How To Get Health Insurance in Thailand

How To Get Health Insurance in Thailand

To be honest, this hasn’t been something I’ve been overly concerned about while living in Thailand.  The fact is, the entire cost of most routine health and dental procedures in Thailand is less than the co-pay people are being charged in America WITH insurance.

However, having health insurance in Thailand is not a bad idea.

Personally, I don’t have health insurance.  The cost of all of my minor to moderate health procedures in Thailand has been much cheaper here than being in America WITH insurance.

However, if something major happens like a moped accident that lands me in a coma, I’m fucked.  The premium hospitals in Thailand can charge up to 20,000 baht (660usd) a day in this kind of situation.

I’m no expert on this topic.  But those that I talk to highly recommend the below two companies.  Apparently the cost is much less than if you buy from an USA based insurance company.

Note: You’ll get the best prices if you have you have work visa or a long term visa which will give the insurance companies proof that you’ll be in Thailand and not trying to scam the system by living outside of Thailand in Laos or Vietnam.

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