R.I.P. Andy – A Lesson To Us All in Thailand

I first met Andy celebrating New Years at Narz Club a few months back. He was a good looking and good hearted kid from Estonia, who didn’t look a day over 18. We chatted for a bit over a drink, and then exchanged contact information.

The next day, he messages me linking to a youtube video asking, “Is this you?”

It was…

He was the type of guy who made too much money from his computer and wanted to live life to the fullest. Eventually, going more and more hardcore with his partying. Starting with alcohol, then soft drugs, and eventually mixing the harder drugs…which lead to his suicide in the beginning of May 2014.

I remember the first time we really partied together. We were “gaming” 4 girls from Sri Lanka at Levels Club and arranged to meet up with them later that night at the after party club, Mixx.

When we left Levels Club, we took an elevator down to the ground floor. Being a little tipsy and not really aware of his surroundings, half way down he looks around and notices that the only people the elevator were: me, him, and four black guys. With bright eyed and no malice intent, he says,

“I’ve never seen so many black guys in one place before.”

It took me a minute or two to calm down the black guys and explain that Andy is a kid from one of the whitest countries in the world. They quickly understood that there was no racist intent, just pure observation and lack of social etiquette.  We all eventually had a good laugh about it.

He was a fun loving guy that got caught up in the complete freedom that Thailand offers. Having come to Thailand to make money and live like a king.

At Mixx club, all he wanted to do was take home one of the flight attendants from Sri Lanka – because as with me, he’s never met someone from Sri Lanka.

However, sometimes things never work out as planned. A Swedish girl that I was with a few days before found and clung to me. Not having the heart to hurt this very nice 20 year old girl; I bowed out from “Mission Sri Lanka”.

After that, the “mission” fell apart.

Every couple of weeks, we’d cross each other’s path when we were out partying in Bangkok. He was the type of guy that brought his girlfriend out partying, while I was the type of guy who looks for a new one every night. (I prefer to fuck new girls over taking drugs that make your dick limp.  He was not the same.) So after the first club, we usually went our separate ways.

Just today I get a message from my friend, “Fuck. Andy killed himself!”

Although I won’t disclose all the details, apparently he was mixing drugs and had a bad trip / high. He’s girlfriend calmed him down. But when she went to the bathroom he went onto the balcony and took a leap from 12 stories high.

This isn’t one of those cases where the guy is just a piece of shit junky that deserved to die. He was a good kid that just partied a little too hard and didn’t have the life experience that gives the mentality to handle when things went bad.

Look, I’m not one to judge or preach. I’m not a big drug guy, but I’ve made my mistakes and I’ve experimented with a substance here and there. But the one thing I never did was take anything “hardcore” without friends around who would have your back if things went wrong.

So if you are going to play around with this kind of stuff in Thailand or anywhere else, be smart about it. Don’t be stupid by carrying anything that could get you caught by the police, and have a “buddy system” with someone you trust.

Just a couple of weeks ago I was at Route 66 sharing a drink and a few stories with him. Now the unfortunately reality is, this will be my last memory of him:

RIP Andy

You can blame him, his friends, his girlfriend, his surroundings, or anything else on this planet. But nothing can change what already happened. What’s done is done…

Anyways guys, this isn’t one of my more positive and uplifting posts, but it’s just something I felt like I needed to write.

R.I.P. Andy

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