What it Means When Thai Girls Say I Love You

What it Means When Thai Girls Say I Love You

Okay, this probably won’t happen to you during your first trip to Thailand, but it’s damn sure to happen during your second or third trip.

One day in the near future you’ll check your phone and receive the message from a beautiful Thai girl:

“I love you”

You will think to yourself, “WTF, I’ve only known her for one week.  What’s with this I love you stuff…”

During your quest to answer this question, many possible answers may come to mind…

Is it because she wants money?

Is it because she is playing some game?

Is it the cultural difference that they “fall in love so fast”?

Or could be that she doesn’t understand the actual meaning of those words?

This has been one of those mysteries that have gone unsolved for the last two years until recently. 

Many before me have pondered this question and most were just as clueless as I.  That was until I started brining this question to the Thais that understood western and eastern culture.

The type of men and women who were born in Thailand, educated in western countries, and returned to Thailand to start businesses / act / model / etc…

The overwhelming response is this:

When Thai women use the words, “I Love You”, it doesn’t mean the same as when a foreigner says it.  To Thai women, this is the equivalent of saying,

I have a huge crush on you


I like you a lot


I think you are special and want you to be mine

So when you hear those words, don’t run for the hills thinking she wants to immediately get married.  It’s just a Thai form of expressing puppy love.

Anyways, this mystery has gone unsolved in my circle of friends for years.  Finally the Kings of Thailand can check that off the list!

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  • Martyn Colvil says:

    Hi I’ve just met a bar girl called nuchree tamtawee in koh samui lamai I’m going back to see her in Sept when I left i arsked her just to let me no when she finished work and to room and she is ok I no she’s been with custermors as she late home sometimes but she does message everyday I’m falling for her we speak everyday she says she is beginning to love me and wants me I’ve heard loads of negative comments about thai women I’ve been with a few and nuchree is far been the best in everyway I’m not sure what to do

  • anewlife says:

    This article is very incomplete. Sure i agree it could be said as a type of flirtation. However, unlike bar girls most of the good Thai women are actually very conservative. You could be in a serious relationship with one for years before she is even tempted to call you a boyfriend. For her to say i love you could take much longer. Actually its more their custom to express it with gestures of respect and desire to take care of you. So if you hear the words i love you so quickly chances are this girl could be after something.

  • Thai Gril says:

    As I am Thai Girl! I really surprise after i read some website and found this website! at the first time i was so angry! and much more sad + upset! The way all you talking about its blame and complain about the country u were visited! the things you need and the things that you want isn’t everywhere you can get it.” I LOVE YOU” you should look into it, where u found it, which situation u been to hear about it! SEX and MONEY isn’t big deal for Thai lady whom working as normal and educated. Look on the right place and right time. finding love isn’t hard and it isn’t easy but it about what you use to exchange with! money couldn’t buy everything! sex is dirty with lies and fake! Be clever and gentle!

    PL: I not blame or maintain to anyone! I not a fighter and I am just want all you to respect us as human and try to use reason more than the dirty or negative mind!

    A good day to everyone and good thing become to you in the day ahead.

  • solomon mulat retta says:

    i love Thailand girls i like to married girls from Thailand beauty girls i am Ethiopian young so i need Thailand girls

  • John says:

    Sam’s comments are very insightful on how not to act in Thailand and what attitude to bring! thanks Sam

  • JOE says:

    Reply to SAM
    Thank you very much for this good information, I beg my God to give you chance to marry in order to relax your self away from whole this rubbish…

  • Sam says:

    i have only meet 1 or 2 girls who seemed nice and serious and they were just okay pretty and a little sexy. not too good looking.
    in philippines i can find many more beautiful sexy girls, much better looking and same time they speak english good.

    and i meet few other prettty sexy girls in thailand i talk with outside, only few out of many i tryied to talk with who i got their number or email or facebook.

    i talked with a thai guy on train from bangkok to chiang mai and he told me that i can find good girl, pretty sexy as gf, but it takes time to be their bf or to know them, because the good thai girls are very conservative.
    and same time many thai girls speak really bad english.

