Q & A | How Do I Get Thai Girls for Free in Bangkok Thailand?


I will come in Bangkok next month. I just want to have fun with girls and shop.  I don’t want pay money for girls.

You have written about good girls in Thailand, so with this in mind, where can I find them in Bangkok.  I mean which places.  

Thanks in advance for your reply


Hey R****,

Don’t worry, you can have a fun in Bangkok without ever having to pay for a girl, but if you look more like a tourist, then it will be the freelancers who will give you the most amount of attention.

Personally, I pick up all my girls at clubs.  A few of my hot spots are: Insomnia, Route 66, Spicy, and Swing.

I’ll give you a few tips that I haven’t yet disclosed on the website (Although I will shortly) 

Tip 1 Prostitutes tend to order just one drink.  Good girls (free girls) will often have a bottle at their table.

Tip 2 Don’t look like a tourist.  Meaning, don’t wear shorts and a tank top into a club.  Wear jeans, nice shoes, and a dress shirt.

Tip 3 If a girl asks what you are doing in Thailand, tell her you just got a job in Bangkok and will be moving here.

Tip 4 Don’t hang around the area of the club where all the other single guys are standing.  If possible, be with a group who is having fun.  Most girls in Bangkok go out to have a good time.

Enjoy your time in Thailand!

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  • Darshan says:

    Coming Bangkok apr 2 2016

  • Came to Bangkok want to have a girl for fun and escort. Where RCA and route 66 is located?

    • Route 66 is a club on RCA street. It isn’t near any BTS or MRT stations. You’ll need to take a taxi to get there. (Note, every taxi driver will know the location of RCA. From the sukhumvit area, it is about a 100 baht taxi cost (3usd). And will take about 10 minutes without traffic.)

  • sheel says:

    hi there, my question is the same how can i find ,get hot girls laid for free ,asin more tips , i am traveling for the frist time to bkk, staying at hotel ambasador ,am i there for 5 days from 29th dec to 2nd
    i have tried thaifriendly have got many numbers but main problem is english the communication , and some girls are like when i come i take off but i have to pay for they taking off and one crap tellme 3000 baths..
    i am planing to be in sukhumvit area only as i have only 5 days so which clubs to get free girls ..

  • Dhilip says:

    Good work !! your website is very informative.. Im planning a trip to pattaya end of this Oct. Can u pls tell me the top soapy massage centres in pattaya.. thank you 🙂 Im a big fan of ur work keep rocking !!!

  • Only bad guy have a live. says:

    How Do I get your mom for free and convince her to have sex on camera?

    If work, I’m glad to share that vdo to you for free 😀


  • Thinker says:

    yeah big fella… i guess you are right, it takes just a fraction of a second to change the mind about any person we see, we should try to leave a better impression of us on a person who we see , and in return we wont be called an “asshole farang” etc.then, even if just playing , play with a valid reason so we cant be blamed later and still have a second chance to go see the same person some time in future with out feeling guilty..

  • Big fella says:

    Read all the gaming stuff out there. Here’s my advice

    When u go to bkk as a tourist leave the good girls alone and dont be an arsehole by messing with their minds. Just pay for play when u need it – you can buy anything you like from vanilla to to the most extreme sex you can think of. And it will be much better than dome bitch who doesnt know how to please a man, bar girs…know how to please you, just tell them your fantasy and dont overpay them, let them know there is potential for a tip and they will do what you need. Always agree upfront.

    Local girls dont want lieing pieces of shit gaming them and damaging their image, reputation or worse giving them you deseases. Stay at home screw in your own neighborhood. Fathers brothers uncles and work colleagues hate foreigners ngaming their girls. They will put a knifenin your belly, drug your drink, or some things worse.

    Dont follow the poor advice, thailandnis great for sex because an industry exists to serve that need. Go ahead and use the damn thing no need to look elsewhere.

