I Fight 3 Thai Guys and Runs Away Like a Little Girl

This is a true story about a fight that I had in Thailand about 2 years ago.  I never posted this to our website because frankly, I was kind of ashamed of what I did.

But looking back at it a little older and wiser, I think it’s possible I made the right decision…explained at the end.


I thought long and hard about posting this story.  I feared that by reading it some may view Thailand in a very bad light.  However, this is a risk I have decided to take.  Thailand is a wonderful and safe place whether you vacation or live here.  In fact, I feel safer walking alone late at night in Bangkok than I have ever felt in any big American city.

However, there are clear dangers involved with any city in the world.  And the cities of Thailand are no different.  If you follow the two unbreakable rules of Thailand, you will have a pleasant and safe time.  But if you break one of these rules, the consequences may be more than you can accept.

This is a story of where I broke one of 2 Unbreakable Rules of Thailand.  This is a story of pain, blood, and regret.  This is a story that helped teach me a valuable lesson…

It was due to happen at some point in time.  I should have expected it, hell my friends sure did.  They kept telling me, “You can’t get away with all the shit you’ve pulled without some sort of consequences!”

My day of reckoning has arrived.  I broke one of the two rules of Thailand…

I Fought The Thais.  And I Paid For It….

I can barely stand but somehow I manage to open the door of my apartment.  My head is pounding.  My mouth is bleedings and I can’t keep the world from spinning.

I stumble over to the bathroom and gaze at my reflection.  I stood frozen at the reflection starring back at me.  My shirt is covered in blood, my mouth is swollen, and the bottom half of my two front teeth are missing…


I change my shirt, put on a hat, and I leave my apartment looking for the three Thai men who ruined my perfect smile…

One Hour Earlier…

“I fucking love it here.  How could you not?  You can sleep with nearly any beautiful woman you want, get stupidly drunk, and do whatever the fuck you want!”

I take another two shots of Tequila.  I wonder how many that makes….ahh it doesn’t matter.  It will just go on my tab and I’ll worry about it tomorrow.

“Let’s go dance and find some women.”

My friends and I leave the bar and walk to the dance club Green Mango.  “No outside drinks are allowed,” so I slam the rest of my beer.

My friends walk ahead of me as I stop at the bar to buy another beer.

They are going to the second dance floor near the back of the club.  As I’m walking through the first dance floor I receive a text from one of my lovely “good girls”, Lila:

I miss you…you want me tonight

I smile and think to myself, “Life is good.”

I set down my beer at the nearest table and reply:

Sorry, can not

What can I say, I’ve already had her many times before.  She was good in bed, but not the best.  It’s Friday night and I want something new.

I go to pick up my beer which is on a table where three long haired Thai men are sitting around.  One smiles to me and purposely tips over my beer where it shatters on the ground.

He smiles.  I smile back.

I see an empty Chang beer bottle on their table and playfully knock it over to its side.

The smiles disappear.

His friend comes out of nowhere and pushes me, telling me how he hates tourists who think they own the country.

I think to myself, “Wow, this isn’t going well.”  The third friend stands up and the three Thai men surround me.

I know the rules of Thailand, in fact I helped define them:

Rule Number 1: Never fight the Thais…even if they are being dicks
Rule Number 2: Never get caught buying / selling drugs

I put up my hands in a non aggressive manner, “I want no trouble.  I’m leaving.”

I leave the club and try to go back to the previous bar for a drink.  I dismiss the encounter and start humming to myself as a beautiful woman walks by.

(You can’t party as much as I have without having to deal with a few drunken idiots.  All you can do is ignore it and move on.  If they are tourists, you can escalate it to a fight, that’s up to you.  But with Thais it’s best to forget about it and move on.  Even if you win the fight, they will get their brothers, cousins, and friends to come and find you.  And when they do find you, there will be nothing to hold them back.  This and moped accidents are the leading causes of major injuries and/or deaths in Thailand.)

“Fuck!  The bar is closed.  Is it really past 3am already?”

I hear yelling behind me.  I see the guy who pushed me is walking towards me followed by the two friends.

I walk the other direction and take a look back.  They are closing the distance on me.

I stop and turn around.