    so im sure they pretty sexy girls u meet who stay with u most of them are actually bad girls or bar girls or something like that.
    or maybe its because u stay in thailand long time so u can be more patient to choose who to meet.
    or maybe they like the american look or they think about big dollars when they know u are from us.
    i dont know.

    but from what i have seen, most thai girls are not serious and bullshit.
    and most of the girls u will meet there are not that pretty and not that sexy.
    they are just okay or average or a little over average look.
    and same time they are not serious.
    and if u want to meet the very beautiful sexy young girl, there is a big chance she will ask u for money.
    even some old 30 year old not that good looking wanted money, and some fat ugly girls wanted money.
    in philippines more easy to meet many beautiful sexy young girls who will not ask u for money, and same time they want to find real relationship.

    so good luck with ur thai girls there, because i was disapointed in them and what i have seen from them, and i dont think i will go back there again.

    if i go back there again i have to have at least 100 thousand baht per month and i have to think its okay to have a new bar girl or pay girl for every night and spend my money on that.
    if i can live like that and feel its ok and better than relationship and if i have the money to do that then maybe i do that.

    but finding beautiful sexy serious thai gf in 3-4 weeks vacation, i think not so easy, or u have to be lucky, or u have to spend money on them.

  • Sam says:

    and about meeting girls in the bars. then most of the bars all the girls inside are bar girls after money, no good girls.
    especially the bar called Gulliver. They have one of them at khaosan road in bangkok and one at pattaya walking street.
    first u think the girls there are not all working there.
    u talk with some girls and they say they are studying in university or they say they work in office or some place.
    and after u dance and talk with them for like 5-15 minutes, then if u ask their emails or facebook and later ask to see them another day, or u ask if they want to go with u.
    then suddenly they say “i can go with u, u pay me 1000 baht” “or 1500 baht” or “2000 baht”

    when i was in pattaya in gulliver i talked with many of the girls inside the bar and they all lie and some pretend they are from phuket and study in phuket but they are just on vacation in pattaya for some days or weeks.
    but later i talk with another bar girl there and she told me the truth.
    she told me all the girls in the bar are all bar girls.
    all of them!!!
    not even 1 girl not working in the bar!!!
    not same like in europe when u go to a bar then u will find girls to talk with who dont have anything to do with the bar.
    ok, lets not compare to europe because 2 different things.
    lets compare to philippines, when i go to bar or disco in philippines i can talk with normal girls in the bar and bring them with me to hotel and they dont ask for money, they dont work in the bar.
    or i can get their mobile number and meet them another day.
    not same like in thailand and in gulliver.
    all girls inside working in the bar.

    someone even told me that all the bars and agogo bars and so on in pattaya walking street they dont let any girls inside, or any thai girls inside.
    they only let a thai girl in the bar if she is with a farrange/foreigner guy.
    they only let foreigner guys inside.
    and all the girls inside the bar works there as bar girls.

    so it means that the bars there are full of farrange/foreigner guys and all girls are bar girls.
    so if u talk to any girl she is only after u buy her drinks, and that u give her money and pay her bar fine so she can go with u to ur hotel and sleep with u.

    so stop bullshiting ur page her about “oh in thailand u can bring sexy beautiful girl with u every night”

    yes u can if u are lucky!!

    or if u pay them!!

    if u pay in thailand u can get anything u want.

    but its not like what u make it look like on ur page that its so easy to find beautiful sexy thai girls to meet who will not ask for money.
    because most of them will even ask for money or expect that u use a lot of money on her buying her food and drinks and inviting her out all the time.

