Where are Special Massage Shops on Koh Samui Thailand

special massage on samui thailand

When traveling to Samui, you’ll find that there are A LOT of massage shops everywhere you look.  They are on the beach, on the main roads, and throughout all the towns.

So if you like massages, this place is heaven.  And the best part is, “special” massages can be found at A LOT of the parlors and the women tend to look pretty damn good.

As we’ve already mentioned on this site before, if you are looking for the “special” massage, you want to find a shop where the girls are sitting outside in short shorts and sexy little t-shirts.  These girls aren’t difficult to notice, because when you walk by, three of them will grab you by the arms inviting you into their shop.  Then simply pick the girl you like best, strip down, and have a beautiful woman oil you up.

Where To Find The Best Special Massage Shops:

1- Lakeview Road
If you drive along the “Chaweng Lakeview Road”, you’ll see about 5 massage shops all next to each other.  These shops all offer happy endings starting at 300 baht each.

2- Driving to Chaweng Beach Road
If you head to Chaweng from the main ring road, continue pass the Lakeview Road about 200 meters and you’ll see 10+ massage shops full of girls on both sides of the road. (Check out Nida massage)

3- Near Solo Bar
On the Chaweng Beach Road, find Solo bar and walk into the side street.  Here you will find plenty of happy ending massage parlors.

4- Lamai
Go to the center of Lamai (McDonalds) and just walk around.  Lamai has the most “dirty” massage parlors per square mile than any other location on Samui

5- Throughout The Island
Rent a moped, drive around, and you’ll quickly learn that when we say, “Samui is massage heaven” – we mean it!

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  • CHANDAR says:


  • a.n.misra says:

    Do es Noraburi Spa Resort provide special massage in the Spa?

  • rami zingher says:

    do you know any escort phone number that you can call and get the girl to come to your villa ?

    • On Samui, there really isn’t an escort company. However, if you get the phone number of the “manager” at The Resort, you can call her up and she will send a girl. (Best if you have a list of a few girls that you already like to choose from.)

  • chris says:

    How crazy is customs at the airports in koh samui,phuket, bangkok. I am looking to bring some personal stuff with me.

    Do they really drug test people at clubs and bars?

    • I’ve never heard of a club in Thailand drug testing people. However, I would be careful bringing in any “illegal” substances. The inner Thailand airports aren’t as strict as Bangkok Airport, but they aren’t stupid either.

      I never recommend traveling with drugs in Thailand. But if you decide to do it, then take every measure possible. I’m told hiding shit up your ass is a popular method…

      As always, look at the risk / reward ratio. Smuggling illegal drugs into Thailand can lead to years in Thai prison.

  • RL says:

    Hi man,
    Great website!!!

    But, if possible, it will be very helpful if you will add a mark on the map for every place or area you are motioning.


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