What You Must Know About Your Thai Girlfriend – She Will Cheat!

What You Must Know About All Thai Girls

Hey Guys, this will be a short post because this is a very simple concept that needs to be understood about all Thai girls in Thailand (at least the attractive ones.)

Never in your life will you come across an attractive girl that will treat you so well. These women literally are raised from birth to treat their man like a king. They get pleasure from making you happy.  And it doesn’t matter whether you look like Brad Pitt, or the owner of GoDaddy.com.

There is none of the negotiation for blowjobs or back massages like you do in western countries with your long term girlfriends. Thai girls will happily give you whatever you want. (Except threesomes….which is very difficult to arrange if your girl is not a hardcore hooker.)

If you want to wake up to a morning blow job every morning – let her know!

If you want back massage every night – let her know!

If you want her to cook and clean for you – let her know!

If you want to fuck 3 times a day – tell her! (Though it may be good to use some extra lubricant if you are sex machine. Be a gentleman and try not to tear apart that pussy and ass 🙂

In fact, you probably won’t have to tell her to do any of these things. Just let her know that you enjoy “blah blah blah” and she will automatically start doing it for you on her own.


There is the other side of the coin. Thai girls HATE to be alone. They want to be with you every moment of every day.

Assuming this is true…which it is! What do you think will happen when you leave her while you go back to your country for months at a time???

She will get lonely and she will find what she needs. She doesn’t “need” money, she needs to be with someone so she isn’t alone.

Keep this in mind when you step on the plane departing from Bangkok, and appreciate the time you had together with your beautiful Thai girlfriend.

This doesn’t mean she won’t talk to you every day and won’t do video sex chat whenever you want.

All this means is, she may take one or more dicks while you are gone. (Which is why you need to stress the fact that every guy in Thailand is dirty and should always wear a condom…except with you because you are the “exception”, LoL)

We’ve all been there guys, even me!

Enjoy paradise,

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