  • brian says:

    I have a nice chick. I wanna marry her. But I have been there only once. I think its better if i try some different girls to make sure i have the right one. But she will be staying with me in the hotel. But she does work at the Hilton so I think I will look at staying around soi 4 again. that will take her longer to get home and have to leave earlier too. Where should i be going? Soi cowboy? or around there or stick to nana plaza?

    • Hey Brian,

      Thanks for your message.

      It really depends on what type of girl you are looking for. For example:

      If you are looking for hookers and strippers, go to Nana and Soi Cowboy. (Never go to Patpong Road, that is the scam central of Bangkok)

      If you like clubs and freelancers, go to Insominia / Q Bar / Mixx / Bash

      If you like college and “good girls”, go to RCA / Levels / Scratch Dog

      And this is just the tip of the iceberg.


  • Jon says:

    Yea love this website seven, couldn’t say how many times I’ve used your tactics just bout works every time if your sly enough. Was at scratch dog 2 nights ago, fuck, so many women…couldn’t believe my eyes!
    I noticed a group of girls by themselves and one glanced at me for long enough for that you could probably categorize as a stare….uh target! Grabbed the bartender and ordered 4 B52’s, sent 3 of em on there way, gave that one B52 the light and a cheers to the ladies. After the shot I pointed my posture away from them to create the illusion that I was not creeping on them (which I totally was, but fuck it). 5 mins later a hand tapped my on the soldier, it was the chick that stared at me she grabbed me and pulled me over to her table…. I guess that’s all it takes…. Anyway I know this was little long for a comment but I thought I had to at least share how simple it really is… Viva La KoT!!!

  • Cna says:

    RCA is the best choice

  • Andre says:

    Hey, really good information here, I’m for the second time in Thailand, and I have been in some clubs like insomnia, climax, spicey, shock and more, until now only one girl asked me money for taxi in the next day, but I always loose some time watching the market and only after I see the behaviour I start to make eye contact which usually is enough to get girl attention.
    But it’s true Im never 100% if they are good girl or not, unless I end in 5 star hotel 😉
    But I realise I also waste some opurtunities because sometimes they look as soon you appear or touch you or try to talk with you and you think they are working girls, and then you realise they are just normal girls that want sex.. It’s really tricky, I guess I will learn with time I will be here 3 months at least 😉

    • Yeah, it takes some time to get used to it all. Eye contact is the easiest sign that you are good to approach her.

      Keep in mind though, there are plenty of girls that are too shy for eye contact but might be very interested in you. These can be tough to read. RCA can be like that a lot.

      In three months you’ll be a pro.

      Have fun!

  • M says:

    Hi I’ll be trvlg to bangkok soon, planning to stay at Metropolitan Bangkok. Any place closeby I can get girls? DOn’t want to pay to high…


    • Not much within walking distance of your hotel. But getting a taxi is very easy and cheap. If you have never been to Bangkok before, start with the basics. Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, Insomnia, Mixx, Climax, Q Bar, etc…

      Or hit up the bars on Silom. But stay away from Patpong Road. Waste of time and money.

      Hope this helps.

  • jack says:

    Accurate analysis, short and concise, bravo.

    Almost every waking moment in Thailand is an opportunity to meet Thai women.Highly flirtatious and a happy, pleasant disposition invites the smallest opening to be investigated and pried wider.

    You might post some info on, other than noctournal events , this is another dimension worth a mention to compliment your sound advice

  • Rashed says:

    may i know where is LED and Slim located and also route 66?

  • S says:

    Like you my only experience with Ratchada is waking up in random condos after nights out, also wondering where the fuck I am. The two girls I’ve met who lived there were lovely. I spoke to some people who recently went out in Ratchada and there were no farang, girls didn’t seem interested in farang, most didn’t seem to speak much English. I’ll still give it a shot.

    I’ve been to Route before just not for a while, heard there’s a lot more farang around these days. Is it the typical badly dressed backpackers or people who actually put wear proper clothes when they go to a club? If it’s the former I’m not too worried about the competition.

