 1 guy cheated on that girl then suddenly the rest of the 25-40 million men are also cheaters and bad and cant be her bf?
    or she will say she cant find a guy who like her.
    and if u see the picture of the girl she is so sexy and so beautiful.
    a girl that any guy will like.
    but still she will say no guy like me or no guy love me or no guy want me.
    and of course most european or american guys are fools and believe those lies.
    or maybe their brain is not there and they dont even read or think, they just see a beautiful sexy girl and all on their mind is SEX and all on their mind is that they want that girl to be their gf or wife or the next girl he will sleep with.
    so their brain and mind dont work and they cant see those girls are just lying.

    so no its not true when they say those shit and lies and say things like “My first Thai boyfriend hit / cheated on me. They treat women no good.”.

    its all about money, the look and visa.
    they go after u because of 1 of those things or all 3 things.

    maybe there are few women who go after u because they like the european look and different look and something new and different.
    but still most of the girls are just saying lies and they have other plans in their mind.
    maybe u just never find out because u never took long time enough with one of those girls, or u never had a long enough relationship to find out those things.
    maybe most of your relationship was one night stand.
    or u only meet her in evening for bedtime and u didnt have so many conversations with her.
    but if u have meet enough girls and chat and talk a lot with them and discuss with them and ask them questions, and even when they give u a lie like “My first Thai boyfriend hit / cheated on me. They treat women no good.”
    if u then ask them about it and ask things like “so because 1 thai guy or 1 filipino guy cheated on u then the rest is the same?”
    or because one guy from your country then the rest is the same?
    if u keep asking questions and discuss with the girl.
    then u will easily find out that she is lying from her answers.
    but maybe u never took time to ask those questions or wonder if she is true or not.

    maybe now u believe those lies and believe what those girls tell u. but there will come a time in the future and u will see most of those girls are lying when they say things like “My first Thai boyfriend hit / cheated on me. They treat women no good.”

  • Rittee says:


    • Yeah, it’s not like a hundred years ago where the Thai women were submissive and subservient to their husband’s will.

      You can thank the United States for that around the 1960’s.

      But of course, if it wasn’t for the whole Vietnam thing, Thailand wouldn’t be the amazing playground for men that now is.

      • Ruttee says:

        I think that Thai society should look up more onto Indian society. The divorce rate is lower there ,but when divorce happens , or when the women become widowed, women do not remarry. Indian women are more chaste which make their culture unique. Indian women will usually not marry any foreigner because they think Indian men are more qualified and respect them like God.
        There must be a cultural revival in the future for Thailand. Because Thai culture is still connected to Hindu (or brahminism), they should stick to their own culture and people. Western influence, such as introduction to condoms, miniskirts, short skirts woman rights, dating, TV,, etc is polluting and corrupting Thai culture. If a foreigner becomes interested in Thai culture , is strictly Buddhist or Hindu, and he marries a Thai women, then that would be more acceptable. He would be considered a Thai by heart. But if a Thai woman wants to marry a foreigner because he is western and holds western values, then this would be a disgrace and ends up in cultural degradation.

        During my second marriage to a Thai woman, I had converted her into becoming vegetarian (kin jay). I had lost my job in Thailand a couple of years ago. We have a small daughter. So we thought that it would be better to bring the family to the USA. She started doing Thai massage in USA. Problems started happening because I suspected her of cheating on me. I heard a few times when she was on the phone , talking to her US-Thai friends that she is looking for a Farang(white guy). She decided to get a divorce and gave me full child custody . My Daughter is only 3 and half…….. I don’t drink, I don’t gamble, I don’t cheat….. I am a very religious person and also a vegetarian……… So why is this happening ?????????


        • NR says:

          Sorry, but you sound like a nightmare husband. Why did she marry you and why did she hang around long enough to have a baby? And I am a vegetarian, by the way.

          • Truth007 says:

            That wasn’t very nice to say that to him. He sounds like a very good husband, actually. I guess you prefer guys who drink, gamble, cheat, beat, and who can’t admit that they aren’t perfect… etc… geez…

        • tuk says:

          since when? western men are known to be called in thai language “farang khee nok” or a western man or caucaisian man with bird poop on his head. meaning western men are low grade guys without money who date a prostitute thing.

          thailand is a land thaitifed by the white race thai minority. the thai army conquerred the northeat part (larger than england) from loas and cambodia, and the southern part (the same size as south korea) from Malaysia. so a lot of thaitified people. evven the girl in the above picture is thaitified, not the real white thai race.

          our dark thai men or thaitifed dark men have black ancestryand have robust body and taller than any other races. Our thai army defeated France in the 2nd bloody thai-french war.

          western men are generally known to date and marry very ugly, supershort dark skinned thaitified women from Thais’ colonized northeast part or Isan. Our beautiful dark thai beauty queen is dating our thai black men, not any western men.

