How to Travel Thailand With a Thai Bar Girl – [ANSWERED]

travel with thai bar girl

Hi, I’ve read many of your posts, but couldn’t find something about getting a girl/bargirl to accompany me for more than a day, actually for 1 or 2 weeks of my trip to Thailand (this august).

Of course, everything can happen, but do you think it’s likely to happen? (I’ll land in Bangkok and fly to Samui a few days later, so would a Bangkok worker agree to follow me or is it too much.. ?)


Thanks for your question.

I guess we haven’t covered this yet on our website. However, this is great option for those who are traveling alone or want a bedside traveling companion. And the best part is, this is very easy to accomplish.

First off, words of warning:

Do not take a girl with you on a trip unless you have spent at least one day with her. While some bar girls / gogo dancers are fun during the night when you have them behind closed doors. They can also be super annoying and lazy during the day. (As with all women.) Which can potential ruin your trip or give unnecessary drama.

But you’ll find that a majority of bar girls and dancers are fun to hang around. They love to party, dance, and fuck. Great characteristics for a traveling buddy. 

Do Many People Do This?

I always recommend, don’t fall for the first Thai girl you sleep with. There are thousands of other attractive Thai girls waiting for you. However, after you’ve had your share in Bangkok and found one that you enjoy, there is nothing wrong with taking her with you.

(Especially if you can confirm beforehand that she is into threesomes. If so, this will make your trip far more pleasurable. Hunting for a new girl that you and your “girlfriend” can fuck together is an experience that makes life worth living.)

Taking a girl with you from Bangkok or Pattaya is very common. I have many friends that always stop in Pattaya for a couple of days before traveling to the islands for a laidback holiday. The fact is, the hottest looking bar girls / dancers are in Pattaya. So if you want to travel with a perfect 9, this is where to start. (Although Bangkok isn’t too shabby either.)

How To Do This?

1- Find a girl that you enjoy being with.
Which means, once you find her at a bar / club and she passes the “sex test” that night, spend the next day with her. Is spending time with her during the day entertaining and enjoyable? Did she wake you up with a blowjob soaking wet? Or is she boring and distant in the morning?

2- Find out when her next period is.
You don’t want “bloody mary” to come and spoil the fun. Been there, done that, and it just gets too messy for my taste.

3- Negotiate.
As you probably already know, bar girls have two fees: Bar Fine and the Cost of Sex.

There is nothing you can do about the bar fine. You’ll have to pay that. If you find her at a bar, the bar fine is usually 300 baht (10usd) a day. If you find her at a GoGo dance club, the bar fine will be between 600 and 1000 baht (18 – 30usd) a day.

When it comes down to the sex charge, this can vary greatly depending on you and the girl. If she is a hardcore professional wanting full price, something like 4000 baht a day, you’re probably better off finding a different girl. (Even if money is not an issue for you, her not willing to negotiate on the price is a sign that future drama and boredom could be in your future.)

Your target price will be between free and 1000 baht a day. Make it clear that you will pay for travel both ways, food, drinking, partying, etc…

Most Thai bar girls simply want to have fun and make a little money.

Bangkok to Samui?

Unless you’ve been to Samui before and fucked your way through all the girls, I’d hold off on bringing a girl from Bangkok. Samui is full of bar girls that love foreigners.

Also consider the cost of the flight. Flying from Bangkok to Samui is the most expensive flight in Thailand. About 4000 – 5000 baht (120 – 150usd) each way per person.

So if you’ve never been to Samui before, I’d recommend coming without a girl. You can easily find a new one at Soi Reggae, the main bar street in Chaweng.

When Do I Recommend Traveling With a Bar Girl?

1- If you’re an experienced Thai traveler and have been here before. Then you know what to expect from each location and if the girls are your type. As mentioned, many guys who have stayed in Thailand a while, will take a girl from Pattaya when they want to go checkout other parts of Thailand.

2- If you are in Phuket, don’t like white girls, and what to go to Phi Phi Islands.

