The Best $30 You’ll Ever Spend in Pattaya’s Red Light District

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Pattaya is one of the top adult tourist destinations in the world, with its pristine red light districts and nightlife spots. It is indeed the perfect adult vacation destination for single men, lesbians, gays and open minded couples willing to experience sex as Asian do.

With as little as US$30 you can get laid in Pattaya. I will guide you to this unique experience and journey in the heart of Pattaya Red light districts, which you will get the best sex experience for your money.

Pattaya’s Red Light Districts

  1. The legendary “Walking Street”, known to have the best club and a gogo bars not only in Pattaya, but in the whole of Thailand. Walking street is frequently by anyone, especially tour groups and family’s curios to know more about the most famous red light district in Asia.
  2. Soi Buakhao stretching for kilometers offering mostly beer bars and massages parlors service for single men.
  3. Lk Metro; a small “Walking Street” in the heart of the city with about 10 a gogo bars.
  4. Boyz Town, an exclusive area for gay and lesbians.
  5. For single men and couples, however, there is a road that should be on top of their itinerary. This road is Soi 6, the most infamous red light district in Pattaya. Soi 6 is a legendary destination for those who are looking for a good time at a reasonable price and an unforgettable sex experience.

Those who are not familiar with the Red Light business in Pattaya, hookers can cost anywhere from US$30 to US$150 for a short time or overnight. If you are looking for cheap, clean and quick fun, Soi Six is exactly where you would want to be.

Pattaya Soi 6 is a “Quick Fun”

This stretch of road, being a mere 500 meters, is housing more than 70 bars and hundreds of bar girls. What makes Soi 6 so popular is the great selection of girls, the long operation hours (1pm-12am) and you can bang a girl in the comfort of a room with a shower for only US$30.

“Soi 6 is the most affordable short time experience not only in Pattaya but in all of Thailand.”

What to Expect

Soi 6 is filled with bars and women who are willing to give you the best hour of your life. But not only one to one session is provided, Soi 6 girls are well known to be experience players in threesome situations and I highly recommend trying it out.

Where in the world can you get a quickie for US$30? And a thresome for US$60?

Soi 6 GirlsSoi 6 Pattaya Girls

There is only one word to describe Soi 6 girls; HOT!

They range from 18 to 40 years old; they come in all the size and colors. They are clean and friendly as long as you behave and speak “nicely”.  Most of Soi 6 girls are into any sort of game and sexual activities.

If you are into BDSM or anything that goes beyond the limits of casual sex, explain  upfront what your sexual desires are, and they will let you know if they are up for it or not. Most of soi 6 ladies have been working in the Pattaya Red Light Districts for a considerable length of time so they know what the deal is. Most of the time, you will find that Soi 6 ladies are down for anything, and go extra miles to please you.

For First Time Visitors

When visiting this place for the very first time, no need to be shy or embarrassed. Walk down the street and when you see the girl that please you, just step in the bar and ask for a drink. After serving you the drink, the girl will sit and try to convince you to take her upstairs for having fun.

In a few minutes, you will be on your way upstairs in one of the private rooms for a quickie. You are not expected to tip the lady or pay anything for gratuity, but you are free to do so out of the kindness of your heart (and happiness of your “big boy”).

This place does not discriminate. Regardless of your age or body type, as long as you have US$30 to spare, and a very open mind, you will be very much welcome.

Common Mistake Travelers Do in Soi 6

  1. Be nervous – Girls are experienced and will smell you being a newbie. They will hike their price.
  2. Don’t bargain – Always bargain the price, soi 6 is an open market and the price is flexible.
  3. Buy her too many drinks – It is unnecessary being nice to the girls, your sexual experience will not any better if the girl will be drunk.
  4. Poor communication – Expose clearly your sexual desires and get acceptance from the girl


Soi 6 is a place that provides essentially – booze and casual sex. If you are looking for uncomplicated fun that does not break your budget, this is exactly where you should be. Many who have tried Soi 6 have been pleasantly surprised and kept coming back for more.

Rocco sex holiday asiaAbout the Author; Rocco founded and authored The Dream Vacation after sex traveling extensively around Asia.

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