Thai Man:  “Fucking farang tourist, who the fuck do you think you are?”
Me:  “Tourist?  I live here.  What the fuck is the problem?”

The three guys are standing in front of me.

Out of no where the guy on my left throws a hook punch.

(I’m going to digress here for a moment.  Even though I’m kind of out of practice, I’ve had a fair amount of martial arts experience in the past.  One thing that I learned is if a round attack is coming at you, you can jam it by attacking straight forward, or get out of the way.)

I jammed that attack my pushing him at his throat with my left had.  He’s off balanced and flies backwards.

The Second Guy Throws a Punch That Hits Me On My Right Temple…

Fists are flying everywhere.  The third Thai guy comes in with a beer bottle and hits me against my face with it.

After an unknown amount of time, the fight stops as each side regroups.  The Thai guy with the bottle breaks it on the ground and starts moving towards me…

The second Thai guy takes a knife from his pocket…

The third guy is rising from the ground, holding his head and is moving forward…

I’m stupidly drunk and the world is spinning, but I still manage to have one clear thought:

What the fuck am I doing?  I’m breaking rule number 1.  Even if I win this fight, they will come and kill me!  It’s easy for Thais to find foreigners on Samui!

I’m not proud of what I did next.  In fact, this one action has kept me awake more nights than anything else I’ve done in the last couple of years:

I Turn Around And Run Away From The Fight Like a Little Bitch!

They try to follow, but can’t catch up.  I try to get to my motorbike, but they are still in sight.  There is no way I can get on the bike and drive away without them catching me.

So I pull a Forrest Gump.  I just start running and running.  Next thing I know I’m on the main street.  I see a taxi truck, jump in, and get dropped off near my apartment.

Then I walk to my bathroom mirror…

Green Mango is closed.  There are no long haired Thai guys around, just a bunch of Thai workers cleaning up the club and the standard group of Ladyboys hanging around in the shadows.

The girl who sent the text message earlier that night sees me and tries to talk with me.  I don’t notice her and walk past her.  (This is probably the only time in my life where I ignore a beautiful woman in hopes of finding Thai guys.)

I storm into the late nightclub (Sound), the only club opened after 4am.  I make eye contact with the security guards as I enter.  Even though I look like hell, they don’t stop me.

The club is packed.

“Where The Fuck Are They?  They Have To Be Here!”

I go to the second story where I can overlook the entire club.

I fall down as I walk up the stairs.  I’m drunk with rage, alcohol, and I am literally drinking the blood that is pouring in my mouth.

I look down upon the first floor of the club but can’t make out any of the faces.  I think to myself, “Maybe Asians do all look the same…”

Truth be told, I can’t remember what the guys looked like.  All I remember is there were three of them and they all had long hair.

My only hope was for them to recognize me.  I had to go where I could be seen.

I walked through the dance floor in a zigzag pattern making eye contact with every Thai guy desperately hoping for some sort of recognition on their faces.

An hour passes with me combing every inch of the club.  There are less and less people around.

Another hour goes by.  There are only a handful of people in the club.

Eventually I come to the conclusion they are not here.  The rage that took over my mind and body disappears in an instant.  I take a seat.  I’m dead tired and can barely stand.

Later I get on my moped and drive home.  During the drive clarity breaks through and I knew that no matter the outcome, it would have been terrible if I found those guys.

Strangely after that, the only thought going through my mind is:

I Wonder How Much It Will Cost To Fix My Teeth…

This is a true story about me on Koh Samui.  I am not proud of it, nor am I particularly ashamed about it anymore.

Recently, there is a small minority of people on Samui that is causing more and more crimes on the island.  These people are uneducated Thai boys between the ages of 14 – 18.

In late August of 2014, a group of Thai guys where drinking and sitting on a foreigners motorbike.  The foreigner asked them to move, got angry, and all the Thai guys started to beat him and eventually slashed the foreigner’s throat.  The 46 year old German man who owned an established bar on Koh Samui died minutes later.


So in light of this and looking back, I probably did the right thing.  Sober, I’d have very little concerned if one Thai guy attacked me with a knife.  But when I was that drunk, and facing three Thai guys with two of them armed – I probably did the right thing…

What do you think? Did I bitch out?  Or did I do the right thing?  Leave your comments below!

