The Best Advice Ever Been Given About Thailand

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In 2009 when I first moved to Thailand, a friend gave me one piece of advice that I will never forget:

What is good in Thailand, is really good


What is bad in Thailand, is really bad

It took more a couple of years of living in Thailand to really understand these words and believe them whole-heartedly. And after five years of living all over Thailand, they ring true to this day.

So what do they really mean?

It really comes down to what you focus on when you are in Thailand. If all you see are the negative things like:

– Lack of sidewalks
– Garbage
– Visa runs
– Traffic
– The Farang tax (paying more for the same service or product because you are white)
– Etc….

Then your Thailand experience will suck. There is no location on this planet which is perfect. Each city / country has their pros and cons. Trust me, I know. I’ve been searching for heaven for the last 10 years scouring Europe, Asia, and South America.

However, Thailand has a hold on me and always will. Because the good of Thailand, is really fucking good:

– Low cost of living
– Amazing food
– Beautiful women
– Beaches with crystal clear warm water
– Outdoor scenery that rivals Hawaii
Free sex with stunning Thai women is easy. (You don’t even need to leave your apartment, they come to you if you know how to do it right)
– International friends (I now have friends from all over the world)
Partying (Where else can you get a VIP table with a bottle of Vodka or Whiskey for 60usd while surrounded by gorgeous women???)
Safety (One of the safest countries to life in. Very little crime or scams. Try saying that about Amsterdam or New York)
– Etc…

As with life, you can focus on the good or the bad. The choice is yours…

Enjoy paradise!

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