    • NR says:

      Well, she sounds very sensible to me. I am a woman, come from an Indian background, and I take my hat off to her. Well done, lady. And no, we dont remain chaste after divorce, widowhood or even singledom.

  • Germán Jóse Moralés Bolaños says:

    Hello my name is German,

    I have recently (7 months ago) broken up with my ex-gf and need some pooty-tang ASAP. Her name was Lina…she’s the FUCKING BITCH that broke my heart. Now I pay for sex here in Nicaragua, but all the girls are ugly as fuck!! The ladyboys in Thailand look better than these Indian looking trolls.

    Anyways, the prices, the sexual hotels, soapy massages, cheap food and beer, this place sounds too good to be true. I’ve never heard of a bar where you can drink a beer with your friends and get a BJ as you’re conversing LOL!!

    What is a good month/time to fly to Thailand? the weather?
    I’m sort of ugly(short with a flat nose) will girls come up to me?
    Is 3 weeks in Thailand too long?
    If I wear “sporty cloth” like blazers, fedoras, leather shoes, and vests, will I get more Pussy?

    Thanks for any info you can give me, Brother

    • You can come any month. The busiest time of the year tends to be between December and Feb.

      Three weeks is a good amount of time for your first trip to Thailand. This will give you time to checkout a few different places like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Samui, etc…

  • P says:

    I was in Japan for work and went home with a Japanese girl from a bar. I asked her why she like Gaijin, expecting her to stroke my ego, “big, strong, handsome, sexy, etc”, but was very surprised when she said something along the lines of, “Western men are so nice and fun”. At first I was a little bit bruised as I was imagining this as a highly sexual encounter, not nice or fun, but then quickly understood the same things you are saying, perhaps she knew that she could have a fun one-off encounter with me at no risk of me getting aggressive or clingy and that is what she was after. Needless to say we both got what we wanted after all.

    Obviously money was not a factor for either of us as Japanese girls are not short of cash.

  • S says:

    I read this article thinking you were going to dispel the myth that all thai girls love foreign cock but instead you’ve bought into the bullshit peddled by pros, low quality girls, passport hunters, gold diggers and those that don’t get any love from local guys. Either that or you’re purposely making your readers think that all thai girls love foreign men because you need them to buy into that idea if they are to continue to follow your website.

    The line “My first Thai boyfriend hit / cheated on me. They treat women no good.” is used all over the world by these types of low quality women to justify why they ‘like’ you because they don’t want to admit the real reason (they can’t exactly tell you they want your cash or that the local guys find them ugly) and at the same time make you feel good about yourself.

    It’s not impossible for a good girl (one with standards, morals, good looks money, status, a career etc) to like farangs, of course some do, but the majority will not choose a farang over their local equivelent (i.e. a guy who also has money, looks, status) because they have no need to. Add in the negative stereotype of a thai girl with a white man (prostitue and sex tourist) then not many respectful girls are going to bother with the hassle. If they’ve spent some time living, working, studying abroad or have had dealings with farangs through work or travelled a lot they may be more open to it but still will more than likely have a local boyfriend over a foreign one.

    It’s easy to come to the conclusion that all thai girls love foreign men if you hang about in the sex tourist zones or tourist areas but these girls are not representative of the wider thai population who want nothing to do with foreigners.

    Not trying to be too harsh here, you’ve got some good articles on the website but this one is WAY off the mark and not accurate.

    • Great comment. You know, I love and hate these thought provoking comments…especially after an awesome night partying.

      However, since you took the time to write it, I’ll take the time to correct your mistakes…I’m nice like that 🙂

      Point 1:
      Look over the article, at no place do I say “ALL” Thai girls like foreign men.

      Point 2:
      I did not mention anything about foreign cock. But all scientific studies do show that those of western European heritage tend to have larger penises than Asians.

      Point 3:
      It is common knowledge that a high majority of Thai men make shitty boyfriends and husbands. Domestic violence in Asian households is dramatically higher than “white” households. (Another one of those scientific studies that can’t be disputed.) Not to mention that faithfulness is nearly non existent. Remember, this is one of the only countries in the world that having a second “wife” or “girlfriend” isn’t frowned upon. There is even a Thai word for it, gik / kik.

