7 Biggest Scams in Thailand That Can Be Avoided

7 Biggest Scams in Thailand

Like all countries in the world, there are scams designed to cost foreigners money. Thailand is no different.

Here are some of the most common scams in Thailand and how to avoid them:

The Short Change Scam in Thailand

Bars, shops. cabs and restaurants take advantage of your unfamiliarity with the local currency to give you the wrong change. Take note of how much you paid with and how much you should get back.

The Farang Prices Scam in Thailand

Not much you can do about this one since different pricing is set by the establishment for foreigners. But it still sucks.

While a local will often pay one price for entry to the club, cab ride, golf, entrance to national parks, etc…, you will often get charged much more a Thai person.

The cost of being white.

The Thai Girlfriend Scam in Thailand

Many lonely guys in Thailand meet what they think is the girl of their dreams and continue to send her money after they’ve gone back home. What these guys don’t know is that this girl has a Skype contact list full of foreign guys sending her money.

And she is probably getting fucked by another guy 5 minutes after you finish video chat with her.

G-Club Check Scam in Thailand

When you get the check to go at the end of the night, you might or might not notice a couple of extra drinks or side dishes added on. It’s easy to miss these once you’ve had a few beers.

Very big problem at Gentleman Clubs in Bangkok. (Especially The Pimp)

The “I know a cheap gem shop/silk shop/restaurant” Scam in Thailand

Many local Tuk Tuk drivers will approach you offering to give unsolicited tourist advice. They will tell you that they know somewhere you can get cheap food, clothes, etc. They will then drive you to a place where the prices are set for foreigners and the owner of the store is in cahoots with the driver.

The drivers will offer you a free ride. But be warned, the places they are taking you too is much more expensive and lower quality that other shops.

The Bus Scam in Thailand

When you are taking the bus for long trips in Thailand, don’t put any of your valuable under the bus with the large baggage. Keep them with you.

The bus driver will have a friend who secretly goes through your belongings, take what is valuable, and give it their friend when the bus makes a short stop.

Even if you call the police and they check the bus at your final destination, your valuables will be long gone.

Always keep your valuables with you!

Patpong Ping Pong Sex Show Scam in Thailand

Last but not least, the world famous Ping Pong Sex Show scam. The first scam that got me.

You’ll find that a lot at Patpong. Thai guys approach you and tell you, “Free ping pong show”. You and your friends decide they have nothing to lose. So you go inside, order a beer, and watch the show.

When the bill comes, you are charged over 1000 baht (35usd) for that one beer. You complain, but then many “sketchy” Thai guys surround you and try to intimidate you. Then they say they will call the police and put you put in jail. You say “fuck it”, pay the tab, and come to terms that you just got scammed.

About half of my friends all fell for this scam when they first came to Thailand. Patpong Road is a shithole and should be avoided. Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy are much better.

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