Happy New Years 2014 From Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok Thailand Happy New Years 2014

Hey Guys,

I have to say, it was a hell of a New Years and it took nearly 2 full days to recover from my hangover. I went to a few places, but if you are going to be around next year, I recommend that you spend NYE at Narz on Sukhumvit Soi 23…FUCKING amazing! So many hot girls mixed with an awesome atmosphere.

Can’t really recommend that place on any other nights.  But for two years in a row, this has been the place to spend New Years Eve:

So a couple of things I want to keep you updated on.

1- New Program Announcement (Free for VIP Members)

Things have been pretty quiet on my end this last month because I’ve been working on a new program that will teach guys how to easily get an unbelievable amount of Thai women. This is super comprehensive and will just about guarantee that you will EASILY have sex with some very great looking good girls in Thailand. Right now we are running it through trials with selected men and making improvements where they are needed. It’s going to be good stuff.

I plan to have this new program ready within a month…hangovers permitting.

The price isn’t set yet, but it will be FREE for our VIP Members. (Which is still only $97 for a lifetime membership.)

2- Special Thanks To Our VIP Members

Also wanted to give a shout out to all of our VIP members who joined with us last year. Your support is awesome and it’s been great getting to meet many of you.

When you’re in Bangkok, drop me a line and I’ll try to meet up for a beer or three.

If you haven’t joined yet and want more information, check out this link now. We also have some pretty cool stuff that will be exclusive to our VIP members coming out throughout the year.

Anyways guys, take care and make this a hell of a year!

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  • Phoenix says:

    I read your posting about Thai women not liking facial hair on men , but what about guys with long hair. Also , are Viagra and Cialis available there? Thanks

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