10 Fun Things To Do During The Day on Koh Samui Thailand

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Sex isn’t the only thing that Thailand has to offer.  There are plenty of things to do during that day that are not sex related.

Below is a list of things worth doing on Koh Samui. You probably won’t do them every day, but they are worth checking out when you’re up for something different.

1-Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan

The world famous full moon party happens once a month on the sunrise beach of Koh Phangan. This is a once in a lifetime experience you don’t want to miss.

It has been marked as “something different” from all other places in Thailand, and the world. This giant beach party offers music and dancing to fit every ones tastes. You will not be disappointed.

Only a 20 minute speed boat ride from Koh Samui. I recommend that you use the Petcharat Speedboat Company to buy your boat tickets from. This is the best and safest speed boat company that handles Full Moon Party transfers.

2- Scuba Diving:

Looking for get your Scuba certification? Check out the neighboring island of Koh Tao. This is one the most popular diving destinations in the world. I recommend Ban’s Diving School – www.amazingkohtao.com

3- Golfing:

Santiburi Golf Resort is the only professional golf course in Thailand which was opened in 2003 and offers one of the most beautiful views on the island.

Even if you don’t golf, it’s worth the trip to have lunch and enjoy the stunning view.

4- Beach Republic Sunday Buffet:

This is one of Samui’s best Sunday Brunches. Roast Wagyu beef, Roast lamb, Roast turkey, Sea Bass, Foie Gras station, Fine De Claire oysters, Maine Lobster, Alaskan King Crab, Thai selections, salad bar, sushi, cold meats, egg & omelet station, international cheese board, Crêpe Suzette, and much more!

Price: 1,400 baht ++ (50usd) per person

5- Nikki Beach Sunday Buffet:

Cheaper than the Beach Republic Buffet and almost just as good (although no Wagyu Beef). The Nikki Beach Resort is great for those lazy Sundays that you just want to hang out at a beautiful resort stuffing yourself full of food.

Price: 30usd per person

6- Fisherman’s Village Walking Street:

Every Friday evening the road to Fisherman’s Village is closed and becomes a walking shopping street. Here you can find the cheapest deals on the island for shopping and some great food / drinks for very cheap. Including Mojitos for 2usd.

7- Lamai Walking Street:

Very similar to the Fisherman’s Village walking street, except this one is in Lamai and takes place Sunday evenings.

8- Elephant Trekking / Waterfall Swimming:

Rent a moped and drive to the waterfall located near the Nathan side of the island.  From Chaweng it will be a 30 minute drive, but it’s a beautiful trip.  Any major map you find on Koh Samui will have the location of Waterfall 1 and Waterfall 2.

Things to do:
-Riding an elephant
-Swimming at the base of the waterfall
-Try the zip line

9- Football Golf (Soccer) (www.samuifootballgolf.com):

I’m American so I suck at anything that is related to Soccer. But this is a fun thing to do with a few friends. Just like golf, except you use a soccer ball.

Loser pays for drinks!

10- Mini Golf:

Good place to take a date after dinner. There is a mini golf course next to the Gringos Mexican Restaurant in Chaweng. Have a few drinks and play some mini golf. Not the most exciting thing in the world, just some good ol’ fashion fun.

Bonus – Visit One Of The Zoos:

Samui has a few pretty cool zoos on the island.  Here are our top choices:
1- Crocodile Farm (Feed a live croc)
2- Tiger Zoo (Hold a baby tiger)
3- Snake Farm (See the world famous Thailand snake shows)

Ask any of the thousand travel agency shops on the island and they will arrange tickets for you.

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