How Much Does it Cost to Party in Thailand vs Online Dating?

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Online dating in Thailand. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, online dating here is NOT the same as in USA!

In Thailand you can meet attractive AND highly educated women online. While in USA your only options are the fat cows that no one wants.

But of course, meeting beautiful Thai women online is not the only way. You can also meet women in person at bars and nightclubs.

So for those of you on a budget or just curious how much money you can save financially with online dating, I’ve created a breakdown for you.

Is online dating in Thailand cheaper than meeting girls at clubs?

Short Answer: Fuck yeah it is!

Long Answer: Continue reading

Cost of Nightlife in Bangkok

For this article I’m not going to talk about prostitutes or any forms of paying for sex in Thailand. We are discussing the cost of meeting attractive girls with real jobs during Bangkok’s nightlife:

Here is a breakdown of an average night partying in Bangkok:

Taxi to Bar: 100 baht

Mixed Drink: 300 baht

Taxi to Nightclub: 80 baht

Nightclub Entrance Fee: Free / 300 baht

Drinking at Nightclub: 3,000 baht per bottle / 300 baht per mixed drink

After-Party Nightclub Entrance Fee (Mixx / Bossy / Spicy): 300 baht

Drinking at After-Party Nightclub: 3,000 baht per bottle / 300 baht per mixed drink

Taxi Home: 100 baht

– – – – – – – – –

Okay, so as you can see, the price for drinking can radically vary. But at a nice bar on Soi 11 like Oskar, you will find most drinks are 300 baht each. Same goes for nightclubs like Route 66 and Levels.

On average I spend about 3,000 baht a night partying in Thailand. And that assumes I’m with a couple of guys to split the cost of bottle service.

3,000 baht is about $85

Not terribly expensive when compared with partying in USA or Europe. But if you party 3 nights a week to meet girls, you will spend AT LEAST 1,000usd a month partying to meet girls.

(On average when I do a full night partying like this, I will meet three quality girls and usually end up sleeping with one of them.)

Cost of Online Dating in Bangkok

Now let’s look at the cost of Online Dating in Thailand.

As many of you know, there are a lot of dating website for Thailand. Most are complete shit where they have fake profiles of girls created to attract paying customers (men).

There are only two dating website I currently recommend in Thailand:

Thai Cupid ($30 a month)

Thai Friendly ($25 a month)

When it comes to online dating in Thailand, I’m not going to lie to you and say that every girls is hot. Because that’s simply not true. Here is the breakdown that I normally see:

10% = Fucking Sexy
30% = Attractive with College Education
30% = You Need to be Drunk First
30% = Ugly

As you can probably guess, I only focus on the top 40% of girls.

We have a bunch of advice on this website for online dating in Thailand. Here is a link to some helpful articles:

My Advice is Simple:
1- Join Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid as a paying member
2- Upload at least 3 good photos of yourself
3- Fill in the profile with basic information, keep it simple
4- Say “Hi” to the girls you think are attractive
5- When she responds and you have a conversation going, get her Line / Whatsapp / Phone Number
6- Arrange a video chat to make sure she is as attractive as you think
7- Set up the date

I’m not bullshitting you, it really is that easy!

And the best part is, you don’t even need to be in Thailand for this. You can do this before you arrive in Thailand and set up as many dates as you want.

Warning, the SUPER hot girls only last about 3 days before some guy takes them. So you must act quickly with the hottest girls.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of new girls joining every day.

Monthly Cost: Partying vs Online Dating

Partying to meet girls in Thailand will cost you a minimum $1,000 a month

Online dating in Thailand will cost you $55 a month

Total Saving: $945

Enjoy Paradise!
-Gods of Thailand

P.S. I’m not recommending that you only use online dating to meet women in Thailand. Because partying here is an awesome experience that I love. But when you look at it from a cost standpoint, the amount of women you will easily meet online with the HUGE savings clearly speaks for itself.

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