I Pick Up a Thai Model and am Hit with LMR

“If you go to a club in Bangkok, always get a bottle of hard alcohol instead of buying one beer at a time.  Bottle service comes with a table and will give you enough drinks to last the entire night.”

“Not to mention, it’s much easier it is to pull women when you have a table located in the center of the club instead of standing on the outskirts of the dance floor with all the other single guys.”

These are words I live by, however there are times when you don’t want to spend the money on a bottle or only go out with one friend who isn’t interested in splitting.

If you go this route, stand away from all the other guys on loser row and hang out within view of the women’s bathroom.

The fact is, every girl in the club will use the bathroom at least once that night.  If the girl is cute enough, give her a little eye contact and a smile as she walks in.  If she smiles back, wait until she exits the bathroom and approach.

I did this exact thing the other day in Insomnia.  As she walked out of the bathroom, I approached, got her phone number, and then said I’ll see her in a bit.

Five minutes later I see her at a table and approach:

Me:  “What kind of work do you do in Bangkok?”
Girl:  “I work motel.”
Me:  “That’s cool.  Where?”
Girl:  “You want to see photos?”
Me:  “Of the motel rooms?  I guess…”

She pulls out her Iphone 4 and starts showing me photos.  They are nearly nude modeling photos of her which look very good.

I look at her with a new set of eyes, “Ahh, you mean model.”  

I give her a little more attention than before.  She tells me she is out with her brother because he has the night off.

I’m introduced to one of the gayest guys I have ever met.  I nickname him, “The gayest guy in Bangkok.”

After 5 – 10 minutes, I grow bored.  She is cute enough, but not very entertaining.  I leave her and go find what other things await me inside the club.

Thirty minutes later I am outside of the club calling my back up.  As I hang up the phone, I receive a call from “model girl”.

I look to my left at see her just outside of the door.  We make eye contact and smile.

“My friend lives about 2 minutes from here, come with me and lets get a drink.”  It takes a couple minutes to convince her, but as always, it works.

The extra key my friend gave me comes in handy once again.  The location of his apartment in dead center in Bangkok, a couple minutes walk from all the main clubs.

As we enter my friend’s apartment, I see him asleep on the sofa.  I tell him I brought him a friend, and introduce him to the model’s brother.  My friend laughs at how outrageously gay the brother is and moves to his bed and shuts the door, alone.

His roommate comes home with his girl to find me on the sofa with the model and a gay guy.

“Never a dull moment withme.”

Music is played.  We drink a couple of beers.  Model girls asks me to show her where the bathroom is, I take her hand and show her.  We close the door and make out.  Her panties fall to the ground.  My finger slides into her and….


I’m hit with Last Minute Resistance (LMR) for the first time ever in Thailand.  She freezes, locks up, and says not here.

I look into her eyes and see that she’s not comfortable.  Instead of overcoming the objection like normal, I go against my instincts and calm her down.

(Although I could have put on the charm and closed her just like every other girl, there was something inside me that just wasn’t ready to corrupt her in the bathroom while her brother is on the sofa right outside the door.)

Maybe I do have a conscious…

I open the door and she goes back to the sofa where her brother gives her a knowingly look.

Ten minutes later we are in the elevator and I’m walking her to the street.

We walk towards the security gate to the apartment which is manned by a Thai guard.  The security guard is not alone…


He is talking to Kwaan, my backup that I called an hour ago outside of Insomnia.

“How the fuck did she know I was at my friend’s place?”

“Why is she even here?”

“Did I invite her?”

Were some of the questions going through my mind…

I take a step behind “model girl” and signal to Kwaan that I need a minute.  I walk model girl and her brother to a taxi, give the guy a hug first, and then the girl.

I feel the eyes of Kwaan burning into the back of my head.  I turn around and see a very unhappy but yet beautiful Thai girl looking back at me…


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