      Point 4:
      It may or may not be true when prostitutes use the excuse, “My Thai boyfriend hit / cheated on me.” Frankly it doesn’t matter. I’m not talking about prostitutes in this article. I’m taking about young, attractive, highly education Thai women.

      Point 5:
      Note, I NEVER said ALL Thai girls like foreigners. That would be far from the truth. Hell, you can put me in Thonglor and there are places that I can’t even get a Thai girl to talk with me. Thai racism and personal preferences would be working against me.

      There are places that Thai girls go to meet Thai men and other places that they go to meet foreign men. I prefer the later.

      You’ll never see me hang around the Thai part of Route 66.

      Point 6:
      If a “normal” Thai girl had the choice of a two men, one Thai and one Foreigner who were exactly the same, who would she choose? What if both men made good money, lived in Thailand, spoke Thai, didn’t hit her, and didn’t cheat on her? She would still probably pick the Thai.

      However, try finding a Thai guy like that…

      Point 7:
      Passport hunter??? I’ve been here years and haven’t even come close to meeting a passport hunter. This isn’t Eastern Europe dude.

      Point 8:
      We completely disagree here. A Thai woman or half Thai woman who is educated overseas is 100% more likely to be with a foreigner. The only constraint for her would be the racism that her upper class family would have against foreigners.

      In fact, wasn’t there a princess who was educated overseas and married a foreigner… then removed from the royal line because of this???

      Hope this helps to clear up a few things for you.

        • tuk says:

          and that detroned woman was born obviously diabled with her crossed eyes and tied-tougue. sth autistic. who wanted that diabled thing? she was born outside thailand and spent almost of her life outside the country. how can you see thais want farang men? thai kingship is sth almost abolished and the royal families, afraid of being masscred by the then thai military leader , migrated to europe and usa for safety. Just because most thais did not believe in western cutlure, the then thai military leader finally decided not to abolish the kingship.

          farangs are known to have dated and married the lowest dark skinned thaitified prostitutes, the lowest class insulted by the thai socieity. it is a social downgrade to walk with western men.

          our eternally famous thai woman named “petchara yaowarat” for whom the royal family and the thai government must show respect never dated any western man.

          our current top 10 female thai superstars date rich thai men. the number one thai female superstar “um pattachara” has dated a rich thai man, not any western man.

  • Mimi says:

    One more thing, not all women are bad as well. Have to listeten to this song…..Its mot anout the money money “price tag-jessey j” lol

    Some Thai girls who can speak goodd English doesnt mean they hang out with lot of farang. They probably got a good job or good education.

  • Mimi says:

    I had a Thai man before and sure that i loved him, after that i had british bf and i loved him a lot too, everything is not about the money, its about love and feeling

    I know mostly thai women love money naahhh all women around the world they do.. Please dont think that all woman will do the same

    Its depends on how lucky you are and where did u know her if in Pattaya yeah they might need ur money but not all woman though.

    Im Thai who love farang because im happy when talking to them.

    They make me laugh and smile. I like something different maybe like white guys love asian. Have you feel weired like me when u wake up and see someone different eyes color and language beside of you…lol

    Sorry i didnt read about the toppic and posted above lol

    I just want to explain how i feel with farang. And i didnt blame that all thai men are bad, there are both good and bad ppl around the world ne’

  • Robert says:

    Having lived with a Thai woman and married her i can suggest a couple of reasons for the preference for farang men:

    We do offer better financial security. Very few Thai’s actually come from Bangkok and standard if living outside is much much lower so this is important.

    The other reason is that, in general, Thai man are absolute b@#$% as husbands. They either run once the woman is pregnant or once the obligation procreation has occurred they head out to play the field.

    We are not perfect but we are better

  • Dan says:

    I hear the same thing with Chinese women. Chinese men have treated them badly. Either that or they’re too intelligent to find a Chinese man who can hold a conversation.

    So yeah, not all Asian women are marrying foreigners just for money.

  • Edster says:

    Hi guys,

    I’ve recently just come back from Thailand and will have to somewhat agree and disagree with you guys. I think a lot of general opinions being created about Thailand and Thai people have come from foreigners to the country. I was lucky to be able to hang out with some locals(Bangkok) and was able to make friends with many. I also was able to hang out at the tourist traps as well. My conclusion is that the general opinion on the internet about Thai women liking “farang” or foreign men is based on the women that hang out at the tourist traps. These women tend to be poorer or from the countryside somewhere. The local women(Bangkok) don’t really share the same opinion about “farangs” and well most don’t even care for them unless they are good looking or successful, especially the ones with good jobs and education.