  • Sam says:

    Haha i must agree with T. Roberts.
    And by the way Kings of Thailand, i just came back from Thailand 2 days ago.
    and i must say i was disapointed in most of the girls i meet.
    i thought thai girls are a little same like philippina girls and they want to find a serious bf or husband.
    but many thai girls i planned to meet were bullshit.
    maybe i was just unlucky and talk with the wrong girls before i go there.
    but i dont think so.
    because i talk with many, not just few.
    many girls gave me wrong number before i go there or when i go there and i call them or send them sms they didnt reply.
    and some who reply me they changed their mind about meeting me or they say yes to meet me and then they tell me they will be in my hotel 8 or 9pm, but then later they will tell me to wait 1 or 2 more hours because they need to get ready first.
    and many of them dont show up and i end up wasting my day and night waiting for a bitch girl who dont show up.
    and then when i find out the girl is bullshit and will not show up i hurry text or call another girl, but what kind of girl will meet a guy 10pm or 11pm or midnight first time in his hotel or even outside?
    so most of the time it was too late to setup a new meeting or date that day and i had to wait till next day and spend my night alone in hotel and same time i didnt go out that day because i was waiting a bitch girl who didnt show up.
    and also some girls will make u wait for hours and when they show up they start playing u, kissing u, touching u and suddenly they stop and ask for money if u want to continue having sex with her.
    then another day is ruined and u send the bitch girl home.
    so after that i decided i will not wast my time meeting girls and just go out by myself in bangkok and chiang mai and so on so i will not waste my vacation waiting for bitch girls who either dont show up or dont answer my calls or ask for money.
    or else i will just wast my whole vacation waiting bitches in hotel doing nothing whole day.
    so better i go out and see thailand and go different places.
    only some days later i started to meet girls again, mostly not serious about meeting, only few serious about meeting, and mostly they were old, or fat or not so beautiful or sexy.
    i meet 2 beautiful sexy ladies, first 1 bar girl but i didnt know, she told me later but she didnt ask me for money, and she stayed with me for 2 days, and another girl i only pay her 500 baht for short time, and i also see her next day just as friends.
    but most of my vacation the girls i talk with they were not serious to meet or they were ugly or fat or old.
    if u want good looking sexy girl in thailand then most of them want money.
    and if u try to talk with girls on the street or in the malls, most of them will not even talk to u, and many of them also dont speak english.

    so i dont know if we have been in same thailand? or maybe its because u spend money on the girls, or maybe u promise them to buy them things and fool them to stay with u, or maybe u are just lucky, or u look like rich, so they go after u.
    i dont know.
    but for me i didnt see that thailand u are talking about, about meeting beautiful sexy girl every day and sleep with new beautiful sexy girl every day.
    most girls bullshit and dont even show up like planned.

    i had much better experience in philippines with philippina girls.

    and i think many thai girls love money too much and they have no morals. they only care for money but never care for u.
    u give them ur credit card or give them atm machine and they will love u, or actually pretend that they love u.
    so i think ur whole page her is bullshit.

    if u want to find sexy beautiful thai gf who dont ask u for money then u need to stay at least in thailand for 3 months or 6 months or 1 year or longer time so she will meet u first for some times before she stay with u, or so she know u are there for long time and u will be serious to her.
    but if she know u are only there for short time and as tourist, then she will only try to use u and get money from u while u are there.
    they are smart girls and they know that if u are only there for vacation then u are not serious to her and u only want to use her, then she will ask u for money because u are not her bf or living there, u are only there for vacation.
    then she wants to get as much money from u while u are there before u leave.

    i think this page u make her is just to get peoples attention or to make money from this page while u are in thailand so u can afford to pay all the prostitute girls there and bar girls and massage girls there to spend time with u.
    because thats how most thai girls are, only after money, or else they will not spend time with u.

  • T. Roberts says:

    When a Thai girl says “I love you”, it means: 1) I’ve seen enough foreigners to know that you can be manipulated to my needs 2) You have shown me that you have plenty of disposable income and that you are willing to dispose of it to me 3) You are a Farang in every negative connotation…I will take advantage of your naivite while you think YOU are taking advantage of mine. 4) I perceive that you are attention starved so, you will fly home soon with many stories and your $ will remain here with me (and my Thai boyfriend and parents in Issan).

  • Ma$e says:

    Awesome! I don’t know how many times this has happened with girls that I only considered friends at the time. In fact the riddle has been bothering me for months, and it keeps resurfacing. I never took into account the “lost in translation” concept when pondering this. You make it seem so obvious! Thank you.

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