3- If you are in Samui and want to go checkout Koh Tao and Koh Phangan.

4- If you want to travel north Thailand with a girl. Take one from Bangkok.

Hope this helps and enjoy your time in Paradise!

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  • KUMAR says:

    Hey King,

    I want to gather 5 girls for a tenure of 5 days in a private villa (preferrably with a swimming pool) where full nudity is permissible throughout the stay (staying similar to naturists).. Where should i head to without hitting a bomb on my bank account… and whether it is possible to find the girls who would agree to nude stays like this…

  • Meidich Hoertz says:

    Now that you’ve brought up the whole “visit by Aunt Flo” issue, I have a related question: in general, how good is the hygiene of the common Thai girl. Do you have to have them shower before sex, or are they well-versed in the modern methods of cleanliness?

    • Most Thai girls will insist on showering before sex. Thailand is hot and you get sweaty…which means you usually don’t smell so good at the end of the night and Thai girls know it.

      Tip, always shower WITH the Thai girl. Some of the criminals out there will use your shower time to steal your valuables and disappear.

  • Vipha says:

    Your advice “Hunting for a new girl that you and your “girlfriend” can fuck together is an experience that makes life worth living”.
    Do u really mean it? Is that can be called “worth living”.
    This shows the mentality of people who create this website and the ones who want to travel to TH for this low & stupid objective. I suggest that you go to the meditation center; there are a lot of mediation centers and temples in Thailand. There are so many beautiful and civilized things to discover there. Do not think or insult Thai girls and women like you describe in your website; many facts are not true at all. There are prostitues everywhere in the world; in TH only 2-4% of them do this kind of job; they just need your money because they are materialist, love comfortable life, and stupid. The rest of them are normal people who earn their life correctly and with dignity. Use your small brain to think a bit.

    • F says:

      Thank you for your understanding 🙂

    • Hopdevilme says:

      dear VILPHA your brain has malfunction. What are you doing on this site anyway as this is 100% helpful may say useful information provider and definitely NOTHING else. You can’t blame people that they like and enjoy having sex there. These girls are there to get money for services and that’s what they offer – SEX. Simple is and strait forward, nothing else involved like your stupid comments involve female discrimination and harassment, we go there to shag them, and you and your boyfriend go sightseeing and definitely do not post unapropriate comments concerning this matter. I can tell you one thing – Go fuck yourselves you ugly bitch and live the others to benefit from our custome as a money spenders on their own wish.

  • Vipha says:

    You look at those girls like a product? they just stupid, don’t like to work hard and poor and need your dirty money. These 2-3% of TH girls does not represent the rest of Thai women. This website insult Thai women a lot. Many facts are not true. Material things are developed a lot in your country BUT NOU YOUR MIND. I suggest that you go to the meditation center; there are a lot of mediation centers and temples in Thailand stead to improve the level of your mentality and moral. People like you will never be able to find a good Thai girl.

  • Vipha says:

    It is very ashamed; I am disappointed with the mentality of the people like you who seek Sex sex sex??? There are so many beautiful and civilized things to discover in Thailand. I suggest that you do some meditation to stop your passion; there are a lot of mediation centers and temples in Thailand.

  • Vipha says:

    Your advice “Hunting for a new girl that you and your “girlfriend” can fuck together is an experience that makes life worth living”.
    Do u really mean it? Is that can be called “worth living”.
    This shows the mentality of people who create this website and the ones who want to travel to TH for this low & stupid objective. I suggest that you go to the meditation center; there are a lot of mediation centers and temples in Thailand. There are so many beautiful and civilized things to discover there. Do not think or insult Thai girls and women like you describe in your website; many facts are not true at all. There are prostitues everywhere in the world; in TH only 2-4% of them do this kind of job; they just need your money because they are materialist, love comfortable life, and stupid. The rest of them are normal people who earn their life correctly and with dignity. Use your small brain to think a bit.

