List of Adventure Activities for Phi Phi Islands Thailand

Adventure and Activities of Phi Phi Thailand
If you aren’t too hung over from the night before, the daytime is as much fun as the night in Phi Phi.  Here are a few things you can consider doing:

1- Chill on the Beach

You’re on an island surrounded by beauty.  Grab a beer, a book, and enjoy life again.  Go to the bay and look out at into the ocean which is surrounded by beautiful rock formations.  If you don’t feel a sense of peace or happiness here, then you must really be in bad shape.

Wade in the water, throw a Frisbee, join a football game, and talk to some girls.  This island is all about doing what makes you happy.

2- Maya Bay

I’ve traveled around the world, and I have never seen or felt a beach more beautiful than Maya Bay.  This is where they filmed the movie, “The Beach”.  The water feels like you are in a warm swimming pool.  The sand is the softest white sand ever felt.  And the island of Phi Phi Lay is very beautiful.

To do this, you can go on an island tour, or rent a private boat for the afternoon.  The private long tail boat will cost about 1,000 baht, and is worth it if you have a group of 4 – 8 people.

Heads Up:
If you go to Maya Bay during the middle of the day, it will be very, very crowded with tourists.  We recommend going during the morning or evening for a better experience.

3- Island Tour

Take a half day and enjoy it by seeing the local islands.  You stop at each island and have the choice of exploring, snorkeling, kayaking, or simply relaxing.

Note, this is a great place to meet new friends and girls.  You have half a day to befriend everyone on the boat.  Don’t be too forward when approaching the cutest girl on the boat, work it slow since both of you will be on that boat for the whole day.  And it’s easier meeting girls while you both are doing an activity and having fun.  It’s all about association.

4- Scuba Dive in Phi Phi

Not the cheapest place to dive in Thailand, but one of the best.  You can spend 3 days to get certified or if you don’t have that kind of time, go on a single dive.

The diving prices are set across the whole island at 16,000 baht for PADI certification.  Most of the diving schools are ran by other tourists who love this paradise island and don’t want to leave.

Pick the diving school that has the coolest guys or the cutest girls.  Can’t go wrong with either choice.

5- Go on a Hike

There is a great view point at the top of the island.  The way not easy though.  You are looking at climbing hundreds of steps and trekking along some unpaved paths.

The sunset is one you will remember for the rest of your life.

Plan on doing this during the day? No problem.  Follow the path to the view point then continue on to the other side of the island.  Here you will basically have a private beach to yourself and a few others.  You can rent snorkel gear and have a good meal.  Then you can work your way back to the main part of the island by following the outside of the island.

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