Thailand Trick – The Cheapest Taxi in Thailand – McDonalds

It has happened to us all and will probably happen to you.  You are woken up early the next morning after a hard night of partying.

The very cute Thai next to you tells you she has to go.  You think back and recall that she came back with you on your moped or in the same taxi.  Your hotel isn’t on a main road so giving her money for a taxi is out of the question

Shit, it’s 10 in the morning, way too early to get out of bed.  On top of that, now you’re starting to get hungry.  You’ve got problems.  What to do…

This tip goes out to a friend who has shown us laziness on a whole new level.

This is what you do:

1- Pick up your Thai phone and dial: 1711
2- Order a meal from McDonalds
3- When the driver delivers to your room, pay him 100 baht to take the girl home
4- Enjoy your meal

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