  • sajith says:

    hi i am travelling to bangkok its my first trip , i am mainly looking for sex and sight seeing i ma travelling alone will i get a girl for srx and a girl who can help me out to be with me for one week with me and guide me throughout bangkok coz i am first time going to bangkok can u guide me where to stay how to geta girl pl reply me soon thank u

  • Steve says:

    Hey, thanks for making this website. Very informative.

    Question: How do I get past paying the bar fine multiple nights for hanging out with a girl “long term”? Long term to me is about a week. Whenever I find a girl that seems enjoyable to hang out with during the day, I’ll bring up the possibility of going to Chiang Mai, Cambodia, or something like that. She is (of course) interested, but says that I’ll have to pay the bar fine for each night she isn’t at work. I refuse, and we part ways.

    Is this legit? I’ve been in Bangkok for a month, and there’s probably been about 6 girls that I liked enough to bring this up, and every one of them said the same thing: I would have to pay the bar fine each night.

    I’m cool with paying for her meals and whatnot, and paying her, but paying the bar fine while she is gone seems ridiculous to me.

    Thanks for any info.

    • Yeah, the daily bar fine is legit. Basically, while she works at the bar, she will need to pay the bar fine for every day that she does not return to work.

      One way around this is to “buy her out” from the bar. This means that you pay 10,000+ to make is so she doesn’t have to return and can stay with you indefinitely. (This only makes sense if you plan on keeping her around for a couple months.) Basically, you are buying her out from her contract obligations which she agreed on when she started working there.

      But if you met her at the bar and you want to take her on a trip for a week, you are stuck paying the bar fine for each day.


      • STEVE says:

        Just an update on this, I was actually able to get a girl for a couple of weeks without paying the barfine.

        I won’t go into details about what kind of girl you’d have to find, as that is probably speculation and up for debate.

        But this is handy info: I approached a girl towards the end of the month. The 28th I think it was. I talked about the couple of weeks things, and she brought up the 10,000 buyout like you mentioned. I said 10,000 was “forever” but I only wanted 2 weeks.

        She said she could tell work that she was taking the month off to go back and take care of family in Isaan. So we went that route and it worked out well. Work was OK with it.

        I ended up giving her 5000 to send home once it was over. I still viewed it as saving money. And it went directly to the girl instead of the bar. So overall I was happy about that.

        The important thing is I don’t think that option would have been possible if I didn’t approach her at the end of the month. They get paid by the bar monthly, so the vacation would have to correspond to that timeframe.

        Hope that helps somebody.

  • LoveThai;) says:

    Hey Guys!,

    This website has been very helpful for us, we have been in thailand for a week and have been with pretty ladies every without having to really pay! (we do tip generous). This would not have been possible without the insights we gained from you Seven, thanks for that!

    here is my problem. We’re in Bangkok now and planning on going diving in koh tao. We will be diving for about five days and since we were

  • raja says:

    were can i get a nice girl for me un wich area is it

  • paula jones says:

    My ex-girlfriend is traveling to Bangkok. I want her to have a very good time so she will leave me alone. How do I arrange a girlfriend for her without her knowledge for the time she is in Thailand? I’m willing to pay a bonus if the girl can convince her to stay in Thailand. (I want my house back!)

  • Shyguy says:

    This is a good article (on a good website). I find a lot of useful information here.

    I have a question, you say the target price for taking a girl long time should be between free and 1000 baht per day.

    I’m considering taking a girl I’ve known for a while somewhere different in Thailand for a week. The rate I paid her before is 1500 baht per night (“mix” between long time and short time). The thing is, she never mentioned a specific price so 1500 is what I gave her per night based on the going rate and what other girls charge in the place she works. She never complained and we still keep in touch so she must be fine with that amount. So for a week do you think 1000 baht per night is fair, in addition to the cost of meals, etc.? Again, we don’t talk about prices but just something I’d give her and hope she will be ok with it.