    • You’ll find in Bangkok that the “tradition” Thai girls who only speak Thai won’t respond well to a foreigner. However, if the girl speaks pretty good english, then she will be more open to being with someone not from Thailand.

      My advice is this, don’t hang out in Thai clubs near Thong Lo. Talk to the girls that you like in “farang” friendly clubs. Approach three girls and you can usually take home one of them. I call it the rule of three.

      • tuk says:

        those girls with you are generally supershort, dark girl from the low society bar girls. she can speak some english but cannot be employed as a higly paid translator by a multi-national company. Japanese comapnies outnumber western companies.

  • Why is the divorce rate so hi with farang & thai’s then? In my town in the UK the perspcentage is around 90 % and it’s usually over money & age. Life is not always greener on the other side.

    • Thanks for your comment.

      That is an interesting statistic you quoted, I’ll have to look more into it.

      However, looking at the idea of the high divorce rate between foreigners and Thai women is a complicated thing to do. These are my initial thoughts on what you had to say:

      1- Many UK men that travel to Thailand and end up with a wife tend to be older men marrying younger women. No matter the race of the individuals involved, anytime there is an age difference of 20 years or more, the relationship will be more difficult to sustain.

      Often the age difference can by 40 years apart.

      2- An interesting thing about Thai people is that they love there home of Thailand. Many do not want to live overseas. This is a very family orientated culture.

      Thai women are not like women from the Philippines or Ukraine who are begging to be married and move to a western country. Nine out of ten times these women prefer to stay in their country.

      3- Tell your neighbors to stop marrying prostitutes if they want a long and happy marriage 🙂 The divorce rate is significantly higher with “working women” because they tend to be more about the money, money, money.

      The grass is never greener on the other side. No matter where you are, life and relationships take work. But it’s easier and more fun in the land of smiles!

      • NR says:

        I have an Indian uncle married to a Japanese woman who is 20 years younger. Has lasted very well. Helps that he can pick up any language and is very houseproud.

        I have a cousin married to a Thai lady in her 40s with two grown children – of the same age. He has been single for a long time since his first marriage broke up, and resisted all attempts at matchmaking till he met her. She is lovely and with a definite personality – like his mother!

        I know a german who married a thai girl much younger … she left soon after she managed to become financially independent. I think he treated her as a great toy rather than a partner.

        So there you go.

        Women want the same thing in the end in marriage – a partnership. Anything less will go down the drain eventually.

    • Truth007 says:

      Statistics show that ALL inter-racial relationships have a MUCH higher rate of divorce/failure. For anything more than a bit of fun the compatibility factor of different race and cultures doesn’t add up well. As they say, birds of a feather flock together… like attracts like… etc… etc… at least in the long run…

  • Chris Hamilton says:

    Same is true with white women over here. Exotic men intrigue them, but a guy like me bores them, regardless of what I have going for me. My last gf, whom I was with for 2.5 years, was originally from Thailand. She actually was born in Cambodia but was snuck into Thailand as a baby during the infamous killing fields period following the Vietnam war. She used to say she wasn’t attracted to other Asian men though because of their small wangs (stereotype but I’m sure often true) and the fact that they are not often circumcised..

    • The interesting thing about a stereotype is, sometimes it tends to be true.

      This post addresses one of the main reasons why Thai women prefer farang (foreigners). In fact, the young woman sitting on my bed has once again confirmed this answer 🙂

      However, this is post does not cover all the reasons. There are probably a million other reasons as well including what you just mentioned.

  • Ilan Finer says:

    + White men are exotic to the Thai woman…. and just like men love exotic women so do most women love exotic men…

    • That is true, whatever is unique is often seen as more special.

      • tukgada says:

        since when? i am a thai woman from the middle class, and i work as a translator so i am the one from the minority of thais who can communicate well in english. you should shut up. the most exotically sexy among thai women are other asian men (korean, japanese or even taiwanese).

        from thai statistics bureau, up to 80 % of the women married to western men are single MOMS, or divorced or another type of trash women despite unmarried women over married ones because thailand is a land of surplus women.

    • tukgada says:

      western men are sth too much alien to be exotic, and i am a thai girl. my name is a female sex

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