How To Get The Perfect Thai Massage in Thailand for 6 Dollars

The Perfect Thai Massage

Ohh, the Thai massage. One of the many benefits that makes Thailand such an incredible place to visit.

When it comes to massages, I’m pretty much as big an expert as they come. Although I rarely give specific massage shop recommendations, here are 5 pieces of advice that will help you attain the perfect Thai massage.

1: Skip The Hookers

If you’re looking for a professional massage, skip the “dirty” places and stick with the traditional type establishments. If the girls are wearing short shorts and a tight t-shirts, skip it. Go to a place where the girls are wearing professional uniforms and are not aggressive when you walk by trying to drag you inside the shop.

2: Age Recommendation

You’ll get the best massages from women between the ages of 30 – 40 years old. Yes I know, the 20 year olds with their tight bodies are much hotter. But if you are in search for the perfect Thai massage, this is one of those situations where more experience is better.

3: Experiment

Since massages are so damn cheap in Thailand, starting at about 6usd an hour. Try a couple different places each day. Then when you find one that you like, “train” her to focus on the areas that you want done. (This way, you’ll basically have your own professional massage woman who knows your body and what you like. Very similar to when you are training your girlfriend to give you the perfect blowjob.)

4: Tell Them What You Like

If you want her to focus more on your back or legs, tell her. If the massage is too hard or too soft, tell her. They don’t mind a little direction.

5: Tourist Locations

Some of the best massage shops are in high tourist locations and beaches. You’ll get much better massages nearer to tourist locations than you will get in the jungle villages of Thailand who simply focus on the basic traditional Thai massage.

Enjoy Paradise,

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  • lester dalley says:

    due to a planning stuff up i will only be in Thailand for five nights. I’ve never been what is the best…stay in BK or go to Pattaya?

  • levin mutiga says:

    I just want to say i really love the straight forward information that this site provides with no sugar coating. I have been looking around hunting for information because i travel to Thailand next month from England and I appreciate the information you provide. Also,do you have any advice regarding the recent curfew imposed in Thailand?

    • Thanks for the comment.

      I’m in Bangkok right now, and they haven’t issued any sort of curfew…nor has the protests affected me one bit. (Although they did close one of the major intersections (Asoke), so a taxi ride is usually 5 – 10 minutes longer if you are around that area.

      If things get “bad”, they may issue a curfew like they did in 2010. But I was in Bangkok for that also, and besides keeping me from partying late for a few nights, my life didn’t change one bit.

      Enjoying Paradise,

      • Tom says:

        Love your blog!! Just curious I read that traffic in Bangkok is terrible. How do taxis or tuk-tuk get around traffic then? They can’t make any money if it takes them 45 minutes to go a few miles. Also, do you suggest NOT to rent a car in Bangkok? I’m used to renting a car anywhere I vacation. So I can go where and when I want.

        • Hey Tom,

          Traffic can be a bitch in Bangkok. But you learn to live with it. For example, if you are in the center of Bangkok near Sukhumvit, don’t take a taxi between 3:30pm – 7:00pm

          Use the BTS (train) and / or a motor bike taxi.

          I do NOT recommend renting a car if you are only going to stay in Bangkok. Taxis are so fucking cheap here and it’s a pain the ass to drive in Bangkok.

          However, there is nothing wrong with renting a car and driving around Thailand. I’ve done that before and it can be a blast. (Though I prefer to rent a private taxi for a day. Removes a lot of stress when you have a driver.)

          Enjoy paradise,

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