    • Yeah, 1,000 baht a day is a fair price.

      Sometimes when you’re drunk and just want the hottest girl in the club for the night, you’ll often pay between 1,000 – 2,500 baht.

      But for a longer term deal, most girls will be more than happy with 1,000 baht a day.

      • miketheshyguy says:

        Wow, a bargirl for 1000/day? I presume this is the day after the 1st barfine, what would i have to do if i want to keep the girl on a daily basis for about a week ( daily barfine?)
        Besides soi cowboy and nana any other areas there are bargirls? I’m a bit slow off the mark here, my 6th day here out of 2 months. I’m thinking of hitting the bars to source for a chick.My first 2 girls here were from craigslist freelancers…mediocre..

  • optimistic tom says:

    Do they have cops patrolling the streets like here? Undercover cops etc? Is it legal to pick up girls from streets? I really dont wanna get in trouble and dont care if i return backhome thirsty eventhough ocean was infront of me.

  • optimistic tom says:

    Thank you for your response. Are condoms and pills easily available there too? I am kinda shy and when I speak to any girl my heart starts to beat fast. I bet if I try to make a deal with whores they will easily notice it and may either charge too much or may not even go with me. My ideal situation is somebody goes out and finds a nice girl for me while i wait in my hotel room with my fingers crossed 🙂 Would it be a problem from hotel management if i brought any girls to my hotel? I plan to stay in Vegas Inn.

  • optimistic tom says:

    Hi Seven, planning to visit in December. Where can i find a pretty escort for atleast one week that also doesnt break my bank? Viagragirlescorts seems to be expensive for my budget. Tks. Tom

    • Escort services will tend to be on the more expensive side. If this is a little out of your price range, I recommend going “whore hunting” at Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy. Not only will you find girls for much less, between 2000 – 4000 baht. But it’s A LOT of fun!

      Personally when I go “whore hunting”, I prefer picking up freelancers in dance clubs. This is only because I like clubbing and the girls tend to be cheaper or even free.

  • utopian says:

    I have craving for p** licking and I don’t know if it would be safe in Thailand. I don’t know how many guys these girls sleep with and what kinda STDs they carry. Is it possible to get clean college girls who are not in the prosti business? I am planning to go there in December. Also,do they girls have any problem with my facial and body hair?

    • Can’t help here. Licking pussy for me is a necessary evil when I have a girlfriend. However, with all sexual acts, there are STD risks. It’s up to you to do the research and weigh the pros and cons. (I always have blowjobs uncovered and fuck with a condom.)

      Thai girls as a whole do not like facial hair. A few of our readers have done tests on Thai dating websites and they receive more replies if their photo is without facial hair. (But whores don’t care one way or another.)

  • kumar says:


    Just wanted to know how is the situation if you are differently abled.

    I am good looking guy but due to an accident left leg is having a problem.

    Its very difficult for me to pick up girls in India…so just want to have some good time in Thailand….

    I am also in the fear that i may acquire the Sexually transmitted disease if any of the girls have them… how can i make sure if they dont have any STD’s…if there is any way?

    your reply will be highly appreciated

    • Hello Kumar,

      Bar Girls will go with anyone. It doesn’t matter if you have a hurt leg or if you’re in a wheelchair. You’ll just have to pay them.

      Simple, if you’re going to have sex with Thai bar girls, wear a condom. Always best to be better safe than sorry.

      For other advice on how to have a great time in Thailand, read this website.

      Hope this helps,

      • Tim says:

        Will they really go with someone who is in a wheel chair? Cause this gives me a glimmer of hope, I am still young (25) but I had a bad accident 2 years ago and I am bound to a wheelchair. Wouldn’t be so bad if my legs were just paralyzed……but they are gone. So it tends to freak people out and needless to so no girl will look at me. I have been wanting to go to Thailand for so fun but I am unsure about the wheel chair access in general for me. So you think I can be in a wheel chair on Walking Street and I will be allowed into the bars? Also I need the girls to do the action since I am missing my thrust. I have been wondering for a long time now if Thailand will be worth it for me.