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  • Arik says:

    Think on this. The object of winning any fight is to avoid one to begin with and get home safe. The fact that they spilled your drink should have been a signal to you – they came to fight. Ultimately you have won the fight by getting home safe with some alterations to your face. How you did it is irrelevant. When you are faced with multiple attackers and you cannot handle them for whatever reason (in your case being drunk) you must run to save your life, you did that – good job, and if you were sober, with your training you could have probably won the fight if you chose to engage, they probably each had different running speeds where you could pick them off one by one if you were sober. I have thought that to my ju jitsu students for over 30 years. The error your ego made is to go back. However, given your knowledge that they would have found you later anyway, you got lucky you never saw them again! Recognizing earlier that they are looking for a fight I would have bought them each a drink or two while every one were still smiling and I would have never taken another drink myself that night, just to make sure my head is clear, while in their presence.

  • Randy says:

    You did the right thing no same to un and live to fight another day. I am pretty well trained in the art of fighting but always best to have a gun if fighting more than 2 by yourself no 1 to watch your back. Thanks your site has been very helpful to me since I am moving there soon. Mabye we can hook up and party when I do

  • Cman says:

    Before ANYTHING happened, did you politely ask the three gentlemen if you could place your beer down on THEIR table, while you answered your cell phone? Your cell phone started this incident – get rid of it!

      • eli says:

        this is random, but I wanted to visit Thailand for a couple of weeks and stay in Bangkok as well as travel to Pattaya and Phuket. I don’t really know anyone there and from the looks of it you know pretty much everything. I would really appreciate it if you would contact me and be a guide while I am there. I would really appreciate this and would not mind getting bottles/drinks for your tourism guidance. I have been to western Europe especially Netherlands, Italy, and Germany but I feel like Thailand is another world compared to Europe. I am from Miami, FL and would not mind showing you as well if you ever decided to visit.

  • Reality007 says:

    Asians have no morality, honor, or decency in regard to these things, at least in terms that Europeans recognize. It would be nice to be able to say it is a minority that think like that, but in general it is the norm. Every foreigner that has spent any amount of time in the region knows of many such tales. To be honest, they NEED three of them to have a chance against one European, and they know it… plus they have a small man complex combined with penis envy and heavy racism towards outsiders. This is reality, and it bears no malice, it forewarns the innocent – with good intentions.

    It’s said that if you go drinking in Thailand with your Thai ‘friend’ and some other Thai guys start a fight with you your Thai ‘friend’ will join in kicking you on the floor. Such cases tend to be like a bad Bruce Lee film with Thais jumping out of every doorway and window, people who don’t know or care why the fight started, just eager to stomp, punch, bottle, machete, club and stab the foreigner (quite possibly to death).

    You did the right thing by running away and living to fight another day. It’s also wise to post about it to hopefully save any other innocent foreigners from being murdered by these types of slime.

    • Thanks for your comment. I have to agree with most of what you said. Even though Thailand is amazing, there are risks and dangers associated with any place in the world. And these uneducated Asian punks are one of those dangers.

      But after partying in Thailand for more than 5 years, this has only happened once to me. Which is pretty good considering how often fights and stabbings occur in Western nightclubs over some girl.

    • bill says:

      Realitystupid007, your comments are full of shit, your euro trash, so don’t pretend to know everything about all asians, size has nothing to do with being a good fighter or not, and the encounter happenned at a bar where people get drunk and do stupid stuff nightly, obviously these three men just wanted to hurt him regardless if they could fight one on one, yeah it probably had something to do with race but that doesn’t mean you stereotype, you can find punks anywhere in the world, and with your view of asians, why the hell do you want to visit any asian country, and I’m half Korean but I wouldn’t like your comments if I was all Caucasian, I’ve never had a problem with any asians, just one farang being an ass in Thailand

      • thai stomper says:

        small korean cock,obviously.its all true racist fucks smiling when they are are getting your baht.ive had broken bottles to my face by a yabba ass monkey.and thankfully smashed him on his arse.still tried getting sum glass to slash my handsome farang face up,and ruin my life.end up running before police come to try get more baht from my pocket.why do u think we visit asian country?sun,beaches and sluts.any small cocked sphincter monkey in the way of that will be slapped outta the frame..;]

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