    • Most of the people that go to Route 66 are well dressed. The sloppy farang tend to stay around Khao San Road.

      It’s still a great place to meet women. In fact, one of the best places for a foreigner who wants me meet a “good girl” without being bombarded by prostitutes.

      There’s some competition, but not enough to really affect you. The place is packed with women on weekends. Just a note though, it isn’t usual for a beautiful Thai woman at Route 66 to approach you. You’ll need to make first contact.

      But you’ll get a lot more “approach invitations” than places like LED and Slim.

  • S says:

    I haven’t been to Route 66 in a while but consistently hearing good things about it recently so will maybe head there this weekend. Scratch Dog I haven’t been to but it’s on the to do list. Insomnia I’m told has just gotten worse and worse and is nothing but pro’s these days so I’ve avoided it.

    I won’t deny I always have fun in Spicy and Swing, you get a laugh and it’s good if you just fancy having a massive drinking session and getting yourself into all sorts of trouble.

    Not only does the club scene in Bangkok change from year to year, sometimes from week to week. When I first got back to Thailand a few months ago I ended up in Spicy and was shocked. It had been done up, there were less than 10 farang, there majority were mixed thai groups, few if any obvious working girls and I met a genuine good girl from a group of mixed thais who drove me from the club to her fancy condo in Ratchada. Definitely not a working girl. I thought the club had went more upmarket then I went back a week later and it was full on sex tourist and pro madness as I’d experienced on previous trips. I don’t know what the deal was that night but I’ve been back a couple of nights since and it’s been back to full on sex tourism.

    Ever go out in Ratchada? I’m hearing good things about it, lots of clubs, not HiSo and no pros but I never really hear many people talking about it. Going to check it out.

    • Route has always been one of my main nightlife spots. Personally, I like college students and girls with real jobs. You’ll find plenty of women who fit that criteria there. However, there tends to be more and more competition than a couple of years back.

      Scratch Dog is Thai style with Farang music. Which means, you get a table with a bottle and there is very little dancing away from the table. The key here is to get a table in a central location. Personally, I find two or three girls who have their own table and then ask to share. More times than not they’ll agree as long as you have your own bottle.

      I have no experience with clubbing in Ratchada. The only time I find myself in that area of Bangkok is when I wake up at a girls house asking where the hell I am. Although, thinking back, there have been some amazing girls I have met who live in Ratchada.

      Check out a few places and write a guest post for this site. I’m sure the information will come in handy for many others including us.

  • S says:

    “Personally, I pick up all my girls at clubs. A few of my hot spots are: Insomnia, Route 66, Spicy, and Swing.”

    With the exception of Route 66 all those are freelance after hour pro clubs. You get the odd ‘good’ girl in there but not many. You can get a freebie from some of the working girls but you will mostly be dealing with girls after your money. Some will lie about what they do for work and claim not to be a pro, some really will have jobs and just want to snag a ‘rich’ farang, some will be semi pro and take money for sex if the opportunity arises. Even if a girl tells you she’s not a pro and doesn’t want paying it doesn’t mean in the morning she won’t ask for some cash or ‘taxi money’ home and then try and tell you her taxi costs 1000B as she lives far away. If you want sex for free these clubs are not the places to go to, these as where sex tourists and pros go. No denying they can be great fun and you’ve got more chance of getting laid in these places than in HiSo clubs in Thong Lor and Ekkamai but it’s not a good bet for free sex and certainly not a good place to get a decent girl.

    • True, Route is one of my favorite places and a great place for “good girls”. However, there are many other places as well. I can’t go divulging every one of my secrets in one place…or can I…

      Example, Route is awesome on weekends. On weekdays go to Slim. Check out LED on weekends. Scratch Dog is full of good girls. Only go to Spicy and Swing when the police are shutting down all the after party clubs. Insomnia can be great Sunday thru Thursday.

      The club scene in Bangkok changes every year.

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