        • Hey Tim,

          Thanks for your comment.

          There is a short and long answer to your question.

          Short Answer:
          Yes, they will go with you. You’ll have no problems finding bar girls and GoGo dancers that will have sex with you. These girls don’t care if you are in a wheelchair or not, they want to have fun and make some money.

          Long Answer:
          Traveling to Thailand in a wheelchair will have some challenges, but nothing that cannot be overcome.

          A Few Tips:
          – Stay at a nice hotel in Bangkok. Call first to make sure there will be no problem with wheelchair access. (This shouldn’t be an issue with 4 star hotels and up.)

          – Skip Nana Plaza and go to Soi Cowboy instead. Nana Plaza is three stories and has a lot of steps. While Soi Cowboy has A LOT of bars and GoGo clubs right on the street.

          – Don’t worry about the “motion of your ocean”, these girls will know how to take care of you.

          – It’s not common, but I have seen a few guys with wheelchairs at some nightclubs in Bangkok. It helps if you have a couple of friends that can help you overcome the stair situation. (Obviously Thailand isn’t going to be wheelchair accessible as the United States or Western Europe. But you should be able to do most things.)

          – By being in a wheelchair, you will probably get even MORE attention from bar girls and GoGo dancers than other tourists.

          – Nightclubs may be a little more difficult due to the amount of people and stairs, but don’t let that stop you.

          – Sightseeing the islands like Koh Phi Phi will be VERY difficult. I’d stick with the main cities: Bangkok, Pattaya, and maybe Phuket.

          All in all, if you want to come to Thailand to fuck hot Thai girls, you’ll have no problems. Start off in Soi Cowboy and see where the night takes you.

          Thailand will be an experience that you don’t want to miss!

          Hope this helps,

          • Tim says:

            Thanks a lot for the fast response. You would recommend Bangkok over Pattaya? Ans also from what I have read I would definitely be going with a GoGo dancer if I can since they are bound to the bar and I can go there if I have problems with her (like being in bed and she running out with my camera and laptop while I can’t do shit). I do not care if I have to pay more for GoGo than bargirl I just want someone that will go with me. I’m not so much looking into travelling all over Thailand staying in Bangkok or Pattaya will be enough for me. Thanks again for you fast and good response, this helps with my confidence and I am almost sure about going now 🙂

        • I can’t vouch for this company personally, but they have contacted me and wanted me to meet a few of their girls.

          But if you want to go all out and start off your trip with a BANG! Book an escort to pick you up at the airport:

          I’m sure the girls don’t look quite as good as their photos, but these are professionals who have worked in Europe and Thailand. They know what they are doing!

          Ask for Sebastian and tell him Kings of Thailand sent you.

  • vikas says:

    your knowledge is excellent and your advice also.
    keep it up

  • dana says:

    Righteous input as always, Seven!!! Very excited about my trip to TL too, thanks for this info!

    I am reading the third novel in a series that takes place in Thailand, written by John Burdett, and it is incredibly useful stuff… Having had an Isaan girl friend for 6 months a while back, and having it end badly because of the cultural differences and gulf, it has given me a ton of insights into the whole Thai culture, and specifically the sexual stuff… Lots of good info on Buddhism too…

    The book titles are Bangkok 8, Bangkok Tattoo, and Bangkok Haunts, all great reading for a man interested in this whole scene in Thailand… I think reading these will help me in my future relationships with Thai women, be they short term or longer.

    I can totally see retiring to Thailand, and am very excited about my first trip coming up this Sept/Oct…

    Have fun and play safe, eh?

  • James says:

    Thanks alot for answering me so fast, I was already hesitating about bringing a girl from bangkok to samui (mostly because of the plane ticket price) and you just confirmed it wouldn’t be a good idea.. I’ll just avoid planning too much from now on and take things as they come when I’m there!

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