The Thai Ladyboy Test – How Good is Your Katoey Radar?

Ladyboy Test
Hey Guys,

I recently came across a website the other day that had an interactive Ladyboy test. Which I’ve been waiting for someone to create, but I’ve been too lazy to do it myself.

The fact is, when I first arrived to Thailand, I was scared shitless of hooking up with a Ladyboy. I saw pictures of both women and Ladyboys…and sometimes it was very difficult to tell who was born with a penis and who was not.

Although, that is only based on picture. Which lucky for guys like myself, it is a million times easier to spot a Ladyboy in person than it is by looking at photos. (Check out this link for more information: How to spot a Thai Ladyboy in Thailand

I don’t know the owner of the below website, but I did manage to put my Ladyboy radar to the test and saw how accurate it is.

I Scored a 13 out of 14!

Can you do any better?

Here is the test:

Thai Ladyboy Test

-Gods of Thailand

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