7 Things You Should NEVER Do In Thailand

7 things you should never do in thailand

You have the freedom to do a lot in Thailand.  And by a lot, I mean A LOT!  This is one of the most open countries in the world that gives people quite a bit of flexibility.

However, there are some things you should NEVER do in Thailand:

1- Disrespect the King and/or the Royal Family

Do not talk shit about the King or the Royal Family.  This is a no-no in Thailand and can even lead to jail time if you piss off the wrong person.

Thai people LOVE their king.

2- Get Caught Buying Drugs

Drugs are illegal in Thailand.  They are easy to attain, but still illegal.  If you’re going to play around with drugs, just be smart about it.  (We’ve already written tips on how you can safely attain drugs on this site.)

3- Fight Thai Guys / Steal Girlfriend From a Thai Guys

Thai people tend to be very friendly and hospitable.  However, if you are a drunken cocky foreigner who tries to blatantly steal a Thai guy’s girlfriend in front of him, expect trouble.  (In fact, this is usually trouble in any country.)

The only difference is, if the Thai guy attacks you and it leads to a fight, you may initially win.  But that’s until all the other Thai guys see this and join in.  Then you have to worry about knives, beer bottles, and fighting 10+ guys at once.

This rarely works out well for the foreigner.  Follow this rule, “Do not fight Thai guys for any reason.”  If you happen to hit on a Thai guys girlfriend and he confronts you, simply tell him he is a very lucky man, give him a nod of respect, and walk away.

4- Show The Bottom Of Your Feet

This is a sign of disrespect in Thailand.  When you are in public, don’t show Thais the soles of your feet.

5- Throw Thai Currency (Thai Baht)

Literally, don’t throw your money.  This goes back to rule number one.  The Thai currency has a photo of the King on it.  Something that may seem like playfully throwing your money towards someone can easily be seen as disrespect to some Thai people.

6- Not Standing At The Cinema

At the beginning of every movie in the cinemas of Thailand, they play a tribute to the king.  It is required that you rise from you seat and stay standing while this is playing.  It’s usually two minutes long.

7- Fuck Without A Condom

This is my public service statement, “Use a condom”.

I’ve known guys that have fucked hundreds of Thai girls without a condom and I’ve known guys that play it safe “most” of the time.

Be smart about it.  If you fucked a Thai girl on the first night – whether she is a hooker or not – I guarantee you that she has had A LOT of unprotected dick inside of her.

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