The True Story of a Thai Massage Girl – How She is Making More Than $60 an Hour

The Story of a Thai Massage Girl

I always known that most Thai people don’t make that much money working traditional jobs, but I never actually broke it down until a few weeks ago.

She was one of the cutest Thai girls I have ever seen in a long time, and the best part is, she is only 19 years old.

I met her because she was fucking an Englishman staying in the same apartment complex as me. Eventually she grew tired of him coming home drunk every day, openly cheating on her, and slapping her around. So she finally left him.

(Ever notice that English guys are either really cool or simply pieces of shit??? In Thailand it seems to be 50/50.)

I waited a few days then went to her work at one of coolest bars where she worked as a waitress. Hours later she is back at my place giving me one of the best fucks of my life.

Throughout the next week I learn about how she went from making 250usd a month working in a factory to over 3,000usd a month working as a massage girl, and then finally making more than that by not even having to work. 

This is her story…

Age 16

Her parents married her off to a Thai man in her village located in Isan (located in east Thailand commonly known as the place where the poorest Thai girls come from). He was over 30 years old and paid her families debts which total about 30,000usd for the “right” to marry her.

Age 17

She left him because he was beating her and he found another woman. (Big shocker, a Thai man beating his wife.)

She eventually stayed with family in Bangkok and got a job at a factory in Bangkok. She was working 11 hour days and 6 days a week. She was earning 20 baht an hour (about 66 cents).

Age 18

A friend from her village where she grew up contacted her, telling her about a job of where she could work massage on Koh Samui and make “big money” massaging farangs (foreigners).

She moved to Koh Samui and started working as a massage girl. Here she learned how to speak English and how to charge more and more for the “special massage”. Which started at 300 baht (10usd) and then turned into 2,000 baht (60usd).

Age 19

After work at the massage parlor, she freelances at the local nightclub only sleeping with men who she was attracted to. The men paid anywhere from 2,000 – 3,000 baht a night (60 – 90usd).

As each man goes back to their country, she exchanges contact information and talks to them on Facebook and Skype.

Every other week she makes up a new story on why she needs money and tells the same story to each man.

Her favorite lines are:
– I lost my phone. Now I can’t talk to you. I have no money to buy a new one
– I need to pay my room and have no money
– I can’t wait to see you. I not sleep with other man because I love you. But I need money.
– Honey, will you to take care of me

She laughs as she logs off of Skype and looks at me with a big smile on her face. She offers to buy dinner.

Ever since she learned how easy it is to get money from men on Facebook and Skype, she doesn’t work as a massage girl and is making more money than ever before. She works for fun at a bar, not for the 300usd a month, but for the opportunity to exchange contact information with the single men who come in to drink.

She and I both laugh at how stupid some foreigners are…

It’s simple, do not send money to Thai girls unless you can accept the fact that she is fucking other men when you are out of the country. The only time you should send money is when you are coming back soon and want to pre-arrange a “girlfriend” for when you arrive.

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  • Rich says:

    I would be that same dude laughing with her whilst hitting it. Great job! keep up the good work.

  • C. S. Bro says:

    Not really sure how I like the whole ‘laughing at stupid guys’ stuff. On one hand, the guys who fall for this are usually selfish, arrogant people. They have to be, in order to believe that a much younger or much more attractive woman has instantly fallen in love with them. I don’t really feel bad for them, cause it really does require you to be delusional about your own value.

    On the other hand, I quite simply don’t think scamming people out of money is any way to make a living whether selling shitty penny stocks or seducing men over Skype.

    In conclusion, I’d fuck such a girl but I’d never date her or call her my friend.

    • Agreed.

      One of the points behind this is the fact that “most” of these types of Thai girls know what they are doing when they are scamming on these guys. It’s a perfected art for them.

      As you said, keep her for a fuck buddy, but nothing more. There are many quality girls in Thailand, but this is not one of them.

  • Vic says:

    I’ve heard quite a bit myself from some friends who have either visited Thailand or permanently moved there. They are actually earning even more that quality university graduates here.

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